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2013 Wrap Up !!!!!

What a wonderful and exciting year we had year at WindyRidge. All the students qualified for Regional Championships as well as the American Eventing Championships. The Nationals were held in Texas, so we actually made the trip in one day. We had many adventures through the year. I progressed further with my beloved thoroughbred Vinny, Riding in the Ralph Schmitzer Dressage Clinic in March, the Abbe Eventing Clinic in May, and taking him to several schooling shows....he 'moves like a warmblood'....but does have that sparky thoroughbred brain. I did have a great opportunity to spend 2 weeks in Texas in April training with Sean and Nicky (yes, Vinny got to come along as well), that was so much fun. Chelcie won Aspen Ridge on Marko, but Honor Band and other school commitments made finding time to ride a little difficult, but she does it more for fun anyway. The barn is full, the horses have been very happy and healthy this year....and Old Man Star is STILL going. At 35 years old, he still has a spring in his step and a gleam in his eye. Our goals for 2014 are to try and stay on the same track we did in 2013, as whatever we were doing, it worked LOL. We certainly are living the Dream. I can't imagine having a 9-5 job....being able to walk out the back door every morning and have horses greet you, it just doesn't get any better than this. We have the best group of people here at WindyRidge, and every year we add to the family, and sometimes we have people move to other area's....all in all, the wheels just keep turning. Happy & Safe Riding Everyone....the doors are always open at WindyRidge.

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Let's catch up on the NEWS !!!!

Hi Everyone, OMG....I have been SO SO busy with shows, clinics, traveling and running the barn, that I have forgotten to update our news section since May. I have been more diligent about keeping up the Windy Ridge Face Book Page, so if you want to catch up with all the exciting news that has been going on, check that page out. Anyhow, bottom line is, we have been showing, showing, showing and the Fat Rabbits are still riding strong. Vinny and I have been riding in some clinics and schooling shows.....he is really coming together nicely. We have several new boarders and students to add to our happy family out here at WindyRidge, and we have been busy with many projects around the barn, including some new Cross Country jumps. Right now we are planning a Combined test (Dressage/showjumping) for 19th October 2013 and a Cross Country Pair Pace 2nd November 2013. We have several students already qualified for the American Eventing Championships to be held in Texas this September, so we are hoping to make that trip. I'll try and remember to make more consistent updates to the NEWS page, but if I forget.....check out the face Book page to see all the fun we are having.

Updated: July 25th 2013, 9:30:37 AM EDT, by Carol

Colorado Horse Park Derby

Fun Fun Day at The Colorado Horse Park.....Fat Rabbits rode beautifully, with Aidan on Storm and Rhiannon on Toby both taking 4th Place at Novice. Dana and Ari tipped a rail or two to finish 8th at Novice and Sarah with Storm had an unfortunate elimination at the water at Training Level. Luckily we returned to the Horse Park to school later in the week and fixed that minor issue. PonyPower did some great business at their concession it just turned out to be a great day.

Updated: May 5th 2013, 10:22:59 PM EDT, by Carol

Two Weeks Training in Texas.

It was soooooo good to have two weeks of Fun in the Sun, and able to ride almost every day. Vinny handled the trip to and from Texas beautifully. He got to visit Pine Hill Horse Trials in Belleville and Holly Hill Horse Trials in well as getting tons of schooling and exposure. Nicky rode Cassia in both horse trials at Training level and did amazing. We had so much fun.....I got to sample some good Southern Crawfish....went to the Symphony and had so much fun seeing new sights from the south. It was great visiting with Sean and Nicky too.

Updated: May 5th 2013, 10:13:36 PM EDT, by Carol

WindyRidge Schooling Dressage and Clear Round Jumping.

Another successful and well attended Show.....judged this time by Sean Worrall. We were glad he found the time to judge our final Winter Series show, and give the competitors tons of invaluable schooling on their dressage The clear round jumping proved to be very popular, with lines waiting down the hill for their turn. It was fun watching Nicky taking Cassia around the 3ft 9in course....getting her ready for Cassia to compete in Texas in a week. The day was long but very we are looking forward to a two week visit to Texas with Vinny & Cassia to train and then compete at Pine Hill in Bellville TX and Holly Hill in Louisiana.

Updated: April 10th 2013, 10:35:31 AM EDT, by Carol

Third WindyRidge Schooling Show

Once again.....we all lucked out with the weather and managed to hold our third Dressage Schooling Show on Saturday 22nd February. A record number of entries with the first ride out at 7:30am and the final ride going in the evening at 6pm. These shows are becoming very popular with the local horse community and other trainers who are bringing their students and young horses. Our In Hand Dressage Suitability Class brought a large number of entries and was won by Denise Jost with her beautiful young mare Scarlett.We had originally said this would be our last schooling show before the season starts, but many requests asked that we hold one 30th March we will hold another Dressage Schooling Show with a Clear Round Jumping Competition being offered in the upper arena (Weather & Footing permitting).

Updated: March 7th 2013, 11:27:05 PM EST, by Carol

Annual MSEA/CCC Year End Awards Banquet.

What do you get if you combine a bunch of Fat Rabbits, a Party and some Awards.......answer, more fun than you can probably stand (LOL). Fat Rabbits roared victory at this years Annual Awards Banquet....Champion in Beginner Novice Sr. Division was Aidan Crawford-Hutchinson riding Sarah Richards horse "Storm of The Century", Reserve Champion in the same division (hot on her heels) was Dana Sitzman riding her own "Desert Wyn" aka Ari. In the Senior Novice Division....Reserve Champion was Nicky Jones Taylor riding Mike Crawfords mare "Cassia". The party afterwards at The Stone Church in Castle Rock, was something like an after Oscars Party.....we all hurt from laughing so much on the way home. What a great group we have....and what a fun season we are looking forward to in 2013 !!!!!!

Updated: January 25th 2013, 9:40:17 AM EST, by Carol

Seond WindyRidge/PonyPower Schooling Dressage Show.

Another GORGEOUS day weather wise, set a beautiful stage for our second WindyRidge Schooling Dressage show. I tried to 'curb' the entries as we were all on a time limit today (having the Annual MSEA/CCC Awards Banquet this evening)....BUT, these shows are so popular we had another full day. Riders coming from as far away as Yuma competed for our 'new' prizes.....this time beautiful certificates were awarded from 1st thru 3rd with ribbons 4th thru 6th. Our judge Sue Grayson did another wonderful job of judging and schooling the classes. Everyone left feeling they had learnt something to help their dressage this coming season. Our next date is February 16th for our final show in the series of 3. Our Hi Point Awards will be given at that show as well. See you all tonight at the Banquet !!!!!!

Updated: January 25th 2013, 9:30:40 AM EST, by Carol

Annual USEA Convention in Colorado Springs.

The last time I attended the USEA Convention was in 2006 when it was at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.....and here it is again. And BOTH Scott and I got to attend together this year. The MSEA CCC decided it would be valuable for Scott to attend so paid his way, which meant I could afford to go too. We had the best time ever....meeting lots of old friends and chatting for hours....we made many new friends and contacts as well, which will prove to be valuable in the future. We attended many workshops, forums, round table discussions. It was amazing to be sitting in the same room as Olympians and 4* Riders and having them turn and listen to your suggestions with interest. Scott really enjoyed the technical forums on scoring, rules, regulations and the MIM Pin discussion on frangible pin changes. The USEA Year End Awards Luncheon was fantastic....Nicky made the running for 4th in Open Novice on the Leaderboard. The Saturday Luncheon was my favorite with Mary King as the key speaker. Her talk was so inspirational. Sean and Nicky attended the Friday sessions with us, so that made it even more special to spend time with them. Now they're heading back to Texas for the Area V season. So, a fun fun fun three days at the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel....oh, and don't even get me started on all the amazing shopping. I checked off alot of people on my Christmas List, so it was productive that way too. Anyhow...I will write my 2012 Wrap up in a week or so, and post it here. So stay tuned.

Updated: December 12th 2012, 9:20:11 AM EST, by Carol

WindyRidge Dressage Schooling Show #1

1st December was the date for our first Dressage Schooling Show this winter.....and we couldn't have asked for a nicer day. Record entries gave our judge Sue Grayson a looong day, starting at 8am and finishing at 4:30pm....with no break. Riders coming from as far away as Yuma enjoyed riding their tests, getting a 10 minute schooling session and then riding their test a second time for improvement. Each rider was allocated 20 minutes per session. We ran over from our morning sessions but used the break to catch up. Next dressage show will be January 19th....the same day as the MSEA-CCC Awards Banquet which will be held that night at 6pm in Castle Rock. So we will need to have our final ride finish at 3pm so we can all get ready for a fun evening.

Updated: December 12th 2012, 9:10:25 AM EST, by Carol

Las Cruces Horse Trials, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

This is probably one of my most favorite horse trials. With the 10 hour drive, having to deal with border patrol, and the orange desert sand getting into everything, we still make the trip every Fall because there is some sort of magical attraction about this horse trial. What a GREAT horse trial it was this year too.....Coming away with the Blue 1st place ribbon was Manny ridden by Sean. Winning Open Preliminary. In Sr. Novice Nicky took 5th with Mike Crawfords mare Cassia, and Deb Hurni took 8th on her own Queen of Sheba. In the Beginner Novice Divisions, Laura Baxter and her young mare Katerina took 6th in Sr. and Marshall Graves and Flash (Childs Play) took 5th in the Jr. We also love to come down here for the great food.....our favorite restaurant "La Posta" in Mesilla was stormed upon by a huge crowd of WindyRidge/XtoC hungry humans on Saturday night.....and Sunday we visited our second favorite restaurant, The Pecan Brewery and Grill. The drive there and back was very smooth, no incidents.....and all horses arrived home (between Texas and Colorado) with no issues. Next event for us, our WindyRidge Schooling Dressage Show 1st December. The show is almost full with 28 only a few spots left.

Updated: November 22nd 2012, 4:50:49 PM EST, by Carol

WindyRidge/PonyPower Benefit Pair Pace.

What a beautiful sunny day we had for our 7th Annual Benefit Pair Pace for PonyPower. We had a HUGE turn out and sent out 47 riders on the cross country course of 36 obstacles, over a 2430 meter course. We added some new jumps this year, which the riders really enjoyed. Although our new ditch jump did catch a few people off guard. Eilene and Scott did a great job as starter and finish timers and kept all the divisions organized and on time.....Sam kept the busy check in office running smoothly...and our numerous Jump Judges kept the course organized and rebuilt the cross rails as necessary. Several advanced WindyRidge students rode the course with beginner riders, to encourage their confidence. It was a great day. Thanks so much to all the volunteers and riders who made this event such a great success. Next event here at WindyRidge is our 1st December Dressage Schooling Show. Wear Red & Green in the spirit of Christmas.

Updated: November 10th 2012, 11:05:36 PM EST, by Carol

Mariah Farms Schooling Dressage Show.

I love these small local schooling shows. They give us a chance to get the young horses out, or the novice riders a chance to get some schooling done. Blue ribbons all around for Emilie Reddick and Revy in BN Test 'A' Junior.....Rhiannon Johnson and Toby in Novice Test 'A' Open....and Laura Baxter and her beautiful mare Katarina in BN 'A' Senior. Beautiful weather and a fun day out with the students. Next event for us is the FAMOUS PonyPower Pair Pace 3rd November. We already have over 40 riders entered. Should be a great day.

Updated: November 4th 2012, 7:45:33 PM EST, by Carol

Colorado Horse Park, Fall Horse Trials. Parker.

The final event in Area IX was blessed with perfect weather. We had quite a large crew of Fat Rabbits competing and enjoying the beautiful Fall weather. Sean and Mr ManHattan competed at the Training 3 Day, starting off in 2nd Place after dressage...but a stone bruise unfortunately had him withdrawing before the Roads and tracks phase of the competition. Sean did however have successful rides on both his other mounts....a 3rd Place in Open Training with MaryLee Mehls mare Kamcord Grace, and a 6th Place at Open Novice with Sarah Richard's gelding Celtic Lark. Nicole Jones Taylor had two beautiful rides on her horses....taking 3rd Place at Open Novice aboard Michael Crawford's Holsteiner mare Cassia and 11th place in Open Beginner Novice on the young 4 yr old Celtic Promise owned by Marilyn Lander. Rhiannon Johnson rode her own TNT (aka Toby) to 8th Place in Open Novice, dropping a rail proved costly for most riders, and TNT was not spared. Aidan Crawford rode Sarah Richard's Storm of the Century to 9th Place in the Novice Rider Division.'s been a long and busy season, and we have had so much fun this year. BUT...we are not done. We have many fun Paces, Clinics and of course...our visit to Las Crucas Horse Trials in New Mexico in November, so there is still lots to do.

Updated: October 4th 2012, 8:08:54 AM EDT, by Carol

Annual Arapahoe Pair Pace, Plum Creek Hollow, Larkspur.

Beautiful, crisp Autumn weather usually means the start of Pair Pace season. And this pair pace held at the gorgeous Plum Creek Hollow facility is one of our favorites. A long course through some beautiful countryside with the trees changing their colours made for some beautiful pictures, I took my lovely young gelding Vinny, and rode with Sam on Ceylon, Charlotte on Rocky and Chelcie on Marko. We all completed the course, and made some great was a wonderful day. Next event for us is the final horse Trial in Area 9....The Colorado Horse Park Fall Event.

Updated: October 4th 2012, 7:43:15 AM EDT, by Carol

2012 Nutrena American Eventing Championships.

This was our 6th Year in a row traveling to compete in the AEC's. The first 3 were in Chicago, these last 3 in Fairburn, Georgia. Next year they will be in Tyler, Texas. We had the largest crowd of Fat Rabbits competing this year....Nicky with Cassia, Sean with Castan, Dana with Ari, Rhiannon with Toby, and Aidan with Storm. Sarah Richards came along to groom, and did a great job. we had lots of extra people along this year to help out, so it was a nice non hectic week. Pretty much everybody finished mid pack in their divisions. Dana was almost blessed with a 5th place in her BN division, but the scores were so rail knocked her down 10 places. We had such a great time....and so much fun. It was like one big party all week. Certainly one of the most fun and livliest AEC's we have ever had. Check out the Windy Ridge FaceBook page for 4 albums of photo's.

Updated: September 15th 2012, 11:14:07 PM EDT, by Carol

Area IX Championships, Powder basin, Wyoming.

Proud, Proud, Proud.....Congratulations to Aidan Hutchinson and Storm of the Century (owned by Sarah Richards) on her Reserve Championship Placing in OBN at the Area 9 Championships. Congratulations also to Tammy Yost-Wildan on winning the Novice Division (spent quite a bit of time with Tammy at Estes last weekend)......Sean and Nicky also competed, but sheep in a nearby barn really bothered their dressage rides, so unfortunately 9th and 11th respectively.....although Cassia's owner protested what was called a stop on XC, and actually was a circle ridden by Nicky to rebalance. Hmmm.....little unorganization there from the Jump Judges. Anyhow....we are now excited because our next big trip is coming up....we will be on the road to Fairburn, Georgia to compete at the American Eventing Championships. Aidan, Sarah, Dana, Rhiannon, Nicky, Sean and myself will be making the trip and what a fun time we are in for. This is the biggest group we have ever taken, and with it being the last time at Georgia (as next year it will be in Texas) we are so happy we all get to enjoy Chattahoochee one last time. I am excited and will post all the news when we return on the 11th September.

Updated: August 30th 2012, 12:58:15 PM EDT, by Carol

Colorado Horse Park One Day Event.

The Colorado Horse Park One Day Event on the 12th August was yet another Rockin' and Rollin' Event for The Fat Rabbit Team. The placings run down.....Sean and Manny, 5th at Training....Arrow and Nicky 7th at Arrow's first ever training Event, Cassia and Nicky 4th at Open Novice, Castan and Sean 2nd at Open Novice, Grace and Sean 2nd at Open Novice 'B', Rhiannon and Toby 9th at Open Novice, and Maxine and Nicky 4th at OBN, Maxines first Event EVER !!!!!! Her owner Sam Lander was thrilled. What a loooong day that was will all the different horses we had competing. Anyhow, Scott and I are off to the Paragon CDI*** Dressage Show at Estes park next weekend....kinda a working vacation. But I do enjoy going up there. Then, 24th - 26th August, it's onto the Area IX Championships at Powder Basin, Wyoming.

