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Welcome to our Photo Gallery! Here we have pictures from our many shows and events, as well as various pictures taken around the barn. Please click a link corresponding to the pictures you wish to see.

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You are in Gallery .November 2008 and March 2009....BirdHaven Farm in Wray hosted a 2 day eventing clinic that I was invited to teach. I had a great weekend, with some of the nicest horses and riders. Here are some pictures from both clinics. We will be doing more of these clinics through the rest of the eyar.
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November clinic.....we arrived in the dark....Murphy and Nicky view their surroundings.
OMG....Green Grass in November....Cassia, Storm and Murphy didn't know what to think.
Nicky tacks up.....
Aidan, Nicky & Sarah make their way to the arena.
Courage keeps an eye on things.
We begin........... learn.
A nice balanced pic of Dana and Ari.
Working on the canter....

Aidan and Cassia in the afternoon jumping class.
Autumn riding Natalie.....

The next the November clinic. I got the chance to ride Ari.
The girls got to do some awesome water training.
Then everybody had to get in on the water training.
This is Dominic....Dan's (Dana's husband) pride and joy.
Cooking is always more fun when done away from home. Dana is the hostess with the mostess....I swear I put on 20lbs everytime I come up here for the weekend.
Here was the March '09 group !
Riders get ready in Dana's yard....
The riders head out to cross country.
Charlotte and Rocky.
Charlotte drops off her first bank !!!!
Aidan and Flag.

Jamie and Aspen.
Sarah and Storm.
Now, off to the water schooling.

Ari and Dana help out.....
Everyone was getting wet hooves in the end.
All in all, it was a great weekend. We look forward to doing many more !!!!!


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