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Welcome to our Photo Gallery! Here we have pictures from our many shows and events, as well as various pictures taken around the barn. Please click a link corresponding to the pictures you wish to see.

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You are in Gallery .A group of us headed to Augusta< kansas for the Briar Fox Horse Trials. Unfortunatley, torrential rains and mud cancelled the cross country on Sunday, so we finished as a 2 phase.
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Mac looked like a Rapper on arrival, he had his poll guard over one ear !!!!!
All 3 horses were looking forward to getting out of the trailer.
Courage was happy to get out of the truck after the long drive.
Nicky gets ready with the aid of other WindyRidge students.
Beautiful halt Mac & Nicky !!!!!
Hi Shannon........
Hi Rhiannon.....
Mom, Groom, trainer, Instructor, Horse hauler, Breeches washer, walking check book.....aka Carol.
Carol and Nicky study one of teh cross country fences on the course walk.
Even Courage stopped to smell the flowers.......
Nicky and Mac in showjumping.
Well, cross country was cancelled, so we stayed the extra day and then headed home. Here's the girls right before loading up.


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