Updated: August 30th 2012, 12:48:30 PM EDT, by Carol

Rocky Mountain Horse Trials, Longmont, Colorado

Fat Rabbits Rocked the house yet again.....Aidan Hutchinson and Storm of The Century (owned by Sarah Richards) getting their qualifying ride for AEC's with a 29.1 in dressage and riding clean for the rest of the event finishing in 3rd place. Dana and Ari rode one of the smoothest events I have seen this season finishing in 5th place...and Sarah rode Mike Crawfords mare Cassia, to finish her first novice event on the mare....and boy, she really had to ride her heart out as Cassia had some good spooks in her. I am so proud of how all the students are doing this year....they are riding confidently and their horses are performing strong and solid. Next event for us is the Simone Windler clinic this Saturday 11th August and then a troop of Fat Rabbits will be showing Sunday 12th at the One Day at Colorado Horse Park.

Updated: August 7th 2012, 9:35:29 AM EDT, by Carol

The new Moqui Meadows Horse trials in Loveland, Colorado

We made the trip up to Loveland Colorado to help Wendy Chase with her First held horse Trials at her Moqui Meadows barn. What a nice facility and a WONDERFUL cross country course. The event ran smoothly and on time and was very well organized considering Wendy was injured badly at the Abbe Ranch Horse trials just a few weeks ago. We were all impressed with Wendy's strength. Anyhow, next event for us is The Rocky Mountain Horse trials in Longmont Colorado.

Updated: August 7th 2012, 9:25:07 AM EDT, by Carol

Aspen Ridge Horse Trials, Monument, Colorado.

What a great day we had at Aspen Ridge.....Rhiannon and Toby got their qualifying ride (by taking 2nd in BNH) to go to AEC's in Georgia, so along with Dana and Nicky, maybe Sarah and Aidan.....we have a fun fun crew heading to Fairburn in September. Also competing....Ari FINALLY healed up, so competed in BNR with Dana taking 5th place....and Sarah and Storm rode ON taking 9th. PonyPower Concessions were in full swing all day, and WindyRidge students not competing ran the whole stadium phase for me as I was the showjumping steward. Everyone did a great job all day. It was a good show. Next event for us is Moqui Meadows Horse trials in Loveland, Colorado.

Updated: July 22nd 2012, 11:50:06 PM EDT, by Carol

PonyPower at The Elbert Historic Days Parade and Festival.

This was one of the most fun fun days ever......PonyPower participated in the Elbert Historic Days Parade, and then we set up our booth and horse camp afterwards and spent the rest of the day giving Pony Rides to lines and lines of waiting youngsters. We made some great memories, not only for ourselves, but for a large number of kiddies and families. We made many new friends, and signed up quite a few new students....including the new County Commissioners grand children. We also had alot of fun as a group.....thanks to Jo Ellen for running the Sam, Karen, Becca, Hannah, Mareia, Tina for walking with or leading horses in the Alex on Nightstar, Alyssa on Revy, Charlotte on Tarot,and Chelcie on Marko....and to Riley and Mariah for helping with the Pony Rides. We had a huge herd of volunteers....I couldn't have done it without you guys. Anyhow, back to some serious work next weekend....21st July is Aspen Ridge Horse Trials. We are running the concession stand, running showjumping and have several students it will be a busy day for us.

Updated: July 15th 2012, 11:20:43 PM EDT, by Carol

Annual WindyRidge Eventing Camp

This years Camp took on a little bit of a different theme....due to the incredible heat, we decided to hold Camp at WindyRidge instead of the trip to Wray. We will be holding a Fall weekend Clinic up in we'll still get to go and visit. Instead of dressage on Saturday morning we worked in the indoor arena on the basics and beyond....ground work with the horse, effective lungeing, the emergency dismount while the horses were moving. It was a real eye opener. Saturday afternoon was overcast and cool, so we enjoyed course work, gymnastics and terrain riding. Saturday evening was fun sharing stories and wine....into Sunday...the cool breeze and clouds made for a wonderful cross country session where we practiced Emergency dismounts and lungeing horses over obstacles, as well as the usual cross country rides. Thanks to Alyssa, Chelcie, Aidan, Sarah, Sam, Charlotte and Khris for riding with us and adding to the fun.(Sorry for the Wray people who couldn't make it down) Also thanks to my wonderful hubby Scott, who made amazing lunches and dinners for us (kinda like a Mr Martha Stewart).....he had a good time taking care of everyone. Anyhow, next Event for us is Saturday 14th July, PonyPower will be spending the day at Elbert Historic Days in Elbert....they will be in the Parade, and hosting their booth.....also offering rides all day for the children (and adults too). It looks like it's going to be a fun time, so join us if you can.

Updated: July 9th 2012, 10:03:10 AM EDT, by Carol

Abbe Ranch Horse Trials

We are avid supporters of the Abbe Ranch Horse Trials for the last 20 years. Not only having myself or my students compete, but Scott has been the chief scorer for 12 years, PonyPower has run concessions for 11 years, we have donated $1000's of dollars in prizes for 15 years.....WindyRidge and Abbe Ranch have had a loooooong history together. This year was no exception. PonyPower running the concession stand (thanks so much to Craig, Sam, Karen, Michelle, Stacey, Eilene and Paula for your invaluable help)....Scott scored and donated two beautifully made mounting blocks as prizes, PonyPower donated an $80 fly sheet with neck guard.....and we only had 2 out of 5 entered students compete, due to non career threatening injuries on their horses. Anyhow, a 6th Place at Novice for Nicky & Michael Crawford's beautiful mare Cassia....she only got to ride the mare for 2 days before the not bad. Sarah and Storm put in a strong performance, but an unlucky rail dropped her to 10th in a tight division. The rest of the Fat Rabbit Gang got to cheer from the sidelines. Great Camaraderie....and of course, great support for the horse trial. I love our group as they are not only about competing, but also supporting the Area 9 Horse Trials....we have been heavily involved with each trial in the area since the start of the season with helping with organizing, or donating time or prizes. I think it is important to teach that to the students...Pay It's not just about the competing. Anyhow, next event for us is our 2012 Eventing Camp to be held here at WindyRidge instead of Wray because of the scorching temperatures.

Updated: July 1st 2012, 10:30:20 PM EDT, by Carol

Round Top Horse Trials.

WooHoo !!!! Third horse trial in a row that one of the Fat Rabbits brings home a blue ribbon.....we are rockin' and rollin' in area 9 so far. Victorious Rhiannon with her adorable pony Toby (aka TNT) took home the blue in BNR, and have their first qualifying ride towards AEC's in September. Sarah and her youngster Castan (Celtic Lark)took home the yellow third place ribbon in the same division. Nicky & Sean were supposed to make it back to ride Cassia and Castan at Round Top, but were delayed with Sarah took over the ride on Castan, but wasn't so lucky riding Cassia with an unfortunate refusal at the water. Thats OK, Nicky will be back to ride her at Abbe Ranch, which is our next horse trial. PonyPower is running concessions and providing all volunteer lunches....and we have a HERD of Fat Rabbits showing so it is going to be a fun fun weekend. Can't wait.

Updated: June 17th 2012, 9:00:05 PM EDT, by Carol

Colorado Horse Park Horse Trials, Parker.

What an awesome show we just had at The Horse Park. Another VICTORIOUS show for the Fat Rabbits, with The Fattest Rabbit, Dana and Ari taking 1st Place in Beginner Novice. Nicky and Michael Crawford's mare Cassia placed 2nd at Novice....Rhiannon and her adorable Toby rode their first show in a year and took 7th at OBN with a beautifully clean stadium round. Sean rode Manny to 8th place in the Open Training Division and also rode Sarah Richard's Castan to 7th Place in Novice with a costly stadium rail. Sean also rode his newcomer mare Mulligan to a novice 10th place....also dropping one costly stadium rail. Nicky rode MaryLee Mehl's gelding Ole's Qwest to a 15th place finish in Novice. This was his first event ever and he was so well behaved. Saturday evening we all rushed over to Aidan's wedding reception held at her house. That was wonderful....Aidan looked so beautiful and we all waved the bride and groom off onto their honeymoon. We were all choked up. What a wonderful weekend we had. Next event for us is Round Top Horse Trials....everyone is pretty much showing there, so we'll have a full house again.

Updated: June 7th 2012, 10:14:08 PM EDT, by Carol

Abbe Ranch Clinic 10th/13th May 2012

I'm running out of order here....but I forgot to post what fun we all had at the 4 day Abbe Ranch Clinic in beautiful Larkspur. It's always a joy to ride at the Farmer's XC course. This is the only chance to school their fences. I actually got to ride myself again this year, for 4 days on my new guy Vinny. I had a total blast, and am thrilled to be back in the saddle again riding with my students and having the time of my life with them. Sam also came for 4 days with Ceylon and rode in my class....Aidan and Sarah brought Storm and Cassia and shared Novice on the Thursday/Friday sessions. Melanie rode Velvet in BN on the Sat/Sun sessions. Laura Baxter and Deb Hurni brought their horses for all four days, Laura rode four classes a day for four days. I don't know how she did it. Saturday evening was fun with a PotLuck and catching up with old frinds...Sue, Jane, MaryJane, Lee, Kaycee. We had some laughs in the old days....sigh, and we're all still here. The lectures were fun, and informative. It was just a great 4 days vacation with our horses.

Updated: May 22nd 2012, 10:22:56 AM EDT, by Carol

Spring Gulch Horse Trials May 19th/20th 2012

Well, the weekend started off wet and soggy and finished with beautiful scorching sunshine....only in Colorado. The Fat Rabbits totally ROCKED at this years horse trial (first of the season in Area 9). Top of the pack with a win on Michael Crawford's mare Cassia was Nicole Jones Taylor in Open qualifying for AEC's with a 2nd place at BN was Dana and Ari (they got their first qualifying score at Greeley last year)....Aidan and Sarah Richards horse Storm came 5th in BN, Melanie and Velvet rode their first horse trial taking 11th at BN and did a great job. Sean had 2 rides at Novice taking 10th on Mulligan and 6th on Castan....they brought 2 students up from Texas with them. We loved meeting James with Polly and Marshall with her mare Grace. They rode their horses to 8th and 7th at Novice respectively. We had quite the full house and barn as we hosted the Utah crowd and their horses as well as the Texas crowd along with Dana, Aunt Marge and Ari staying over. It was quite the party. Scott was on site organizer and scorer, I was volunteer coordinator and steward of dressage set we were busy, busy, busy. It was quite the weekend, but ALOT of fun and some good memories were made. Luckily we have a quiet week to get our acts together before the next BIG Event....Colorado Horse Park AND Aidans wedding. The wedding is the same weekend as the Horse Park so all the Fat Rabbits will have to shower and change after their last ride on Saturday to make the big reception Saturday evening. I can't wait. Everyone has to be in bed by midnight though....remember the rules !!!!!!

Updated: May 22nd 2012, 10:16:12 AM EDT, by Carol

Colorado Horse Park Derby

Saturday 28th April was the date of the Annual Colorado Horse Park Derby. Weather was perfect.....crisp enough to keep the horses from overheating. We had several horses and riders competing, as well as PonyPower running the Concession Stand as a fundraiser. This months money raised will be sent to the victims of the terrible barn fire at Martha McDowells barn. 19 horses perished and many people lost sooooo much....tack, horses, everything. So we hope we can help a little bit. Anyhow....Chelcie and Mac finished in 7th at Elementary, couple of costly time penlties dropped them from 4th to 7th, but she rode very tactfully. Little Noah and his big horse Velvet had a TE for missing the big Castle Jump. It was intimidating. Dana and Ari in BN took 5th finishing on their dressage score. Sarah and Storm took 7th in Novice AND rode their first training XC and did FANTASTIC. Aidan and Cassia had a great dressage test, but Cassia got a little stubborn in XC causing an E. Debi took 12th on her very young mare Sheba in BN...I missed how Leyla did, I need to look back at the computer spreadsheet. Good day had by all.....and of course, the comaraderie support, and friendship between all the WindyRidge students is always warming for the soul. Anyhow, next event for us is 4 days at The Abbe Ranch Clinic 10th thru 13th May. A large herd of Fat Rabbits will be attending (including me on Vinny)so it's going to be alot of fun. See you there.

Updated: April 30th 2012, 1:38:59 PM EDT, by Carol

WindyRidge Dressage Schooling Show. Final in series.

We had the best day ever at our final (in the series of three) schooling dressage show. Weather was awesome....turn out was great....everyone had the best time. Thanks so much to our judge Sean Worrall, our scribe Eilene Smith, our gate keeper Diane Viaccio, warm up Sandy Allson... and all our competitors. I will mention the top placings as we had so many riders....Beginner Novice 'A' tied 1st with a 28 were Chelcie Wehrli riding Mac and Emilie Reddick riding Revy...Beginner Novice 'B'...Junior division winner Noah McAllister riding Velvet with a 25.7 Senior winner was Debi Hurni riding Sheba with a 28.6....Novice 'A' winner was Aidan Crawford riding Cassia, Novice 'B' winner was Sarah Richards riding Storm.....and Training level 2 winner was Mrs Jerry Burk riding Abjudicato. Thanks to all the other riders who placed in each division down to 6th place. The in hand dressage suitability Hi Point was awarded. The handler/horse with the most points out of the 3 shows were Emilie Reddick with Oreo, Reserve Champion was Sam Lander and Ceylon and third Place was Charlotte Johnson and Rocket. Thanks to all the other competitors who supported this class over the last 3 shows. So, we will be holding more dressage shows this coming Fall, so look for those on the calendars. We will be holding a 2 phase AND a 3 phase this Summer (as well as our Camp in Wray), in between all the Events we have the students & horses entered in, so stay tuned to our calendar for those dates. We have so much fun here at WindyRidge, because we are thankful for the support we have from GREAT people.

Updated: April 8th 2012, 4:58:34 PM EDT, by Carol

Spring Gulch Schooling Day.

We always have so much fun when we go schooling at Spring Gulch. 6 riders (Noah and Velvet, Debi and Sheba, Melanie and Velvet (yup, 2 horses with the same name), Aidan and Cassia, Sarah and Castan and Chelcie on Mac....made the trip up there on a beautiful sunny day. We schooled the whole course while Tony (Mel's husband) helped out by weed wacking around all the jumps. He did an awesome job, and CCC is really pushing trainers to help out if their students are going to ride the course. I totally agree with that. We all benefit ! Anyhow, after 4 hours of schooling, we were spoilt with lunch from Debi's mom in her beautiful trailer with very luxorious living quarters. Ah, this is the life. With show season approaching, it's time to get serious about schooling these outside courses. We will be making more trips up there soon. Next event for us is our final schooling dressage show this coming Saturday 7th April. We are FULL !

Updated: April 2nd 2012, 12:58:29 PM EDT, by Carol

13th Annual EAGALA Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Wow....Las Vegas never ceases to grow and amaze. But The South Point Hotel was the perfect spot for this years amazing conference held 21st thru 24th March. It was 4 days of fun and learning. networking and growing. I saw some amazing demonstrations that stuck with me.....heard some lectures that inspired me. I attended a Military lecture that educated me and wisened me to how different that culture is, and takes a different horse of a different color to deal with in EAP.....there was a 'Spiritual' EAP session that could be used positively in so many different ways.....very very interesting Conference. And then of course there was the nightlife. We had a chance to visit the medieval show at Excaliber, walk the strip, play a few slot machines.....the EAGALA dinner was delicious on Friday night, and I won a painting, actually painted by a horse called Jake, which will be viewed in my tack room....just so much packed into four days. I had a BLAST !! So down to earth now, and next event for us is....a clinic at Spring Gulch 1st April and then our dressage show here 7th April.

Updated: March 26th 2012, 10:17:10 AM EDT, by Carol & JoEllen

Wray Eventing Clinic.

Our first trip of the year up to Wray was a huge success. I taught a small mini clinic, mainly because Dana is just not making it down here to WindyRidge for lessons with her business, so we took a clinic up to Dana. We had a GREAT time, we always do when we visit Wray. 8 horse rider combinations enjoyed 3 hours of dressage and gymnastics Saturday afternoon....with the usual festivities on Saturday night, including a cake fight (that was hilarious). Sunday dawned warm and Sunny (as was Saturday)....and we all headed out on to the cross country course for terrain work, water work, galloping and pacing. The wind came up to the end of cross country, luckily it didn't hinder any of the riding so we were lucky. On the drive home, we noticed a huge fire just south of Yuma. It was very fierce considering the high winds. That night we saw it made national news as they had to evacuate the whole town of Eckler. Always an adventure when we go to Wray. Anyhow, next event for me is a trip to Las Vegas this Wednesday to attend the annual EAGALA Convention. for 4 days. I am so excited to go with my good friend (and EAP partner) JoEllen. I'm sure I'll have lots to report about my trip when I get back.

Updated: March 19th 2012, 1:48:37 PM EDT, by Carol

Triple Creek Ranch Schooling Dressage Show, Longmont.

