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Photo Gallery

Welcome to our Photo Gallery! Here we have pictures from our many shows and events, as well as various pictures taken around the barn. Please click a link corresponding to the pictures you wish to see.

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You are in Gallery .PonyPower has attended the Parker Christmas Parade for the past 10 years. We take our competition horses as well as the school horses....and they love it.
There are 23 pictures in this gallery
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Everyone gets ready for the 2008 Parade.
Courage gets his costume on.

Mac is ready !!!!!!
Mac the "STAR".
Courage is ready.
Chelcie and Prince head off to the start of the Parade Route.
Laura and Sai head out too....
OK....let's get organized.
PonyPower gets ready for the parade.
Great mug shot Eilene !!!!!!!!!!!!
Courage is ready !!!!!!!!!!!
2007 the weather was not quite so kind this weekend.
OK, so that's what Tracey thinks of things.
Chelcie has a smile.....
Here comes Uma and Justinn.
Are we lined up yet????
Wendy and Christopher.

OK, we're cold....we're soggy, can we get this show on the road so we can go and get warmed up with Egg Nog.


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