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Welcome to our Photo Gallery! Here we have pictures from our many shows and events, as well as various pictures taken around the barn. Please click a link corresponding to the pictures you wish to see.

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You are in Gallery .Yet another successful entry in the Parker Christmas Parade. We WON First Place for best Toyland Theme. We did look awesome though and all the horses were perfectly behaved.
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The 2009 crowd get ready for the parade. Sarah & Storm, Carol & Star, Kristy & Marko, Sam & Kieffer, Emilie & Tarot, Charlotte & Rocky, Alex & Whisper, Rhiannon & Toby and Eryn & Peppy. Walkers, Nicky, Mick, Jean, Mark, Tracey, Eilene, Diane, Dominic, Danny, Sue, Sandy and Meagan and banner carriers Amy and Jamie.....mascot was Courage with Chelcie.
Carol and Old Star !!!!!!!!!!!!
Carol and Star with Sam and Kieffer.
Jamie and Amy (our proud banner carriers) show off PonyPowers FIRST PLACE ribbon for Best Toyland Christmas theme in the parade.
Nice costume Mark !!!!!
Sue helps to get Rocky ready.



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