Triple Creek Ranch sits in a beautiful setting by rolling hills of Longmont. A few of us made the trip up to get some dressage schooling off the property, and we had a very educational day, including the students who came up to audit. Getting ourselves ready for the upcoming, busy show season. As we are starting off with our first horse trial being out of state (Longview, Missouri)...we thought we'd better get some travelling done now while the weather is nice. Next event for us is our mini clinic up at Dana's this coming weekend. And the weather is looking fantastic. Can't wait !

Updated: March 13th 2012, 1:17:41 PM EDT, by Carol

Clinic up at BirdHaven Farm in Wray.

March 17th and 18th we will be making a trip up to BirdHaven Farm in Wray...a clinic (organized by Dana and myself) will take place. Saturday afternoon session will be covering basic flat work and gymnastic exercises. Sunday morning will be cross country out in the beautiful Wray countryside. These eastern trips are so refreshing for us, as we get to expose our horses to a different environment. Dana is the best host ever, so Saturday night is always relaxing and fun. $60.00 for both days, stabling of $10 is payable to BirdHaven Farm.

Updated: March 6th 2012, 4:06:25 PM EST, by Carol

2nd WindyRidge Dressage Show and USEventing Magazine news.

Great second show.....riders are showing up for the great schooling and learning experience but also the end of series Hi Point prizes that have been donated. The third show in March is going to be FUN. WindyRidge hosted a 2 day (Fri/Sat) clinic that Sean and Nicky taught (during their brief visit back from Texas). Riders had morning and afternoon lessons plus a very informative lunch lecture (Thanks Sam for the lasagna that everyone ejoyed). Sean then judged our show on Sunday, and did a great job. We also noticed that Sean and Nicky are in the January/February issue of the Eventing Magazine. They submitted their awesome Christmas Pic and it was published. As if they aren't in the Eventing magazine enough with all their accomplishments, they had to make sure they appeared in their off season as well. So, very busy here at WindyRidge. Upcoming clinics, shows....the arena is constantly being rented out.....this is a busy busy place right now. I'm loving it. Next event for us....trying to organize a training weekend up at Dana's barn in Wray, so stay tuned.

Updated: February 27th 2012, 3:31:58 PM EST, by Carol

Annual MSEA/USEA Area IX Awards Banquet.

The MSEA and USEA Area IX are in town for Meetings, Awards and an informative Showjumping course design clinic. Scott and I attended the Area IX Organizers meeting Friday evening, that was VERY interesting and we learnt alot about the new upcoming rule changes and requirements for events this year. Saturday evening was the Annual Awards banquet honoring the 2011 season. What a FUN and lively table we honors went to Darlene and her beautiful horse Warlord, in several divisions. My own wonderful hubby Scott received the 2011 Distinguished Service Award....we had NO idea he was getting this and he was out of the room at McDonald's (whaaaat!!!!). So Chelcie received the award for him, which was adorable. Nicky and Murphy came away with the Preliminary Reserve Champion award (WooHoo) Chelcie accepted the award as Nicky is still training in Texas....and our own horse The Highlander (aka Mac) came away with the Area IX Beginner Novice Horse of The Year award. After the banquet it was fun circulating the room chatting and hugging with fellow eventers and talking about the upcoming show season (which I am very excited about, we have new horses, new students and some new fond memories to make this year. Of course, the evening ended with the traditional celebrations going into the late hours with many good eventing buddies .....sigh, FUN times, GOOD friends. Next event for us is our 2nd schooling dressage show here at WindyRidge Sunday 26th February.

Updated: February 19th 2012, 10:20:21 AM EST, by Proud Trainer

First WindyRidge Schooling Show of 2012

What a GREAT day we had.....the first WindyRidge Schooling Dressage Show of 2012 was a HUGE success. We had a great turn out....and a full day of learning and riding with our wonderful judge Sean Worrall. We offered the first of an In Hand series of classes, this first one won by Charlotte Johnson and Rocky. The pair were beautifully turned out and presented themselves perfectly for the judge. Beginner Novice 'A' division was won by Sam Lander, Beginner Novice 'B' division was won by Emilie Reddick. Novice 'A' winners were Tina Borgen, Training '2' winners were Jerry Burk, Training 'A' winners were Tiffany Cook, Prelim 'A' winners were Darlene McInnes, Prix Caprilli winners were Charlotte Johnson. Thanks to the huge turn out of riders and our awesome judge Sean cooperated beautifully. We look forward to the next show in February. Next event for us will be a big WindyRidge Table at the MSEA Area IX Awards, where our own The Highlander will be receiving the MSEA Beginner Novice Horse of The Year award.

Updated: January 29th 2012, 11:24:15 PM EST, by Carol

Annual MSEA/CCC Year End Awards Banquet.

Wow, this last year went fast......but another fun Year End Awards Banquet from the MSEA/CCC. The atudents of WindyRidge did an amazing job rounding up Silent Auction items as well as donating to our Barn Basket. Thats what makes this group here so great, it's not just about showing up for the ribbons, but everyone rolls their sleeves up here at WindyRidge (and other eventing barns in the area) and pitches in, donates or bids to keep the funds rolling so we can continue to maintain our fences at Spring Gulch....or make it possible that others can enjoy it..... Anyhow....WooHoo to our horse The Highlander taking Beginner Novice Horse of the Year and 3rd place for Novice Horse. He is one in a million. Nicky never turned in her consideration forms (being busy in Texas training with Stuart Black)...but she would have come home with an armload of prizes by our calculations. Chelcie was thrilled as she won a new helmet in the Silent Auction. The fun really started after the banquet though, as The Fat Rabbits all joined up for a night on the town, that has become a tradition for us after the Banquet each year. Gosh, we have fun here at WindyRidge. Amyhow, next event for us is our schooling dressage show on Saturday January 28th.

Updated: January 15th 2012, 8:19:06 PM EST, by Carol

Parker Christmas Parade

Yowza.....beautifully warm temperatures made for a very pleasant Christmas Parade this year. I just love seeing Parker all decorated for the holidays, they do a beautiful job. PonyPower put in a nice entry again this year, with the theme being a "Very Beary Christmas". All the horses and riders were decorated with Cuddly Teddy Bears. Many thanks to our riders Chelcie, Sam, Davina, Vickie and Sue and walkers Sean, Nicky, Eilene, Deb, and the Perea Family. The Ornament Exchange Party that followed on later that evening was a BLAST. Great food, Wonderful friends and the Kareoke, doesn't get much better than this !!!!!! Well, that, my friends, was our last event of the year 2011. Now it's pretty much party, party, party till the New Year....and I'm all for it. Can't wait for 2012, we have some very exciting plans for WindyRidge, I can't wait. Next season is going to be so awesome. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. See you next year.

Updated: December 12th 2011, 9:30:29 AM EST, by Carol

PonyPower Christmas Schooling Show

Despite bitter cold weather, we had a great turn out for our schooling dressage show. The camaraderie of the Fat Rabbits really shone through, and warmed everyone up. Many thanks to Sean Worrall for donating his time and judging and critiquing our riders. They all learnt ALOT. Welcome back to Nightstar as well.....Nicole's first event horse whom she rode at her first horse trial at age 7. His owners Cathy & Eden Bowman have chosen to board and retire him at Windyidge. Nightstar will be used in EAP and on some beginner walk/trot lessons to keep him busy. Fun times, fun time ! Anyhow, next event for us, The Parker Christmas Parade. Saturday 10th December, come cheer on PonyPower as they march and ride down Main Street.

Updated: December 4th 2011, 9:30:43 PM EST, by Carol

Happy Thanksgiving, and things we are thankful for here at WindyRidge.

I am so thankful for my dedicated and loyal students and boarders.....who patiently waited while I spent the year on the road, but 2012 will be I can focus back on the important issues in my life......WINDYRIDGE. I am so thankful for my clients that have stuck with me through the years, and are still with me....thankful for the new students and boarders that joined WindyRidge recently and am looking to working with them at the shows next season....I am thankful for my wonderful family who support and beleive in me and my dreams....I love my horses, as they continuously enrich my life. Yes, we have so much to be Thankful for.

Updated: November 27th 2011, 9:23:01 PM EST, by Carol

Las Cruces Horse Trials, New Mexico.

This is one of my favorite events of the year....I love the trip down to Las Cruces with the students. We had an exceptionally great time this year, not only did we fully enjoy great weather with NO wind....enjoyed great food and great company.....but the Fat Rabbits dominated the divisions this year. Nicky winning the Intermediate/Preliminary division with ReVitavet Bay Wolf (Tom was so happy)...and also taking 2nd in the Novice division with Mike Crawfords SeaHawkHill (who incidently sold at the show and remained in New Mexico)....Sean took 1st in the novice division with Sarah Richard's Celtic Lark....Chelcie took 1st in the Pre Comp division with The Highlander (Mac) with an amazing 18.1 dressage score....Sam Lander with Sky and Melanie O'Brien with Velvet also competed in Pre Comp and were tied for third after dressage. Our new little puppy dalmatian, Pyro, made the trip with us too. At 11 weeks old, he has become quite the expert horse show dog. Everybody at the show commented on what a well behaved puppy he is. We didn't come home till Monday so spent Sunday afternoon at White Sands National Park....that place is amazing.....and had our usual Saturday night dinner at La Posta with a large table of good friends. I'm already looking forward to next year.

Updated: November 22nd 2011, 11:02:19 PM EST, by Carol

Briar Fox Horse Trials, Augusta, Kansas.

This is such a friendly event, with a great atmosphere. It was great to say HI to Bonnie and Tim Griest again.....and see a couple of old faces to reconnect with. It was a fun horse trial for Nicky who partnered up with Mac again....taking a 2nd place in Novice B finishing on their dressage score, I swear Mac was racing around with a smile on his face having Nicky on his back was like the old days. Nicky also took 2nd in Novice A with Michael Crawford's SeaHawk Hill....finishing also on her dressage score. Sean rode Sarah Richards Celtic Lark to a 5th place in Novice and Melanie O'Brien made the trip with us and her horse Velvet. Trying their first starter event together and taking 5th place. Saturday night we all met up with Mike & Dell Crawford and Sarah for dinner, and Mikes family (who live in Kansas), so that was alot of fun meeting with them. A fun show weekend. Anyhow, next event for us is Las Crucas Horse Trials in New Mexico, although we do have a couple of dressage days with Simone Windler before then if anyone is interested in riding with her.

Updated: November 1st 2011, 11:19:20 PM EDT, by Carol

7th Annual PonyPower Pair Pace Event.

WooHoo....once again, WindyRidge was blessed with perfect weather to host the 7th Annual cross country Pair Pace Event. Over 20 teams participated, with an average of 3 to 4 riders per team, so needless to say WindyRidge was packed with trailers and horses. Many thanks to our two vendors, Rock Horse Tack and Total Equestrian Services for setting up their booths and providing awesome prizes to all our ribbon winners. Highlight of the day for me, was watching Chelcie gallop the Beginner Novice course riding Mac with her partner Dana and Ari.....coming in First Place with an almost 2 minute lead over second place winners. I think she's ready to show Las Crucas in November. Other blue ribbon winners were Dana and Rhiannon in the Novice division, Sean and Nicky in the Training Division, and the Barton Team of Dave, Katie, Deb and Sue in the Elementary Division. We had a total of 48 riders to fill the day, making PonyPower a nice donation. The dedicated Fat Rabbits were out in force both volunteering and competing. Thanks so much to everyone who came out and helped Friday to set up.....and to the herd of volunteers who came Saturday to help things run very very smoothly. I so appreciated everyones hard work, you guys were great. Saturday evening, pretty much everyone stuck around, or returned for our Halloween party. What a full house we had. Partying with good friends and making some great was just the best day. We have some great people here. Anyhow, next event for us, a trailer load of Fat Rabbits will be heading to Briar Fox Farm Horse Trials, Augusta, Kansas.

Updated: October 23rd 2011, 9:33:54 PM EDT, by Carol

Spring Gulch Benefit Combined Test & Pair Pace.

Brrrr.....cold and sleety weather dawned for the CCC Benefit show...BUT, The Fat Rabbits rose to the occasion and (leaving our horses home) loaded up into several pick up's, and off we went to help run the show. Quite a large number of competitors showed up for the event, so it ended up being quite a full day. We were all frozen by the time it was done, but a welcome trip to Black Eyed Pea on the way home warmed our spirits. Ah, we made some Happy event for us is our Annual PonyPower pair pace right here at WindyRidge 22nd October.

Updated: October 10th 2011, 7:02:34 AM EDT, by Carol

Colorado Horse Park Fall Horse Trials.

Finishing up the 2011 season (well, with Las Cruces, NM still to go in November) we entered Mac in the Novice division of the Fall horse Trials with Mattie. George staying home, as he caught a cold on the trip back from Georgia. Mac pulled off a stronger performance than his rider at this last event....but still finished in the ribbons with a 7th place. Nicky tried her first Intermediate XC course with Murphy. He jumped the huge course with a great heart....but a tricky combination got the better of the pair and resulted in an unfortunate elimination. Sean rode Mr ManHattan in the Training Three Day, doing a great job and finishing in 5th place. Nicky suffered some eliminations on 2 of her inexperienced it was a tough show for everyone in some shape or form. Well, next event for us is the Spring Gulch Benefit Show in Littleton.

Updated: October 10th 2011, 6:47:11 AM EDT, by Carol

American Eventing Championships, Fairburn, Georgia.

This has been the most amazing 13 days this year....we started by taking the Championship & Reserve Championship at Area IX thinking that was our highlight....boy, we NEVER excpected that The Highlander (Mac) would take 3rd place out of 67 horses at the AEC's. It was an amazing 3 days of competition....we rubbed shoulders with some of the finest horses and riders in the to be out there in the victory gallop was just amazing. Of course, Mac is no newcomer to the AEC's, having competed and placed there in Chicago with Nicky a few times in the past. George, Matties second mount....was right up there in the ribbons until a terrible collision of 2 horses in warm up, rattled poor Matties nerves right as she was about to go in. George fed off that and lost his potential 9th place to 50th with a rail, refusal and time penalties. But all in all, it was an amazing trip. One I will never forget.

Updated: September 14th 2011, 3:22:59 PM EDT, by Carol

Area IX Eventing Championships.

Held Labor Day weekend up at the beautiful Tomora Equestrian Center facility in Greeley, Colorado....the Area IX Championships had a great turn out, in beautiful crisp weather. What a Fat Rabbit Fest it was...CHAMPION in BNR was our own The Highlander, ridden by Mattie Kelly....with Mattie also taking Reserve Champion on King George in the same division. Dana and Ari took 2nd in the OBN division, Nicky & Arrow took 3rd in the Novice Horse Champion division, she also took 3rd on her new horse Grace in the OT division, Nicky also took 3rd in the Champion BNH division with Mike Crawfords Tuck...and a fantastic 4th place in the Championship Preliminary classwith Murphy. Wow, she sure was busy. So Mattie and I leave straight from here for the American Eventing Championship's in Georgia with both Mac & George. Stay tuned......!!

Updated: September 14th 2011, 3:14:56 PM EDT, by Carol

WindyRidge Schooling Dressage Show.

This was a superb day.....great turn out, great judge, great weather.....just a great day all around. WOWZA for Mattie Kelly and The Highlander winning the Beginner Novice 'B' division with an 18 .1....she also took second place with King George with a 25.2 and Charlotte Johnson and Rocky taking third and Emilie Reddick with Sky in fourth place.... Hats off to Charlotte Johnson and Rocky winning the Beginner Novice 'A' division with Emilie Reddick and Shannon in 2nd place and Melanie O'Brien with Velvet in fourth for our beginner riders, Alex, Rebecca and Alyssa all taking home blues in the Walk division. They were adorable. Lori Wheeler brought her "Better than New Tack" Store for everyone to rummage through. What a fun day it was. Anyhow, next event for us is The Area IX Eventing Championships in Greeley, Colorado. Leaving straight from there to the American Eventing Championships in Fairburn, Georgia. Mattie Kelly and The Highlander and King George will be making the trip to both Championships. Several Fat Rabbits will be competing in Greeley though.....stay tuned for results, it may be a couple of weeks unless I get access to a computer while on the road.

Updated: August 28th 2011, 10:07:26 PM EDT, by Carol

Paragon CDI*** Dressage Show, Estes Park, Colorado

A wonderful and relaxing 3 days in the mountains in beautiful Estes Park. Scott and I worked at the Paragon CDI*** Dressage show 19th thru 21st August. Scott was chief scorer and I ran the International arena 1 and upper level arena 2 for 3 days. Seeing great Olympic riders like Debbie McDonald and many other FEI riders, it was hard to take it all in. We stayed at a beautiful hotel, very rustic....wined and dined and hot tubbed with felt almost like a vacation than work. I had a great time, and learnt alot. Can't wait to do it again next year. Next event for us is our schooling dressage show here at WindyRidge this Sunday 29th.

