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Photo Gallery

Welcome to our Photo Gallery! Here we have pictures from our many shows and events, as well as various pictures taken around the barn. Please click a link corresponding to the pictures you wish to see.

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You are in Gallery .November 2008, a group of us headed down to Las Crucas, New Mexico. This is becoming one of our favorite horse trials.
There are 26 pictures in this gallery
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First of all, I can never get over the size of those Yucca's....I will never complain about the Yucca's in my pasture ever again.
Some of the girls didn't mind being stuffed in the back of the truck for 9 hours !!!!!!!
Although we think the drive got to Robbie.......!!!!!
Nicky & Murphy get ready to start their first test togther at a recognized show. He ended up taking 2nd at the end of the event.
Nicky & Murphy.
2 of the girls go to jog the cross country course !
Lisa, Jamie and Aidan.
Aw, c'mon Courage, pose for the camera!!!!!!
Carol, Aidan, Lisa and Jamie....
We just keep stopping for photo opp' where is Nicky & Rhiannon. Still jogging the course ahead of the rest of us.
Lisa makes a fashion statement with her "Devil's Claw" earrings.....
The girls get ready for showjumping.
Murphy's ready for his first showjumping round ever......
Nicky & Rhiannon discuss their plan for their rounds......they are both riding the same course.
Nicky takes a practice fence.
Rhiannon gets ready for her round with Toby.
Time for Murphy's round...and he goes clear !!!!!
Ok, so after a great day of dressage and was time to go party on the town !!!!!!
Party !!!!!!

Uh Oh.....Carol and Lisa are having too much FUN !!!!!!!!!!!
Aidan and family.....

Murphy and Nicky out on cross country.
That was an amazing round......



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