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Welcome to our Photo Gallery! Here we have pictures from our many shows and events, as well as various pictures taken around the barn. Please click a link corresponding to the pictures you wish to see.

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You are in Gallery .An Annual event for us here at WindyRidge. Performing with our horses at the Annual Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver. Friday we always do the exciting "JUMP" demo to Van Halen's song 'Jump'. Saturday is the famous "Wraith Ride" and Sunday is the artistic "Breeds in Motion" to Yanni.
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Here is our WindyRidge Booth.
At practice.....The girls discuss some of the moves for their exhibition ride.
Of course, we always have to pose for the camera.
Nicky and Mac do the famous "High Jump" at the end of the "JUMP" demo. It was very successful. The crowd loved it.
Mac makes sure Chelcie doesn't get any sleep
The girls happily discuss their great "Jump" performance.
Watching some of the Rolex DVD's we were playing at the booth.
Saturday's performance....Nicky, Shannon and Taylor get ready for their famous "Wraith Ride". A crowd favorite.
The girls 'gallop' another perfect Wraith performance.
Wraith Ride.
The girls get ready for Sunday's "Breeds in Motion" ride....a drill ride of 8 horses to Yanni's "Santorini". It's beautiful....and after "Jump" and the wild "Wraith Ride"'s good to show the crowd we can be classical as well.
The girls get ready to line up for their performance.
It's so hard to get everyone in, I should have stood up in the stands to get a better view.
Some of "the Breeds in Motion" riders lined up outside after the performance.
We even took Mac to meet a camel. We had a great time at Expo.....we opted out of the 2009 Expo but will be back again 2010.


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