Updated: August 22nd 2011, 10:26:43 PM EDT, by Carol

Colorado Horse Park One Day Event.

Several riders from WindyRidge attended the One Day Event at The Horse park in Parker. The cloud cover was welcomed, cooling down the temperatures a little. Nicky rode The Crawfords 4 yr old, SeaHawk Hill to 2nd place in the beginner novice division with an impressive 27 dressage score. Mattie Kelly & King George finished in 2nd place, with her second ride on The Highlander dropping down to 4th place due to XC time penalties also in Beginner Novice. Melanie and Revy competed in their first show together finishing in 5th place in a large Elementary division. Katie and Gwain completed their first recognized show together, finally jumping the ditch on the first attempt in XC. So a good day all around for everyone. PonyPower ran the concession stand, bringing in some good funds for their therapy program. Thanks so much to the volunteers who helped at the concession stand. Next event for us is the CDI Dressage show up in Estes Park 19th thru 21st August, Scott is scoring and I am not competing, but going to have a blast.

Updated: August 15th 2011, 6:32:22 AM EDT, by Carol

Rocky Mountain Horse Trials.

What a fantastic Horse Trial we just had up in Longmont. A third win this year for Mattie and The Highlander (aka Mac).....winning the beginner novice division, finishing on a 27.1 dressage score. King George, her second mount....taking 9th also in the BN division, a dressage score of 29.7 but 2 costly rails dropped their placing.. Dana and her awesome thoroughbred, Ari, had quite a few months off, but came back to score a 34 and finish in 7th place in a large BN division. Nicky & Murphy rode an amazing stadium and cross country round to finish in 5th place after a shaky dressage test (a spooky speaker kinda set Murphy off). Just a fantastic show is The Colorado Horse Park One Day.

Updated: August 8th 2011, 10:21:44 PM EDT, by Carol

On the road in Montana...ArrowHead & Rebecca Horse Trials.

Wow....what an amazing 2 weeks we just had in Montana. Starting with the ArrowHead Horse Trials in Billings, where Nicky won the Open Preliminary division with RevitaVet Bay Wolf (Murphy) and Sean winning the Open Training division with Ceylon. Mattie competed both The Highlander (Mac) and King George in the Open Novice divisions taking 5th with Mac and 7th with George. Rhiannon had an unfortunate elimination due to Toby becoming the "Ditch Witch"....and parting company with Rhiannon. Once done, we packed up, loaded up and headed further north to beautiful Kalispell to compete at the famous "Event at Rebecca Farm". Mattie made the trip with us to compete in Junior Beginner Novice with both Mac and George. The divisions were HUGE, but we finished better than we could have ever imagined....3rd Place with Mac finishing on his dressage score of 30.5 and George finishing in 9th place. We even found time to visit Glacier National Park and stand in awe at the scenery. What a fun time we all had. Next event for us is The Rocky Mountain Horse Trials in Longmont, CO.

Updated: July 28th 2011, 1:50:27 PM EDT, by Carol

Powder Basin Horse Trials, Gillette, Wyoming.

Wow, what a great time we all had up in Gillette, Wyoming this last weekend. Starting off on the Friday 8th July, with the dressage schooling show, Mattie won the BN Test B with King George coming in 3rd with Mac (The Highlander). Saturday dawned and the dressage weather was perfect, almost as perfect as the 25.2 score that Mac received with Mattie for their BN Test B score in the Jr. BN division, putting them in First Place. Mattie's second mount King George was hot on his heels with a 33.....Mattie concluded her event holding the lead through the end of the competiton, despite one rail in jumping for each of her horses she finished First with Mac and Third with George. The Preliminary arena was disrupted by a herd of sheep, so Nicky had a tough dressage test with Murphy, but held it together to go clean in both stadium and XC to finish in 3rd Place. Other 3rd Place finishers were Sara Brady and Darby in the Open Novice and Sarah Richards and Storm in Sr. BN.....Nicky also competed her 4 yr old mare, Arrow, in Sr. Open Novice finishing in 7th Place. Sean competed both Manny and Ceylon, just finishing out of the ribbons due to rails in stadium....but both horses had solid XC rounds. Great job everyone. Next event for us is ArrowHead Horse trials in Billings, Montana followed by Rebecca Farms further north in Kalispell, Montana.

Updated: July 11th 2011, 7:21:07 AM EDT, by Carol

WindyRidge Eventing Camp in Wray 1st thru 3rd July..

How many years have we been running our annual WindyRidge Eventing Camp......well, from the very start....this is officially our 14th year of doing this. We ran the camp in Larkspur, Elizabeth, Kiowa and for the last 4 years in Wray. 7 riders and horses joined us on this years camp. We purposefully kept it smaller than last everyone got more one on one instruction. Chelcie rode Mac in her first clinic in years and had the time of her life. Other riders, Khris, Sam, Mattie, Alexis, Emilie & Dana were all introduced Saturday morning to the new Prix Caprilli tests. Saturday afternoon was filled with some very 'testing' showjumping courses and after a very scary night of storms, Sunday dawned bright and sunny to not interfere with our cross country section. Luckily our drive home was not as brutal as last year, with the awful all in all a great weekend. Next event for us is Powder Basin Horse Trials in Gillette, Wyoming.

Updated: July 5th 2011, 9:31:58 PM EDT, by Carol

Abbe Ranch Horse Trials

Well, after having time off due to the EHV-1 scare....we sure were glad to get back into the swing of the horse trials again. Abbe Ranch hosted an amazing 3 days of competition with WONDERFUL weather. Nicky had a fantastic go with Murphy (Revitavet Bay Wolf) taking 2nd place in the Intermediate/Preliminary division. They finished on their dressage score ! Nicky also had great runs with Michael Crawford's beautiful Holsteiner mare CASSIA, taking a respectable 2nd place in the open novice division finishing 2nd on her dressage score of 26.0 ......and taking 7th place in the heavily entered Beginner Novice division with the young SeaHawks Hill (also owned by Michael Crawford). This was the 4 year olds first horse trial. Other Fat Rabbit results....Rhiannon Johnson and her cute Connemara cross TNT (Toby)competed at their first horse trial since Nicky rode him last August at The Horse Park.....taking a very respectable 5th Place in Beginner Novice. Sarah Richards dropped down the levels for some schooling with Storm taking 7th place at Elementary level.....and Mattie Kelly and King George rode a solid 3 days, with much learning to do now we are at Novice...taking 2nd Place for Young Riders and 13th place USEA at the Open Novice Level. She is going to be a top rider one day.....!!!!!! We also ran the concession stand for 3 days for our PonyPower Therapy program, raising about $1500.00 through the weekend. Very much needed funds for a worthwhile program. We had so much fun. Alexis held down the fort at home so we could stay in the camper at Abbe and just relax. It was wonderful. Anyhow, next event for us is the Annual PonyPower/WindyRidge Eventing Camp which will be held in beautiful Wray, at BirdHaven Farm. Come join us !!!!!

Updated: June 27th 2011, 8:31:51 PM EDT, by Carol

Bijou Hunt Rally

What a glorious day. Beautiful weather, and 2 teams of four from WindyRidge competed in the 12th June Bijou Rally.....Indian Fat Rabbits (Mary riding Skip, John riding Red, Alina riding Finnigan, Janine riding Dolly) and Rabid Fat Rabbits (Carol riding Mac, Sam riding Sky, Mattie riding George and Alexis riding Revy). Team Rabid Rabbits were victorious with a 3rd Place, and just a minute off optimum time. What a blast we had. Next event for us is Abbe Ranch Horse Trials.

Updated: June 12th 2011, 9:44:50 PM EDT, by Carol

Aspen Ridge Combined Test.

Great day at the Aspen Ridge Combined test....beautiful cool was nice to load up and go SHOW. Victorious team of Mattie Kelly and Mac (The Highlander) taking First Place in BNR Division with her second ride King George taking 3rd place. Sarah Richards and Celtic Lark (Castan)having an unfortunate fall in cross country, BUT they popped through the water and the ditch, so great accomplishment there. Next event for us is tomorrow.....the Bijou Rally. 8 riders from WindyRidge making up 2 teams of 4. The Indian Fat Rabbits (Mary, John, Alina, Janine) and the Rabid Fat Rabbits (Carol, Sam, Mattie and Alexis). Lets see which Fat Rabbit Team wins!!!!!!! Stay Tuned.

Updated: June 11th 2011, 9:24:37 PM EDT, by Carol

EHV-1 Outbreak.

Well, the EHV-1 outbreak here in Colorado cancelled many of our horse trials here in Area9 (Spring Gulch, Colorado Horse Park, and RoundTop). I am so glad we started showing out of State way back in February or I would be having a severe case of Cabin Fever about now. Anyhow, WindyRidge students have been working hard here at home schooling, and last weekend we finally got to school Spring Gulch and jump some of the new fences recently constructed by Steve Buckman. We will be riding in the Aspen Ridge Combined test this weekend, and Abbe Ranch Horse Trials are on the end of the month. So business as usual FINALLY ! By the way, the FEI events did still go ahead at the Horse Park, I hope those of you that attended saw our WindyRidge Thoroughbred sign sponsoring the complex jump out there on XC.

Updated: June 9th 2011, 12:38:15 PM EDT, by Carol was Mill Creek Horse trials, not MeadowCreek.

Got my shows mixed up.....MillCreek was our Mo. trial.MeadowCreek was the one we did in Tx. Gosh, they are all blending in together at this point.

Updated: May 19th 2011, 9:42:51 AM EDT, by

MeadowCreek Horse Trials, Missouri.

MeadowCreek Horse Trials was well worth the trip out to Missouri. What a beautiful setting, right by the lake and it was so GREEN. Made the trip with Mattie and her horse King George. Solid dressage at Novice with a score of 33.5....unfortunate run out in cross country, and a fantasticly accurately ridden showjumping course, would have resulted in a 5th place. Unfortunate elimination due to bell boots in dressage (ok, so that groom is fired)....however, a great stepping stone performance for our next horse trials....which should be at ArrowHead Horse Trials in Montana due to the Spring Gulch Horse Trials being cancelled this coming weekend due to the RhinoHerpes 1 outbreak here in Colorado. Keep your horses safe!

Updated: May 19th 2011, 9:40:43 AM EDT, by Carol

Colorado Horse Park Derby

The weather was much better than predicted for The Horse Park Derby, but some of the rides we watched where not very well predicted. Wow what a day of Eliminations....the ditch complex caught out alot of riders. But, thats why it's good to school ditches this early in the season. Nicky did well on Mike Crawfords young horse Tuck. Having his first competition ever, the little guy took 4th in a large BN division. Nicky dropped out of the ribbons on her second horse Cassia (also owned by Mike) after a bad refusal at the ditch in the Novice division. Mattie faltered a little in dressage and had a rail in the Derby which dropped her out of the ribbons in Novice, Sam and Sky never quite completed the course due to the water, Sarah and Castan were taken out by the ditch in Elementary as was Katie and Gwain....Aidan completed with one stop at the ditch with Storm....BUT, on the up note the PonyPower Concession Stand did a Rip Roaring business and sold out of almost everything, so good fundraising for them. Next event for us is the Abbe Ranch Eventing Clinic this weekend. Sam, Margaret and Myself (with Mac) are giving ourselves a fun Mothers Day Weekend away with our beloved horses.

Updated: May 5th 2011, 3:24:28 PM EDT, by Carol

WindyRidge Dressage & CT Show.

Wow, we really lucked out with the weather. A whole week of wind and then Saturday 16th April it was as still as can be for our first show of the year here at WindyRidge. Sue Grayson did a wonderful job judging and encouraging. We all enjoyed meeting Sully the mule, who performed a very nice dressage test. My stadium course was designed around corners and approaches and made the riders sit tall and pay attention. Thanks to all the volunteers and huge thanks to Nancy Olson and Rock Horse Tack who donated the First Place Prizes for each division. Too bad the Pine Ridge CT and Pace is cancelled, so I guess next event for us is The Colorado Horse Park Derby, where PonyPower will be running the concession well as having a bunch of students competing.

Updated: April 16th 2011, 11:14:59 PM EDT, by Carol

Desert Sky Dressage Show

A nice schooling show to get some of the students out and about. Charlotte, Sam, Sara and Mattie all rode USEA dressage tests to practice for the upcoming shows. Sam won Intro C with Sky and took 2nd in Intro B..Charlotte received 2 6th place positions in BN A & BN B, Mattie and George took 2nd in Novice B as well as Sara with Darby. Good scores, good schooling....a worthwhile day.

Updated: April 19th 2011, 11:07:10 PM EDT, by Carol

MeadowCreek Horse Trials, Kosse, Texas

OMG, the humidity was something else....but, better than being in a 30 below wind chill I guess (HeeHee). Anyhow, 5 horses made the trip with us to the beautiful setting of MeadowCreek. Nicky & Revitavet Bay Wolf finished 8th in their first Preliminary ever. Mattie and King George took 11th in the Jr. Novice division completing one of their toughest stadium courses. Nicky rode Arrow in her first horse trial at BN and finished in 6th place. Also finishing in 6th place at their first horse trial at Novice was Stride with Sean. Sean also finished 4th in the same division on Ceylon. So a good show, lots of learning. Next event for us.....a group of novice students are heading over to the Desert Skye Dressage show in the Black Forest, 26th March.

Updated: March 24th 2011, 10:23:08 PM EDT, by Carol

Bit of Class 4H Clinic.

Saturday March 12th was the date for the Annual Bit of Class 4H Clinic up in Greenwood Village. I always enjoy teaching these clinics. We get so much done and really get the girls to the next level in their riding. Thanks to Mattie K. and her horse George, who came up with me to be demo riders for the 3 large groups. Thanks to Adrienne for setting this up. Next event for us is the MeadowCreek horse Trials in Kosse, Texas. Several riders competing from WindyRidge.

Updated: March 15th 2011, 11:42:42 PM EDT, by Carol

Texas Rose Horse Trials.

Final results......a beautiful clean and clear cross country round moved Mattie and George up 6 places finishing the pair in 8th place at Novice. They gave solid performances in all 3 phases, giving themselves a nice stepping stone horse trial to prepare them for their next show which will be back in Texas at MeadowCreek. We'll have a few horses making this trip with us from WindyRidge so it should be a fun trip.

Updated: March 7th 2011, 9:36:50 PM EST, by Carol

Texas Rose Horse Trials.

We are in Texas, at the Texas Rose Horse Trials with Mattie and King George.....results to follow.

Updated: March 5th 2011, 10:51:36 AM EST, by Carol

2010 MSEA/USEA Year End Awards

Well, Nicky has done it yet again. 5th year in a row she has earned the title of USEA Area IX Young Rider AND USEA Area IX Junior rider of the year setting the records way above and beyond. No one received it twice let alone 5 times Champion and one year Reserve. Thats 6 years she has held the running. This is her last year for the Junior rider as she has now turned 18, so can only run for the Young Rider again from now on. This prestigious award will be presented 5th February in Laramie, Wyoming. I intend to stand up and give a proud speech as a mom. Also, Nicky will be receiving the Reserve Champion ribbon for her Reserve placing in Intermediate at the Area IX Championships and will also be receiving reserve champion with Top Secret for horse at two levels. Mattie Kelly and King George are the proud recipients of the MSEA Reserve Champion Beginner Horse of the Year Award......way to go guys!!!!!!

Updated: January 22nd 2011, 12:42:27 AM EST, by Carol

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Well, here we are winding to a close for 2010, and what a GREAT year it was.....we had a WONDERFUL Christmas here at WindyRidge. Surrounded by friends and family.....and I have to tell you, we were very spoilt. I have to thank Dennis and Alina for the amazing sign they made us for the entrance way. WindyRidge is very classy looking now. It was just a fun, stress free Christmas time with several Fat Rabbit Christmas parties at various locations. We are looking forward to the New Year party over at Robin and Scott's....I think many of us from WindyRidge will be attending that one. So, Happy New Year, and we will be updating all the Year End awards that the WindyRidge students have earned in our next update.

Updated: December 29th 2010, 10:04:08 PM EST, by Carol

PonyPower in the Parker Christmas Parade.

This is a long standing tradition for us here at WindyRidge. A wonderful way to finish out the year, riding our wonderful horses down a beautifully decorated street and waving to the holiday crowds. I got to ride my beloved old horse Star again....yup, he's still going strong. We had a large group this year....myself on Star, Margaret with Mac.....Robin and Scott Downs brought Donut and Scout, their friend Elizabeth brought her 2 donkeys (which Chelcie and Mariah led) and we borrowed Kieffer for Elizabeth to ride. Vickie rode Revy, Alina rode her adorable haflinger Finnigan, Alina's mom Cathy rode Jack, Sam rode Sky, Sarah rode Storm, and last but not least, Charlotte rode Tarot. Our wonderful banner carriers were Jamie and Amy again....and many walkers included Eilene, Mattie (dressed as a cute green elf), Jack (even cuter as a fuzzy red and white candy cane), Mary, Dennis, Shea, Nicky & Sean (who had their dogs Belle and Johnny dressed as Mr and Mrs Claus)and Justinn (it was good to see you again) and finally Ron (Elizabeth's husband)who kept a close eye on those donkeys. It was a great day. We have several Holiday parties coming up that everyone is invited to, so email me for details. So we are done for now.....what an amazing year. We will wrap up with the End of Year Awards results in our next news letter. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated: December 13th 2010, 5:49:26 AM EST, by Carol

WindyRidge Christmas Combined Test Show

Once again, the weather held for our final show of the year.....a nice sized entry for our dressage/showjumping Christmas combined test. Sue Grayson, our dressage judge, gave helpful schooling comments to all riders from Elementary to Two Star FEI. Mary and Mattie Kelly were wonderful stadium judges and Chelcie and Mariah were stadium crew. Thanks to Eilene for scribing the whole day for dressage, and PonyPower for donating lots of yummy food for the competitors all day. The division winners and reserves were for ELEMENTARY....Scott Downs and Donut, Reserve Robin Downs and Scount. GREEN AS GRASS....1st Alexis Richards and Storm, Reserve Sam Lander and Sky. BEGINNER NOVICE EASY....1st Sarah Richards and Castan, Reserve Charlotte Johnson and Rocky, 3rd, Stefanie Waller and Turtle, 4th, Sam Lander and Sky, 5th place, Ali Tapp and Rosie. BEGINNER NOVICE....1st Sara Brady and Darby, Reserve Margaret Weber and The Highlander, 3rd, Caleb Gregg and Saigon, 4th place Ali Tapp and Beth. Winner of both USDF Intro Tests A & B were Emilie Reddick with Oreo. Other dressage division winners were Nicole Jones Taylor and Celtic Arrow for Beginner Novice Test A, Sean Worrall with Ceylon winning Training B with Reserve Nicky Jones Taylor with TNT. Nicky and Sean then rode some One and Two Star tests as demo rides for the lower level riders to observe. It was a good day. Next event for us is a PonyPower entry in the Parker Christmas Parade, Saturday 11th December at 2pm. See you there !!!!

Updated: December 5th 2010, 10:05:03 AM EST, by Carol

Las Cruces Horse Trials, New Mexico.

This is probably one of the most relaxing horse trials of the year. I love Las Cruces, the food, the fantastic mexican restaurants with the amazing's just all great. Unfortunately Nicky & Sean never made the trip with us due to a truck accident (but they are luckily OK), however, Alina and Finnigan, Sam and Sky, Margaret and Mac, Sarah with Cassia and Castan and Mattie with George all made the trip with us. We went down early on Thursday 18th Nov. so we could have the opportunity to ride some of the schooling courses set up on Friday. End results were, Mattie took 5th place at her first Novice, the BN course unfortunately was a little challenging and got the better of Sarah and Margaret, but their dressage and showjumping phases were fantastic. In the Pre Comp division, Sarah took 3rd with Castan, Alina took 5th with Finnigan and Sam took 6th with Sky. This was fantastic considering it was Alina and Sam's first 3 phase ever. They were awesome. We all even found time to sight see, getting the opportunity visit the White Sands Monument Park. Now THAT was amazing. So, that is the end of our loooooong show season that has taken us all around the country and on both coasts. What a year. Anyhow, next event for us is our own WindyRidge Combined test to be held here the 4th December. Check Events page for details.

Updated: November 24th 2010, 7:33:46 PM EST, by Carol

Final Eventing clinic of 2010.

Wow, we really lucked out the weekend of the 6th/7th November. It was perfect weather to hold the final clinic of the year up at beautiful BirdHaven Farm in Wray. A large group of 16 riders attended, luckily Sean and Nicky aided in keeping the groups organized and answering any questions the riders had while I was busy with other riders. Saturday morning meant 3 hours of solid flat work followed by 2 hours of showjumping in the afternoon. Sunday was the usual fun day of cross country and the 'river ride'......and then the long drive back to Kiowa with another successful weekend behind us. Next event for us is Las Cruces Horse trials in New Mexico.

Updated: November 9th 2010, 11:48:42 PM EST, by Carol

Our Annual Halloween Party.

Hey, thanks to everyone who came to our Halloween Bash !!!! What a riot. There were some awesome costumes. It was a full house, with good friends, good food and some wonderful wine....I loved the old Vincent Price Horror movies that were playing, that added to the spookiness. The kids decorated the house and what a great job they did, it looked very scarey. A great night. Next event for WindyRidge students. Las Cruces horse trials in New Mexico, 19th thru 21st November. I'm looking forward to that one.

Updated: October 31st 2010, 11:03:34 PM EDT, by Carol

Annual PonyPower Fall Pair Pace

What a great turnout we had for our Annual PonyPower benefit pair pace. The weather thankfully cooperated, we were a little concerned on Friday, as we had some pretty good hail which certainly softened the hard footing so it was perfect. Nancy Olson of Rock Horse Tack brought her tack store and generously donated gift certificates to our winners. A fun BBQ right after the pace fed the hungry competitors, and all the kids entertained us with the Omelene 400 sack race. A loud chorus of "Happy Birthday" to Nicky on her 18th as she blew out the candles on a yummy chocolate cake, brought the long and happy day to a close. We had so much positive feedback from everyone who came. It was a great day. Results were as follows : TRAINING Division....Optimum time 8min 13secs, Winner Dennis Schmidt riding Tigger 2min 06secs over. NOVICE Division....Optimum time 7min 02secs....Winner Sara Brady riding Darby 1min 43secs over.....2nd place Sarah Richards riding Castan and Aidan Crawford riding Cassia 3min.05secs over....3rd Place Sue Grayson riding Madison, Dave & Katie Barton riding Wilma and Irish, Chelsea Dougherty riding Merlow 4min 29secs over.....BEGINNER NOVICE Division..Optimum Time 8min 13secs....1st Place Dana Sitzman riding O'Malley and Melissa Anderson riding TJ...1min 29secs over ....2nd Place Charlotte Johnson riding Rocky 1min 45secs over......3rd Place Margaret Weber riding Mac 2min 54secs over....4th Place.....Nick & Bethany Ray riding Cherokee and Black Velvet 5min 21secs over....5th Place Sandy Lott 6min 47 secs over.....6th Place...Sam Landers riding Sky, Alexis Richards riding Ari, Alina Love riding Finnigan...13min over. ELEMENTARY Division...Optimum Time 10min 56sec.....1st Place....Debi Hurni riding Layla, Laura Baxter, and Noah McAllister riding Delilah (they also had the best crusader costumes of the day)....2nd Place...Jaime Rienne riding Beaudacious, Nicky Jones Taylor riding Gracie, sean Worrall riding Cloud...2min 15 over....3rd Place....Audrie McCaulley riding Blondie, Nicole Jones Taylor riding Spirit 2min 46secs UNDER....4th Place Jaime Rienne riding(name) and Megan McSorely riding Jade 3min 08secs over.....5th Place....Robin and Scott Downs riding Scout and Donut 6min 54secs over....6th Place Sandy Pierce riding Lakota, Nancy Foley riding Trixie, Liz Duffey riding Shadow and Lisa Shimonkewitze riding Doodlebomb. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone...the course length was 2465 meters with 36 obstacles.

Updated: October 27th 2010, 2:11:19 PM EDT, by Carol

Mile High Derby, Parker.

What a fun schooling day for WindyRidge students who rode at the Mile High Horse Ranch Derby in Parker. The weather was gorgeous...Margaret and Mac had an awesome dressage but unfortunately exceeded the time limit for cross country, but were in 4th after dressage in the BN division. Aidan and Cassia unfortunately parted company on cross country in BN, meeting something that looked to me like a Weldons Wall !!!!! Sarah and Storm had a wonderful run on Novice cross country and finished in 6th place, while her 3 yr old Castan finished in 11th place in elementary. Next event for us is our own PonyPower Pair Pace this Saturday 23rd. We already have over 40 entries, the weather is looking perfect, so we are in for a fun day.

Updated: October 19th 2010, 9:31:27 PM EDT, by Carol

Area IX Regional Eventing Championships

Yowza....the WindyRidge Fat Rabbits were cookin' and smokin' at this years Regional Eventing Championships. Nicky took Reserve Champion honors at Intermediate, and took the Champion Young Rider award also for the intermediate division. Nicky and Murphy (yay, he was able to make this one) took 5th place in Training Champion Horse and Reserve Champion Young Rider at Training. Mattie K. and King George took Reserve Champion at Beginner Novice, and Champion High Point Young Rider. Katie Lewis and Biscuit took 2nd place at Novice Rider. Sarah R. and Storm had a beautiful dressage, but an unlucky stop at the water cost them dearly in the Champion Novice event. Aidan and Cassia had bad luck, and had to withdraw before BN Champion dressage. So clearly, up's and down's for WindyRidge students at this years Regionals. Wow.....been a long year. And we're not done event for us is The Mile High Derby in Parker this next weekend.

Updated: October 11th 2010, 10:13:46 PM EDT, by Carol

CAVALIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven't seen the Cavalia production yet, you should. A bunch of us here are going this we feel left out. EVERYONE is raving about how beautiful this show we are checking it out. I'll post pictures in the Gallery.

Updated: September 26th 2010, 10:17:38 PM EDT, by Carol

Spring Gulch Benefit Combined test

What a fabulous day we all had. The weather was perfect....the PonyPower Concessions did great business, and the Fat Rabbit students did us proud. Nicky took Celtic Arrow for her first show ever, and after leading the Green as Grass division in dressage, she finished in 2nd place after cross country after incurring some time penalities. Alina and Finnigan had a nice dressage test but unfortunately exceeded maximum time on cross country and had an unfortunate elimination. Margaret and Mac did great....a decent dressage and clean cross country finished them in 6th place. Thanks so much to Eilene and Sam for running the concession stand. Next event for us is the regional area IX Eventing Championships. All of the students are qualified to ride.....Nicky will be competing Intermediate Championship. That will be worth watching.

Updated: September 26th 2010, 10:13:16 PM EDT, by Carol

Arapahoe Pair Pace, Plum Creek Hollow, Larkspur..AND Windy Wyoming Horse Trials.

Argh, this was way too much fun....Margaret and Mac, Alina and Finnigan, Sam and Skye and myself on Marko made up one team of Raging Fat Rabbits, Alina's husband Dennis riding Tigger, and two riding companions (sorry I forgot your names) also competed......but, the proud victors were Sarah with Storm and Aidan with Cassia.....those awesome Fat Rabbits beat a huge field to take go girls ! Onto the Windy Wyoming Horse Trials, Mattie Kelly and her Horse King George entered the BN division....leading the division right up until showjumping when an unlucky rail cost them dropping to 4th place. They had a 29.5 dressage score, an amzing score, and a clean XC. They are so ready to move up. Next event for us, Spring Gulch Combined test 25th Sept.

Updated: September 20th 2010, 9:42:54 PM EDT, by Carol

American Eventing Championships, Fairburn, Georgia.

What an amazing AEC we had this year. Loading the horses up at 4am in the morning Monday 6th, we made overnight stabling in Mt. Vernon Ill. by 11pm that night. Horses (Top Secret, ManHattan and Dana Sitzmans Desert Wyn) rested well. 6am next morning we were off, and in Fairburn by 4:30pm on the 7th. Chattahoochee Hills is the most amazing facility and I have to say, almost 700 horses on the grounds, we were never overcrowded, the portapottys and manure heaps were cleaned daily, the place was spotless. Nicky and Top Secret finished in the upper half of their division with a decent Open Intermediate dressage followed by a clean cross country with 7 time penalties and 2 rails in showjumping. But for their 3rd Intermediate, they put in a strong performance and were noticed !!!!! With Mr ManHattan, who is very green and was popped in at the last minute as Bay Wolf was too sore to make the long trip, he put in a very solid performance. 2 run outs on XC at the same jump, and 3 rails in showjumping, but he completed the event with honor. Dana Sitzman and Desert Wyn put in one of the strongest performances of their career. A steady dressage, a solid and rythmic cross country and a balanced dressage finished the pair mid pack. All 3 horses came home with their completion plaques that were well earned. I was very proud of them. Don't get me started on the evening parties....the entertainment put on was amazing....the shopping was awesome, it was just a perfect show. The trip home was also uneventful, and we unloaded 3 happy, sound horses. Looking forward to next year!!!!!! Next event for us is the Arapahoe pair Pace in Larkspur.

Updated: September 20th 2010, 9:32:52 PM EDT, by Carol

Northern Colorado Horse Trials, Greeley.

Show season is winding down, and leading up to our next BIG show.....The American Eventing Championships in Fairburn, Georgia. So, this was a nice relaxing horse trial to get the riders out to, and polish up their dressage scores. We decided to leave Murphy and Saigon home, so Nicky brought Manny along for the show, taking 8th place with him in Open Training. Mattie Kelly and King George finished 2nd in BN JR....with Dana Sitzman and Ari finishing 3rd in OBN. Unfortunate elimination at the ditch on cross country for Aidan and Cassia. So, our next event.....YUP, the big one. We are off to Georgia with Nicky taking Saigon in Open Intermediate, Murphy in Training Horse.....and Dana will be riding Ari in Open Beginner Novice. Watch the Live Score Board on the USEA website for minute by minute results.

Updated: August 31st 2010, 5:23:03 PM EDT, by Carol

Bijou Hunt Pair Pace at The Colorado Horse Park.

Oh my gosh, what a fun fun day ! Alina Love on her wonderful Haflinger Finnigan, Sam Lander and Alina's mare Skye, and myself on The Highlander (Mac), rode around the cross country course at The Horse Park participating in the Bijou Pair Pace. The weather was perfect, and we had the best time. It's been a while since I jumped a cross country course.....just like the good ole days. I have to do more of these. Thanks also to the PonyPower students who ran the concession stand for us. Next event for us is the Northern Colorado Horse Trials in Greeley....many students and their horses are competing so it will be a full weekend.

Updated: August 23rd 2010, 10:02:08 PM EDT, by Carol

Colorado One Day Event at The Horse Park.

Wow, what an amazing event for WindyRidge students at the One Day Event at The Horse Park 15th August. Nicky took top honors winning the Novice division riding Rhiannon Johnsons "TNT"....Dana Sitzman and Desert Wyn took an AEC qualifying 5th place in BN, so she's making the trip to Georgia with unfortunate stop in XC dropped Aidan and Cassia out of the ribbons....Mattie Kelly and King George finished 6th in Jr. BN having a couple of unlucky stops in XC....and Sarah Richards and Storm of the Century parted company at the last fence on XC unfortunately. So certainly an up and down day for many of the students. Next event for us is back at The Horse Park....attending the Bijou Springs Hunt Pair Pace.

Updated: August 17th 2010, 10:35:52 PM EDT, by Carol

USEA ICP WorkShop at GooseDowns Farms, New Mexico

Nicky had the awesome opportunity to attend a USEA ICP workshop down at Jeffray Rydings Goose Down Farms in Galisteo New Mexico 11th thru 13th August, with Jim Graham. A great opportunity, she took Top Secret along with her as well. Thanks to Sean Worrall for providing the transport.

Updated: August 17th 2010, 10:29:19 PM EDT, by Carol

Rocky Mountain Horse Trials, Longmont.

Longmont ia a wonderful setting for the RMHT. Beautiful rolling hills and lush green pastures....and a fantastic cross country course. Nicky with Bay Wolf in Training and Top Secret in Preliminary, and Mattie Kelly with King George in Beginner Novice were the only students that made the trip. It was a full show with large divisions, so the girls had to really work for their placings. Nicky made a huge leap from 13th after dressage in Prelim, to 11th after a clean showjumping round, to 3rd place after one of the few clean cross country rounds with Top Secret. Bay Wolf also finished in the ribbons moving from 11th after dressage to 9th after a clean showjumping round to 6th after a clean XC round. Mattie and George were in a strong position after dressage taking 2nd...but a costly rail dropped them to 5th after showjumping. A position they held after a clean XC round. But, 5th was a qualifying position for the Area Championships in October. Next event for us is the One Day Event at The Horse Park, 15th August.

Updated: August 11th 2010, 11:22:41 PM EDT, by Carol

Aspen Ridge Horse Trials.

Well, Murphy (Revitavet Bay Wolf) is back. Nicky has missed showing him so much since his injury, and his last show was Weatherford in Texas last April. But, our Murphy came back taking 2nd place in the Open Training at Aspen Ridge. He would have won, but cost himself with one innocent rail. Nicky's second horse ManHattan took 4th place in the same division. Students Sarah and Storm took 6th in Novice, and WooHoo for Aidan and Cassia taking 1st place in Beginner Novice. Thanks also to all the WindyRidge students who ran stadium for guys were awesome. Next event for us is the Rocky Mountain Horse Trials in Longmont. Nicky is taking Murphy in Training and Saigon in Preliminary....also showing is Dana and Ari.

Updated: July 29th 2010, 11:13:13 PM EDT, by Carol

Coconino I & II Horse Trials, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Here's the amazing part....beat the heat in Colorado and head to nice and cool Flagstaff, Arizona ?? Well thats exactly what Nicky & Saigon did. Heading to Coconino County to ride their first Intermediate level Events. The first weekend 10th thru 12th July was amazing....bringing a WIN at their first Intermediate for Nicky and Top Secret (Saigon)...the second weekend 17th & 18th, I was lucky enough to find the time to drive down and cheer Nicky on at her second event. An amazing 36 in dressage, a perfect cross country round, but and unlucky slip in the mud during showjumping cost them a win and dropped the pair to Third place. Still an honorable placing and giving Nicky the qualifications to compete Intermediate at AEC's in September. Next event for us....taking a few young horses to Aspen Ridge Horse Trials.

Updated: July 21st 2010, 2:08:19 PM EDT, by Carol

WindyRidge Eventing Camp.

This is our 14th year putting on our Eventing Camp, but this is the first time we have held it elsewhere. This year several trailer loads of horses made their way up to beautiful BirdHaven Farm in Wray, Colorado. 13 horse and rider combinations enjoyed a fun filled 4th July weekend, with dressage, showjumping and of course cross country. Nicky took her 3 year old mare.....Arrow. She is certainly looking like she has a bright future as an eventer, leaping into the river on cross country and splashing around like she had fun. The Saturday night "Amazing Race" brought out almost 30 competitors on foot, raising almost $500.00 for Pets on the Prairie. That was ALOT of fun, my sides were aching from laughing at some of the antics going on. The drive home wasn't so much fun......we hit a terrible hail storm just 9 miles from home, costing all of us a windshield each (ARGH). But, we all got home safely and have yet another memory to bring up at the dinner table. Next event for us.....Coconino Horse Trials in Flagstaff, Arizona. Nicky will be taking Saigon and competing Intermediate at both horse trials back to back.

Updated: July 8th 2010, 10:12:07 AM EDT, by Carol

Abbe Ranch Horse Trials.

Abbe Ranch is certainly one of our most favorite and busiest horse trials of the year. Not only do pretty much all the students compete but we also run the PonyPower Concession stand as a fundraiser. This year was interesting competitively, with Nicky taking 3rd in Preliminary with Top Secret, ManHattan found a boggy spot with Nicky in the Training water jump and took a spill (both are OK)....Sarah and Storm finished just out of the ribbons in Novice but pulled off one of the most solid performances of the season so far, Aidan and Cassia parted company just after the water complex at BN level (that water was no fun this year), and Mattie and Revy had a rough dressage (Revy was too busy watching the XC horses run while trying to focus on dressage)....but Mattie had a solid XC and steady stadium round. The Concession Stand did great, the volunteers were awesome.....and it was great to spend the evenings chatting with old (and new)friends Anyhow, next event for us....the famous WindyRidge Eventing Camp, to be held up this year in Wray. Come join us.

Updated: June 30th 2010, 10:05:44 AM EDT, by Carol

Bijou Hunt Rally.

What a great time we had at the Bijou Hunt Rally 19th June. I paired up with Alina Love and her adorable Haflinger Finnigan, and Nicky paired up with Alina's husband Dennis. Alina and I went in the C steady division as The Fat Rabbit Team....taking FIRST PLACE........WooHoo !!! Nicky and Dennis rode in the fast 'A' division, as. The Blazing Rabbits.....and took 2nd place. The weather was perfect, the views were spectacular....lunch was served by the Hunt. It was just a great event for us is The Abbe Ranch Horse Trials.

Updated: June 21st 2010, 7:15:11 PM EDT, by Carol

Colorado Horse Park CCI* Event.

Wet and boggy are the only words I can think of to describe the 5 days we were at The Colorado Horse Park CCI* & ** Event. But, the girls rode beautifully....Nicky finishing in 11th place in the CCI* with Top Secret, 10th in Training Horse with a very distracted Manny, Rhiannon just out of the ribbons with Toby, taking a rail in Novice thanks to the slick footing......Sarah finished 10th in Novice with Storm, Mattie and Revy finished 8th in BN and Dana and Ari had a costly rail in showjumping to finish in 10th. Phew, a busy but FUN weekend. Next event for us are The Abbe Ranch Horse Trials in Larkspur.

Updated: June 15th 2010, 4:56:39 PM EDT, by Carol

Round Top Horse Trials

What a perfect day.....5th June we made the trek up to Castle Rock to compete in Round Top One Day Event. Highlight of our day was a win in the Training division for Nicky and Manny...finishing on her dressage score of 44.1. Dana and Ari finished in 4th in BN, there is her first qualifying score for AEC's. Nicky also took 6th in BN with Cassia also finishing on her dressage score. Wow, they got a 9 for one of the movements in their dressage test. Rhiannon took 9th in Novice with Toby and Sarah and Storm had an unfortunate elimination at the water drop. All in all everyone rode beautifully, I was so proud of them. Next event for us The Colorado Horse Park Event. Everyone is showing....and Nicky and Saigon will be showing the CCI*.

Updated: June 6th 2010, 11:44:23 PM EDT, by Carol

Spring Gulch Horse Trials.

Well, the Mile High Derby was cancelled due to sloppy footing BUT the weather was beautiful for Spring Gulch Horse Trials May 22nd/23rd. Wind on Saturday made dressage interesting....and showjumping was moved to Sunday with cross country which worked out very well. Nicky withdrew Murphy as he has a hairline fracture in the pastern bone, but is healing she rode Manny instead at Novice, placing 9th on her dressage score....Rhiannon placed 8th at Novice with Toby, Sarah was 6th with Storm at Novice.....time penalties in showjumping just popped Aidan and Cassia out of the ribbons, but their jumping was wonderful. Dana and Ari had an unfortunate elimination in showjumping which was a bummer as they had a beautiful dressage test. But, for their first show of the season, it was encouraging. We have many more to weekend we are off to Montana to compete at ArrowHead Horse trials. Aidan and Nicky will be making the trip.

Updated: May 26th 2010, 11:20:01 PM EDT, by Carol

Ralf Schmitzer Dressage Clinic.

We were honored to have German Dressage Master Ralf Schmitzer, here at WindyRidge from 8th thru 10th May for 3 full days of Classical Dressage Training. Simone Windeler of The Elegant Rider organized the clinic and was Ralf's assistant and translator. We learnt so so much, and I think our dressage training took a very good turn. Several WindyRidge students rode in the clinic and many outside riders trailered in as well, so we made some new friends. The place was packed with auditors each day. It was awesome seeing Nicky and Saigon get a couple of balanced steps in the Piaffe.....and Rocky and Charlotte executing the leg yield correctly. What a great time we all had.....and then of course there was the FOOD !!! Thanks to Eilene and Sam for producing some wonderful dishes for everyone to enjoy (YUM). We hope to host another clinic in the Fall when Ralf returns to the USA. Next event for us is the Mile High Derby Saturday 15th.

Updated: May 11th 2010, 9:45:07 AM EDT, by Carol

Greenwood Farm CIC*, Weatherford, Texas.

Wow, it was sooooo green down in Weatherford, near Fort Worth, Texas. The weather was hot and humid though, and our horses had a little trouble adjusting to the humidity after coming down from dry wind. Saigon and Murphy had a little trouble in dressage due to HUGE biting bugs....took us a while to find the right flyspray, but cross country and showjumping were awesome. End results....Nicky took 8th in the CIC* with Saigon (Top Secret) and 7th in the Training Horse with Murphy (RevitaVet Bay Wolf). Back in Colorado, the students attended a couple of schooling shows while I was gone. Aidan and Flag were winners in the Novice division at The Colorado Horse Park Combined Test with Sarah and Storm taking 4th. Next event for us, the Ralf Schmitzer Dressage Clinic at WindyRidge May 8th thru 10th.

Updated: May 5th 2010, 10:44:40 PM EDT, by Carol

Rolex International Three Day Event.

What an amazing week Nicky just had at Rolex International in Kentucky. She was taken out there by RevitaVet Systems to represent them as one of their sponsored riders. Nicky's image was on a poster at the Redmond Rock Booth as well as a huge poster of her and Murphy at the Revitavet Booth. Her face was pretty well known by the end of the week. What great exposure for her and for WindyRidge. Nicky also got to see the entire event....and watch William Fox-Pitt of GBR take the final blue ribbon. An experience not be forgotten, especially as she has her sights set on competing at Rolex in 2012. She had a fantastic time and is now ready to head to Weatherford, Texas next week to compete in her second CIC* with Top Secret.

Updated: April 25th 2010, 10:38:03 PM EDT, by Carol

Whispering Winds Dressage Show, Monument.

Switching the show to Sunday 18th April (from the Saturday) was a great idea. The weather was beautiful on Sunday after the cold front had gone through. We all had a great time schooling our dressage tests. Alina rode her first show with her cute Haflinger Finnigan taking 3rd Place in the Intro B....Winners were Emilie riding Marko in BN Test A, Nicky with Murphy in Training Test A...and Saigon in FEI* Test A....Charlotte and Rocky took 2nd Place in BN Test A and Aidan took 2nd and 3rd with Cassia in BN Tests A & B. What a great schooling day. Next event for us is the Pine Ridge Combined Test and Pair Pace at Spring Gulch, 24th April.

Updated: April 21st 2010, 11:50:13 PM EDT, by Carol

Our First Cross Country Schooling at Spring Gulch.

Wow.....what a great great day we had schooling st Spring Gulch Saturday April 10th. 13 riders and their horses....a huge group. Not one incident, every rider had a fantastic schooling round....boy, we are so so ready for the upcoming season, even though Nicky has had a jump start by spending that time in California. Wow, our next Event is GreenWood Horse Trials in Texas the end of April/beginning of May....Nicky tries her second One Star with Saigon and another Training division with Murphy. She is sooooooo lucky, she leaves this Monday 19th April for Rolex in Kentucky.....courtesy of RevitaVet. They are paying all her expenses to represent RevitaVet and rub shoulders with all the top riders (and she gets paid for this and has all her expenses paid)....she is then flying down to Weatherford, Texas to meet me with the horses. Sigh, so much exciting stuff happening for WindyRidge.....we are sooooo on the International map now !!!!!!!

Updated: April 16th 2010, 8:42:47 PM EDT, by Carol

Galway Downs CIC* International Event.

Well, Tracey, Camron, Krystie and I all got to spend the last week in California with Nicky at Galway Downs in Temecula, California. What an amazing week we had. Apart from all the fun of going to the beach and trying out some amazing restaurants as well as the fantastic shopping....just the fact that Nicky was doing her first CIC* was excitement enough. Going through the Jog out, and watching Nicky ride her FEI Test in her top hat and shadbelly made me brim with pride. She rode a passable dressage test, for it being her first FEI test. And was double clear in showjumping (the first place rider being the only other double clear), she and Saigon flew around the cross country course like it was nothing. This finished Nicky and Top Secret in 7th place out of 20 entered horses, finishing on her dressage score. We were so excited. Her youngster, Bay Wolf, had a bobble at the end of his dressage test which affected his score, but otherwise his Training Test was rail in showjumping and a perfect cross country ride finished him in 13th Place in the Training Horse Division. We were happy with his performance. We drove as far as Las Vegas on the way home and overnighted at a wonderful barn, which gave the rest of us the chance to hit the TOWN !!!!! We were so lucky getting home over the mountains the next day, because just 24 hours later I70 was closed due to blizzards and pile up's. Ah, it was good to be home. Nicky was thrilled to be home as she had been in California since 6th March. Eilene had redecorated her room while she was gone, so that was a nice surprise for her. Next event for us......cross country schooling at Spring Gulch Saturday, 10th April.

Updated: April 2nd 2010, 10:04:20 PM EDT, by Carol

Update from California.

Well, Nicky is having the time of her life.....she is experiencing incredible training opportunities. Having completed the Buck Davidson Clinic at Kingsway, Nicky headed down to Three Day Ranch for an incredible weekend taking 7th with Saigon at Preliminary and 10th with Murphy at Training. Much still to work on before her CIC* debut at Galway next weekend. A group of us are heading out Sunday morning 21st....making a quick night stop in Vegas to enjoy the sights and hopefully arriving around midday in Temecula to help her with her week leading up to the CIC*. We will all be home around the 30th March so I'll update the news section then with her CIC* results.

Updated: March 19th 2010, 5:10:14 PM EDT, by Carol

Nicky's update from California.

Well, Nicky is in California at Galway Downs in Temecula with both her horses Murphy and Saigon. She is having amazing training opportunities with Buck Davidson, Hawley Bennett and Jil Walton. Leading up to showing Prelim and Training this coming weekend at Three Day Ranch Horse Trials....and then showing her first CIC* with Saigon the end of the month. Stay tuned for other entries in the news section keeping you posted on her California adventures. I'll post how she ends up at the end of the Three Day Horse Trials.

Updated: March 9th 2010, 10:02:57 PM EST, by Carol

Eventing Clinic up at BirdHaven Farm

I just love teaching these clinics up at BirdHaven. Dana has the most beautiful facility, and sooooo much land for cross country. 7 riders came for this clinic and had many "Aha" moments !!!!!!!! the evening parties are so relaxing, I always come away from these clinics so refreshed, even though I spend 2 days teaching. I am figuring a weekend in the Summer for our next one. Next event....well, I am off to California to support Nicky competing in her first CIC* Event. This coming weekend she is showing Saigon Preliminary and Murphy Training at three Day Ranch Horse Trials. I'll post the results in the news section.

Updated: March 8th 2010, 11:07:37 PM EST, by Carol

Susan Hoffman Peacock Dressage Clinic.

What a fantastic weekend we just had, 27th/28th February. Susan Hoffman Peacock came in from California to spend the weekend here at WindyRidge teaching us all the fundamentals of correct dressage. We had many "Aha" moments....and the Saturday lecture was amazing. I learnt so much myself this weekend. Several students rode and really enjoyed their lessons, I managed to video all their rides. Thanks to Laura for setting this up for us, I am hoping we will have Susan back soon. Next event for us is the Eventing Clinic up at BirdHaven Farms next weekend in Wray.

Updated: February 28th 2010, 11:41:11 PM EST, by Carol Jones

Mariah Farms Dressage Show & Jan Byyny Clinic.

Well the weekend of March 20th and 21st turned out to be chilly and snowy, but guess what.....that didn't keep us at home. The Saturday we headed over to Mariah Farms in Castle Rock for their schooling dressage show. Blue ribbons all around for all WindyRidge students....Nicky trying her first FEI 1* Dressage Test with Top Secret and taking top honors and also taking first with Revitavet Bay Wolf in Training A. Rhiannon and Toby (TNT) won both Novice Test A & B. It was fun to try the new 2010 tests, so we're getting some good schooling for the season. Sunday, Nicky headed over to the Jan Byyny clinic with Top Secret. We always get so much out of Jan's clinics. Talking of clinics, we have some fun ones coming up. This coming weekend is a Dressage clinic with Susan Hoffman Peacock from California, then we are planning an Eric Ziegler seat clinic in March...and be ready for a huge clinician coming to us in May....stay tuned !!!!!!!

Updated: February 24th 2010, 10:22:43 PM EST, by Carol

WindyRidge Schooling Jumper Show.

Saturday February 13th was the day of our Jumper Schooling Show here at WindyRidge. A fun and technical course challenged a large number of riders, but all in all it was a great schooling day for beginner through advanced riders and their horses. Thanks so much to Craig for helping with parking, course set up, being our EMT and running the BBQ....gee Craig where do you get the energy !!!!! Thanks also to everyone who came and made it a very fun was a great turn out. And I appreciated the valentine goodies left in the tack guys (blush). Next event for us....Mariah Farms Dressage Show next Saturday 20th and Jan Byyny clinic on Sunday 21st Feb.

Updated: February 15th 2010, 9:24:22 AM EST, by Carol

ReVitaVet announces sponsorship of Bay Wolf.

Great news, ReVitaVet Systems inc. has offered a full sponsorship for the 2010 season on Nicole Jones Taylor and Bay Wolf. Check out click on Sponsored Riders and check out Nicole Jones Taylors Bio page and their awesome picture from their winning cross country ride at Golden Spike Horse Trials in Ogden, Utah.

Updated: February 8th 2010, 10:52:35 PM EST, by Carol

You know, Life is good !!!!

Boy, the past few weeks have been amazing. We have sold a couple of horses, Hurrican McEwan came into our lives and has started teaching Nicky upper level dressage every Tuesday morning, everything just looks like it's going well. Revitavet offered Nicky a sponsorship on the season with Bay Wolf, and she is off to California in March to train with Buck Davidson, Hawley Bennett and Jill Walton before trying her first One Star at Galway Downs. Our biggest news though was our USEA/MSEA/CCC Year End Awards Banquet recently held. WindyRidge student Sarah Richards took the Central Colorado Chapter Reserve Champions for Beginner novice and for Beginner Novice Rider. Nicky took the following honors.....with Bay Wolf...CCC Jr Novice Reserve Champion //CCC 6th Place Jr. Training and CCC 4th Place Novice Horse. With Top Secret...CCC Preliminary Horse Champion // CCC Young Rider Preliminary Champion // CCC First Year New to Preliminary Champion // Mountain States Eventing Assoc. Preliminary Horse of the Year // USEA Junior Rider of the Year // USEA Young Rider of the Year // USEA Area IX Preliminary Horse of the Year. That was quite a truck load of trophies to take home. Scott is now on the Excecutive Board officially with MSEA/CCC and I had the honor of presenting the 2009 MSEA Distinguished Service Award to Libby Stokes. It was the quite the night, and of course, The Fat Rabbit table was the noisiest. We have a full calendar here in February so check our events calendar regularly.

Updated: January 25th 2010, 9:13:27 PM EST, by Carol

Congratulations to Scott !

Congratulations Scott Wehrli (my better half)...on being voted in as Treasurer for the Central Colorado Chapter of the MSEA. He is an Officer on the board now, and we all intend to get more involved and participate closely within the CCC. Since the "Gaited" dispute, we decided we needed to be more involved in our local Eventing Club to help them in their quest to keep Eventing a safe and honorable sport.

Updated: January 14th 2010, 1:01:07 PM EST, by Carol

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

A very Merry Christmas to all and Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. We had a packed house for our Christmas Party, we must have had over 30 people was so much fun, and wonderful to be surrounded by so much warmth and friendship. Chelcie and other members of her honor band came and played beautiful Christmas Carols for everyone. They were fantastic, and made a beautiful picture infront of the stone fire place and Christmas lights.....everyone thoroughly enjoyed their performances. Santa Claus was very generous to us all this year.....but my biggest gift is the continuous support and love of everyone around me....sigh! Now I'm all warm and fuzzy. Our New Year was very colorful, Robin and Scott Downs had the best party ever, and we toasted the New Year once again with great friends, and lots of champagne and fireworks. I'm exhausted from the holidays and am ready for getting back to business here so I can have a rest. We are so excited for this coming year, there will be much travelling as Nicky sets her sights on competing at One and Two Star events this year with Top Secret and continuing at Training with sights set on preliminary with Murphy. Both horses are wintering very well. The MSEA/CCC Awards banquets are coming up 23rd January. We are once again running the Silent Auction, and ALL the Fat Rabbits will be attending. Sarah has won some CCC awards and Nicky has (for the 5th time) taken USEA Young Rider and Junior Rider of the year again as well as High Point Prelim Horse for MSEA and also for USEA. Her CCC awards will be discovered 23rd January and her 2009 season page will be posted on the website. We have had MANY new additions in the form of boarders and students this year, so the barn is very full and very busy, and thats exactly how I like it. I love waking up each morning wondering what the next day will bring. We are planning on hitting as many schooling shows and clinics between now and March, when we head to California to compete One Star with Top Secret at Galway Downs and Training with Murphy. We are VERY excited for the trip which we will make with Gillian Webster. Nicky will spend the week before the event training at either Steffan Peters barn or with Susan Hoffman Peacock....details are still in the works. Anyhow, stay tuned to our news section for all WindyRidge happenings. Here's to 2010 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated: January 2nd 2010, 10:09:10 AM EST, by Carol

2009 Parker Christmas Parade, 12th December..

The Parker Christmas Parade has become an annual tradition here at WindyRidge. We really look forward to it as it is such a fun time for us all to get together in a non competitive atmosphere. This years parade was the best ever. The weather was perfect, and I finally got to ride this year. I have uploaded a pile of photo's from the parade on the Gallery. Check it out. And the best part.....we WON FIRST PLACE for Best Christmas in Toyland theme. Everyone had the best time, and all the horses were perfectly well behaved. So, now we have a few weeks off to enjoy the Holiday season. Next Saturday 19th December, we have a huge Christmas Party....I have had tons of RSVP's so it's sure to be a lively night. We're in for a very busy season next year, so I'm going enjoy a couple of weeks off here. We'll do our 2009 wrap up in a week or two.

Updated: December 13th 2009, 11:00:54 PM EST, by Carol

PonyPower Benefit Dressage Show !

We were so lucky with the weather on Saturday 5th December. We held our benefit dressage show right in between storms. A beautiful day, sunny but brisk. A loooooong day for our judge Sue Grayson, beginning with our first ride at 8:30am and ending with our last ride at 4pm. Hot chocolate, coffee and Eggnog flowed all day to warm the competitors as well as Lemon and Poppyseed cookies. Oh my, I've never had those before, they were YUMMY. What a great day it was, lots of riders, lots of volunteers (thank you so much everyone),Tracey with check in, Eilene with scribing, Marissa with score running, Sarah with the gate and Craig our EMT and helping all the trailers park. A really fun day. Next event for us is the Parker Christmas Parade 12th December.

Updated: December 7th 2009, 10:35:23 PM EST, by Carol

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

A Happy Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends here at WindyRidge. It's this time of year that I appreciate our deepest and most special friends ....and I am so thankful for all of you and my wonderful family. We had a wonderful (and very lively) Thanksgiving with a house full of friends and family. The day just glowed. We all have so much to be thankful for....our wonderful facility, our full barn of happy boarders, our beautiful and successful horses, and how much this business has brought our family together as a team. We also attended the Annual Abbe Ranch Dinner Saturday night 28th November. That has become such a tradition for us, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving week without it. It's always great to catch up on Eventing news with everyone there....Also, Hope you all got some great holiday deals on Black Friday....we were up at 4am shopping (OMG!!!!!) But, it was well worth it. Anyhow, hope for good weather on the 5th December for our dressage show. We have 23 rides going through the day, and we're still getting entries. It'll be a long day for Sue. See you then.

Updated: November 29th 2009, 10:51:25 PM EST, by Carol

Jan Byyny clinic and Area IX Young Riders Meeting.

Every time we attend a Jan Byyny clinic we come away with a HUGE "AHA" moment. Nicky took her youngster, Bay Wolf, to ride with Jan. "Murphy" was phenominal, he tried so many hard exercises with the honesty and boldness we love him for. Murphy was also honored by the USEA this week with a USEA Silver medal at the Novice Level for his accomplishments with Nicky this last season. Just missed his Training Level medal by 1 point. Not bad for a horse in his first season. Sunday evening we had a very productive Young Rider meeting in Parker. Many subjects were covered, but the biggest one was the subject of Fundraising. I volunteered to do the Silent Auction at the Colorado Horse park in May, and remember, we are running the Silent Auction for the CCC/MSEA banquet 23rd January. I am thinking hitting up some corporate sponsors is going to be our next plan for the Young Riders. We have some amazing Young Riders in this area, they are more than worth promoting. I think support from our local trainers is important....and we have that from several....just could use a few more !!!!!!! Anyhow, next event for us is our Sue Grayson dressage clinic/show. We have a ton of entries already, so I am hoping the weather holds. Check our event schedule for details.

Updated: November 23rd 2009, 8:27:36 PM EST, by Carol

WindyRidge Halloween party.

Boooooo......what a wonderfully scary Halloween Party we all had here at WindyRidge on Halloween Night. Lot's of good friends of WindyRidge came, and we had a great time. The food was great, lots to drink....and great company. The costumes were hilarious (especially yours Eilene !!). Even Courage dressed up as a FireFighter, and Belle was a clown....I love this time of year. Watch for our upcoming Christmas party December 19th. We are also planning a series of Winter Clinics, so check back often in our Events calendar.

Updated: November 1st 2009, 8:17:59 PM EST, by Carol

PonyPower Autumn Pair Pace and FundRaiser.

What an AWESOME day we had here at WindyRidge. A highly successful Pair Pace with 20 teams heading out on our newly designed course. The weather was fantastic, the footing dried out enough so it was safe.....Nancy Olson with Rock Horse Tack was here with her tack store...she attracted a HUGE crowd, and donated WONDERFUL prizes to the winners of each division. PonyPower donated 2nd thru 5th prizes. Pyramid Chiropractic were here doing $10.00 horse adjustments, and Rose Wallace was offering deep tissue massage to the riders. We had everything covered. Thanks so much to all the volunteers who jump judged, scored, timed, etc.....our EMT volunteer Brandon, and to Craig for going out and cleaning up the whole course before the snow fell. You are all wonderful. Nicky had a great birthday....the party afterwards was awesome thanks to everyone who stayed. Anyhow, prizes went first to fifth in each division but division winners were.....TRAINING....1ST Place to Dana Sitzman. Laura Kaye. and Nicky Jones Taylor....NOVICE...1st Place to Janice Virant & Alison Wotjeczko....BEGINNER NOVICE...1st Place to Dominique Wright & Audra Littlewood.....ELEMENTARY...1st Place to Mary Hirsch. Congratualtions to all the teams who showed.

Updated: October 25th 2009, 3:54:02 PM EDT, by Carol

Mile High Horse Ranch Derby & Dressage Show.

What a great time we had at MHHR in Parker. They put on a really nice show. The weather was perfect, so we took a couple of horses for a day of schooling. Sarah took Storm and took 2nd Place in the Novice 2 Phase...Nicky took our sale pony, Princess, and rode dressage BN 'B' earning a 35.5. There were alot of 7's & 8's, great job. Next event for us is our own PonyPower Pair Pace to be held here at WindyRidge next Saturday 24th October. We have a huge entry list already, so I hope the weather holds. See you here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated: October 18th 2009, 9:39:51 PM EDT, by Carol

Round Top Pair Pace.

Yowza....the weekend started off very the Pair Pace was postponed to Sunday 11th. What a switch in the weather, it was a beautiful sunny day. Nicky J-T rode Princess, Dana S. rode Ari and Laura K. rode Ranger as a team to take 2nd place in the 'A' Division....Sarah R. took her baby Castan and rode with Chelcie W. on Storm to take 5th place in the 'B' Division. We had a GREAT time. Next event for us is the Mile High Derby this coming Saturday 17th.

Updated: October 13th 2009, 11:05:04 PM EDT, by Carol

Colorado Horse Park Fall Horse Trials.

Eventing is such an awesome and proud sport.....watching the relationship between horse and rider flow in dressage, their Power and Trust in Cross Country and precision and confidence in showjumping shows just how much training goes into producing a solid performance horse and a balanced rider. We have just come back from the 1st thru 4th October Fall Horse Trials at the Horse Park, and I am brimming with pride watching my riders and their horses compete. Nicole J-T and her awesome Saigon (Top Secret) took 1st Place honors in the Jr. Preliminary Division, she rode Murphy (Bay Wolf) to 4th Place in Training Horse.....Aidan finally finished on her dressage score with Cassia to take home 6th place in BN and Rhiannon and Toby completed Novice in 5th Place. What a great end to our season, I think we're ready for some time off it has been such a long year. The horses, and they have been fantastic at every single horse trial. I'm excited for the Year End Awards Banquets now. Anyhow, next Fun Event for us is this coming weekend, The Round Top Pair Pace. ALL The Fat Rabbits are competing....Dana is making the trip down, so I'm sure we'll all be partying. Come hang out with us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated: October 5th 2009, 4:15:31 PM EDT, by Carol

Arapahoe Pair Pace

What a beautiful day it was, Saturday 26th September blossomed in the 80's. And after sleet and rain all week it was a welcome change. This hunt pace is hugely attended, they must have had over 300 horses there.....Nicky (Murphy), Chris (Stella)& Sarah (Storm) made up the Super Heroes Team. Their costumes were awesome with Nicky as Batman, Chris as The Flash and Sarah was The Incredible Hulk.....they rode a beautiful fast clean round in Division B to end up winning, and beating 41 teams......WooHoo !!!! I rode my old faithful Quarter Point with Tracey and Omalley and Melissa with Manny, we competed in Division C and really took our time out their to enjoy the day with our horses....and yes, we were dead last WooHoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next event for us is our last Horse Trial of the season....The Colorado Horse Park National Horse Trials. Several students are competing so ti will be quite the weekend.

Updated: September 29th 2009, 5:23:35 PM EDT, by Carol

2009 American Eventing Championships.

Oh my gosh, my head is still reeling from our AMAZING 3rd visit to the AEC's near Chicago. The trip there and back with the horses was 100% trouble free. The horses traveled great, and we overnighted at an awesome barn in York, Nebraska. How many shows do you get to compete at, where you are riding in the same practice arena as Olympic riders. And they are smiling and complementing your horse. Nicky was lucky enough to qualify 2 horses yet again. Saigon in Jr/Yr Preliminary and Murphy at Novice Horse. Sarah also made the trip with Storm to compete at Beginner Novice Amateur. Nicky was only one of two riders that made the time on Cross Country in Prelim, bringing herself up from 8th to 4th overnight. A picture perfect clear showjumping round clinched her 4th place (and a mog of cash & prizes). I was speechless with total JOY when she came clean over the last fence. What a great moment. Both Murphy and Storm did us proud finishing mid pack in their divisions. Nicky had it tough with some top riders in her division, but I was so proud of Murphy. He did a great dressage test, a beautiful XC round and nice stadium round, unfortunately taking one rail. Sarah and Storm proudly finished on their dressage score. My goodness, we partied, we shopped we just had a blast. It all felt like a dream. Thanks so much everyone for your support. Well, we do have a few more shows before we finish our season, next weekend the Arapahoe Pace and then the Colorado Horse Park Horse Trials the first weekend of October.

Updated: September 18th 2009, 9:41:08 PM EDT, by Carol

MSEA/USEA Area IX Eventing Championships.

What a GREAT weekend for the Fat Rabbits. 28th thru 30th August was the dates for the MSEA Area 9 Eventing Championships held at beautiful Tomora Farm in Greeley. Placings went to all Fat Rabbits....Nicky & Top Secret, 3rd in Championship Preliminary, Nicky & Bay Wolf 9th in Championship Training, Sarah & Storm 10th and Dana and Ari 12th both in BNR Championship class.....and Rhiannon & Toby 5th in BNH Championship. What a great time we had. It was Dana's birthday on Sunday so we all partied hard the whole weekend up there. Well, a weekend off next weekend and then the BIG ONE !!!!! We head out on the 7th September to compete at The American Eventing Championships in Chicago. We are so excited.

Updated: August 31st 2009, 4:18:13 PM EDT, by Carol

2nd Dressage Day at WindyRidge

Well, our second fun Schooling Dressage Day (Sunday 23rd August) at WindyRidge was a great hit. A full day of entries kept our judge, Sue Grayson, very busy. Thanks to everyone who came. Our secondhand tack table was also a great hit, almost everything was sold. Next event for us.....the Area 9 Eventing Championships.

Updated: August 31st 2009, 4:07:07 PM EDT, by Carol

One Day Event at The Horse Park.

Cooler temperatures made The One Day Event at The Colorado Horse Park very pleasant to ride in. We had several riders at the event, which was run under the Short Format with riders going straight from showjumping to cross interesting idea....but I enjoy my time away at the shows with my students and spending a couple of days of fun out of town. But I could see the economics ! Anyhow, we had a great time, Nicky took Murphy (Bay Wolf) in Novice finishing in 2nd place, Sarah competed her first Novice with Storm finishing in 9th Place, Rhiannon and Toby finished in 6th Place in Beginner Novice and Dana and Ari had an unfortunate elimination in showjumping. Next event for us is another Dressage Schooling Show here on the 23rd August and then we are all off to the Area 9 Eventing Championships in Greeley.

Updated: August 16th 2009, 9:53:52 PM EDT, by Carol

Hanovarian Mare Testings, Harmony SportHorses, Kiowa.

Wednesday 12th August was the date for the Hanoverian mare testing at HSH in Kiowa. A large group of us went to cheer on Aidan and her mare Cassia. We were so proud of her...Cassia place second highest for the conformation points, scored a 7 in her free jumping, and a 6 on her flatwork. She made it to the Stud Book.

Updated: August 13th 2009, 12:20:03 AM EDT, by Carol

Rocky Mountain Horse Trials, Longmont.

Held 8th & 9th August......This is most certainly one of the most beautiful cross country courses in the State. Just 3 students attended this horse trial. Nicky & Saigon in prelim, finishing 4th in a large Open division of 13 riders. Sarah and Storm finishing in 10th place at BN and Aidan and Cassia in BN finishing in 15th. There was a wonderful party on Saturday night, we all got to meet the motivational speakers from WinQwest. That was inspirational. Anyhow, next event for us is The One Day Event at The Colorado Horse park in Parker. It only offer BN thru Novice, so we are taking our young horses.

Updated: August 13th 2009, 12:15:25 AM EDT, by Carol

Greg Best Clinic & Eventing clinic in Wray.

Wow, what a week here at WindyRidge. Nicky & Saigon were lucky enough to get a spot on the Greg Best clinic held 28th/29th July at Plum Creek Hollow in Larkspur. What a beautiful facility ! We learnt so much, Greg had Nicky do so many new and exciting exercises that will help her in her quest to compete One Star the end of this year. I picked up many new and fresh ideas to add to our present program, and just in time for our 3rd Fat Rabbit Eventing Clinic in Wray 1st/2nd August. 8 riders attended and what an awesome weekend we had. We all learnt so much, and the wonderful terrain we get to ride on at beautiful BirdHaven Farm, has really helped to make our cross counrty 150%. How many times do you see WindyRidge students with faults on cross country.....HARDLY EVER !!!!!!!! Well, I'm blowing my own trumpet here......hehe ! Anyhow, next event for us is the Rocky Mountain Horse Trials in Longmont this coming weekend.

Updated: August 3rd 2009, 5:07:51 PM EDT, by Carol

WindyRidge Schooling Dressage Show

What a wonderful turnout we had at our schooling dressage show on Saturday 25th July. the weather was PERFECT....alot cooler with the cloud cover. We had 27 rides ranging from USDF Intro tests to Second level tests. Thanks so much to our wonderful judge, Sue Grayson....we will certainly plan on more of these in the future. Everyone left the show very happy and reading their dressage comments to build for the future. Next event for us is the FUN 2 day Eventing clinic 1st/2nd August up at BirdHaven Farm in Wray, we can't WAIT !!!!

Updated: July 26th 2009, 8:59:23 PM EDT, by Tracey

Bijou Hunt Horse Trial at Aspen Ridge in Monument.

What a wonderful weekend The Fat Rabbit's just had.....2 horse trials (each a one dayer) at the same facility. That works great for us, especially as it's only 45 minutes away. Saturday 18th was the first horse trial, with riders showing in Novice and Beginner Novice. Nicky took her new horse Manhattan, to his first horse trial ever...showing at BNH he came away with a 4th place ribbon. Dana & Ari in BNR came away with a 4th place ribbon, Aidan & Flag had an unfortunate elimination in Novice....and Rhiannon and Toby came 7th in BNR. Sunday, was the 2nd horse trial....this time Nicky took Murphy and placed 2nd in Open Novice, with Sarah and Storm in 4th in BNR and Aidan had a successful ride with Cassia to finish 7th in the same division. I always love these close weekend shows as it's always a great excuse to have a big Fat Rabbit party Saturday night. This year everyone had a rough football/rugby game in my jumping arena. OMG, I've never laughed so hard. Anyhow, next event is our Schooling Dressage show this coming Saturday 25th July....we have a good entry list so it should be a fun day.

Updated: July 19th 2009, 9:02:45 PM EDT, by Carol

David O'Connor Clinic.

Tuesday 14th July, Nicky had the opportunity to ride with Olympic Gold Medalist David O'Connor at The Horse Park. Taking her Preliminary mount Saigon, David worked hard with Nicky on correcting some of their basic weaknesses in showjumping. We had some huge eye opener moments about striding and collection which I think will help with some clear rounds in the future. A couple of students came along to audit and came away with alot to think about. Thanks so much Viv for arranging such a great clinic with the master of eventing. Next event for us is 2 days at the Bijou Horse trials at Aspen Ridge in Monument.

Updated: July 16th 2009, 12:38:07 AM EDT, by Carol

Powder Basin Horse Trials, Gillette, Wyoming.

Powder Basin Horse Trials (11th/12th July) has one of the best cross country is challenging but fair at all the levels. We had an awesome horse trial (although a rough drive up there when we had to get the transfer case on our truck replaced on the way)....that was a 4 hour delay, but thanks to T & T Auto in Cheyenne, they had us back on our way in no time. All the Fat Rabbits had a great time, we found time to get together and swim at the hotel, party with the competitors, oh, and compete at the same time. Nicky and Saigon took 2nd in Preliminary, and 3rd with Murphy in Training. Sarah took 6th in BN with Storm, Aidan completed the event with Cassia and Rhiannon with Toby had an unlucky technical elimination in showjumping. Nicky & Saigon are getting up on the leaderboard soon with their constant top 4 placings in Preliminary. Next event for us is the David O'Connor clinic at The Horse Park.

Updated: July 16th 2009, 12:34:32 AM EDT, by Carol

Annual PonyPower Camp.

What a fantastic weekend we just had at our Annual PonyPower Eventing Camp....I feel like I have been doing this forever. This year we made the camp smaller than usual as with our hectic and busy show schedule, I am already worn out. We were SO lucky with the weather. Each day it thundered and rained around 5pm, so we were all done by then. No wrecks, lots of smiles....and 10 riders went home with alot more education for their riding futures. We had an awesome BBQ Saturday rained in the evening so the 4th July fireworks were cancelled, but we came inside and watched fireworks on TV, that was just as good. Thanks so much to everyone who came.....see you next year !! Next event for us is Powder Basin Horse Trials in Gillette, Wyoming.

Updated: July 5th 2009, 10:17:08 PM EDT, by Carol

Abbe Ranch Horse Trials, Larkspur, Colorado.

June 28th thru 30th was the date for the Abbe Ranch Horse of our most favorite horse trials in Area 9. We also run the concession stand as well as donating $200 worth of prizes to the event. We are very involved with this horse trial, and Nicky got super involved this year riding 4 horses in the event. Poor Aidan had a nasty fall during a lesson here just before the horse trial, and as she had her 2 horses entered in Abbe, Nicky volunteered to ride them. What a show she had taking 2nd in Preliminary with Top Secret, 2nd with Murphy in Novice (who also won the Smokey trophy for the highest placed Jr. and got his qualification for AEC's at Novice)...Nicky also took 4th in Novice with Aidan's Flag and 5th in BN with Aidan's Cassia. Dana and Ari placed 10th in BN and Sarah and Storm placed 4th in BN.....Rhiannon and Toby tried their hand at Novice and completed the event. Unlucky rails in stadium cost them a ribbon. What a weekend....our next function is our Camp here 4th/5th July, which is FULL. The our next horse trial is Powder basin in Gillette, Wyoming.

Updated: July 1st 2009, 11:09:06 PM EDT, by Carol

Golden Spike Horse Trials, Ogden, Utah

This horse trial was certainly worth the trip.....Nicky and Saigon had a flawless competition, to take home the Blue Ribbon for First at Preliminary. The courses rode beautifully....and despite alot of overnight rain, and very muddy conditions for XC, they rode well together. Sarah R. with Storm also made the trip with us, and had a fantastic ride at BN bringing home the 5th place they needed to qualify for AEC's in September. Thank goodness for a nice close and cozy hotel, to get out of the mud and rain....even Courage was allowed in the hotel and I know he appreciated the warmth. Well worth the event for us is the Abbe Ranch Horse Trials on home turf in Larkspur, Colorado.

Updated: July 1st 2009, 11:00:13 PM EDT, by Carol

RoundTop Horse Trials

Well, the day started beautifully....weatherwise....but by the afternoon it changed forcing the horse trials into a 2 phase....well, no bigee as it was awesome schooling for our riders. Nicky tried Murphy at Training, but it proved to be a little too much for his we retired. Dana, Sarah and Rhiannon all showed BN with Dana and Sarah in the ribbons....and Aidan finished in the ribbons at Novice with Flag. Great schooling horse trial for us is Golden Spike Horse Trials in Ogden, Utah.

Updated: July 1st 2009, 9:26:35 PM EDT, by Carol

Colorado Horse Park, Parker, Colorado.

Wow.....we just got back from Montana, had a few days to unpack and repack the trailer, and we're off again with a trailer load of horses to our next horse trial. The Horse Park is a beautiful facility and has one of the most challenging Preliminary courses...and of course Nicky and Top Secret were up for the challenge....finishing clean and clear in XC yet again to finish after showjumping in 4th place. Nicky also rode Murphy (Bay Wolf), but he didn't fare so well at this horse trial finishing out of the ribbons...but he had a nice solid performance. Sarah R. finished in 8th with Storm of the Century with Dana and Ari in 9th at BN. Rhiannon and Toby finished in 4th place in BN. Aidan and Flag finished Novice with an 8th place and her second ride Cassia ( her young mare) was just out of the ribbons. Next event for us is Round Top Horse trials.

Updated: June 30th 2009, 11:30:18 PM EDT, by Carol

ArrowHead Horse Trials, Billings, Montana.

Phew, a LONG drive, but well worth the trip. This was our first trip up to the ArrowHead Horse Trials. They have been running for many years but usually fall on the same weekend as Briar Fox (which we did last year). A beautiful course, and Nicky got to ride her very first Preliminary Event with Top Secret. They did amazingly well finishing in 3rd place with a clean and clear cross country ride. Nicky also rode Murphy to a 4th place finish in showjumping. Also competing was Jamie M. and her little chestnut mare unlucky fall in showjumping warm up had Jamie retire from the competition. Sarah R. and her beautiful Storm of The Century brought home 4th place in BN with Aidan C. and Flag in 2nd. What a great show, we'll certainly try and make this one again.

Updated: June 30th 2009, 11:15:50 PM EDT, by Carol

Spring Gulch Recognized Horse Trials

Well, we've had a busy couple of weekends, with the students all successfully showing at the Spring Gulch Combined Test a few weeks ago, then the Colorado Horse park Derby (ribbons all around)....then 4 glorious days at the Abbe Ranch clinic for Nicky with Saigon and Murphy, Sarah with Storm and Rhiannon with Mac. This all leading up to the first recognized horse trial of the season at Spring Gulch. Good solid dressage test performances by Nicky & Saigon (Training), Nicky & Murphy (Novice) Dana with Ari (BN) Aidan with Cassia & also with Flag (BN) and Sarah with Storm (BN)....all riders went on to ride good, steady showjumping rounds and were all in strong standings overnight....with cross country on the next and final day. All riders completed their XC rounds, some time penalties here and there....but end results were very satisfying for everyone....all the riders came home with a ribbon and big smiles at a successful first event. Next event for us is ArrowHead Horse trials in Billings, Montana.

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Congratulations this years 2008 USEA/MSEA Year End Awards Banquet, Nicky received the 2008 USEA Young Rider of the Year Award and the 2008 USEA Junior Rider of the Year Award. This is Nicky's THIRD time winning these awards and in 4 years she has made this award 3 times and once took reserve champion. She has made the history books !!!!!!

Updated: March 18th 2009, 9:32:59 PM EDT, by Carol

Jan Byyny Clinic 13th/14th March

I just love it when Jan comes to's always a great opportunity to get the show horses out and see where we are at in readiness for the upcoming season, which is fast approaching. Nicky took Saigon and rode in the Preliminary class. There were some interesting challenges that they both faced, we certainly saw some of both Nicky's and Sai's weaknesses come out, but we got through both days with some good eye opening lessons. Next event for us is the 28th March Desert Skye dressage show.

Updated: March 18th 2009, 9:27:31 PM EDT, by Carol

Eventing Clinic at BirdHaven Farm, Wray.

Oh my gosh, this is one of my favorite things to do.....spend the weekend up at Dana's beautiful ranch and teach our popular Eventing Clinic. Last time we did a day clinic, this time we cliniced for two and half days..... 6th, 7th and 8th March. Friday we arrived, and settled the horses in.....Friday evening we had a discussion forum with students from WindyRidge and students from BirdHaven running the was very enlightening....the main discussion of the evening was "Horse do I recognize whether it's Fear, Confusion, Anxiety or Naughtiness" when all those behavious appear to be the same. Students shared experiences and solutions with Dana and Carol adding in their expertize to help answer questions. A great dinner, and an early bed to get us all ready for a gruelling two and half hour dressage lesson on Saturday morning. Main subjects were "Focus on where you are sending your horse".....and "Did what you just told your horse make SENSE".....we finished the dressage lesson riding some tests and then we took a yummy lunch break (Dana's mother LOVES to cook)....I swear I put on weight every time I come up here. Then a three hour afternoon session on gymnastics (which got very complex)and guided the horses out of the gymnastic immediately into a very twisty and challenging showjumping course with the same subject as the morning...."Where are you sending your horse and is it making sense what you are asking of him". Everyone came away from the Saturday session tired, and feeling like they had really got somewhere with themselves and their horses. It was interesting discussing the day with everyine over dinner that evening....hearing what everyone had got out of the Saturday session helped me plan for Cross Country Day on Sunday. I brought the DVD's of everyones dressage rides at the last Desert Skye Show, so that was fun for everyone to watch and discuss their tests. It was interesting hearing the students comment on noticing their mistakes in the video....and then relating that to what we had worked on that day. Up Bright and early on Sunday morning, the weather was perfect. Everyone tacked up and we all headed out on Dana's huge property. You can ride forever out there. She has the most beautiful combination of good galloping room, some nice hills to work up and down, banks and a raging river, which is the best water schooling you could ever get. We kept the subject we had followed through the previous sessions, and I noticed how much more relaxed and comfortable everyone looked.....all the horses were as relaxed in cross country as they had been in dressage and showjumping. The students had set good boundaries for themselves and their horses, and rode each phase with the same focus and expectations. It was great. No reason why a horse has to act differently in each's mainly because we ride them too differently in each phase because we don't keep the same mental focus and self control.....and then they lose their 'boundaries' which creates their insecurities. Anyhow, it was a great weekend for all the riders and their wrecks (which is always good)

Updated: March 18th 2009, 9:21:26 PM EDT, by Carol

Wellness Clinic at WindyRidge. A "Day at the Spa".

The weather started out very crisp on Valentines day.....but we had a great turn out for our Wellness clinic. Carol had the ReVitaVet Infra Red machine on display and gave several horses through out the day a very beneficial treatment. Rowena Argall and her RETN for Wellness company came and displayed several therapeutic and beneficial products. The Nikken Magnetic Technology relieves tension in you and your horse using the stationary and dynamic magnetic technology including the advanced biaxial rotation technology. These are revolving magnets that rotate on a second access, constantly shifting their angle as often as 25 times a second. This was amazing. Rowena also brought the Lifewave non-transdermal energy enhancers....these are patch systems that untilize new technology to gently stimulate acupuncture points - literally improving the flow of energy in the body for improvement of energy or reduction of pain and discomfort. I tell you, we have used these ourselves to help ease a potential colic situation. They are a lifesaver. And the FANTASTIC VibraVM - Respiratory Therapy Device. Breathing is EVERYTHING. The VibraVM is a new and revolutionary respiratory therapy device. It generates sounds that cause the mucus in the airways to vibrate, break up and liquefy, allowing the animal to get it out, thus clearing and opening the airways. Another mode relaxes constricted airways. This was an unbeleivable device. Our horses here at WindyRidge are very lucky to have these devices as part of their health program. Next event for us here at WindyRidge, is the very popular Eventing clinic that we run at Dana Sitzman's beautiful BirdHaven Farm in Wray.

Updated: March 18th 2009, 8:51:44 PM EDT, by Carol

Desert Skye Schooling Dressage Show.

What a great day for WindyRidge Students Laura, Dana and Nicky. Coming away from the dressage show with arm fulls of blue ribbons. The big achievement for all 3 riders were their incredible scores.....Nicky winning Novice A and B with Murphy scoring 28.5 and 29. Dana and Ari winning BN A and B with a 29 and a 31....and Laura winning Training 3 on Ari with a 71%. Way to event for us is the WELLNESS CLINIC here at WindyRidge. Come join us !!!!

Updated: February 2nd 2009, 2:37:19 PM EST, by Carol

17th/18th January Jan Bynyy clinic.

Chilly temperatures early in the morning......thats the only downside of doing prelim. You are always the first to go. But Nicky had 2 days of instruction from Jan, that really gave her a boost in the right direction.....her Prelim attempts on the short striding Highlander unnerved her confidence a little. But the powerful jump in Saigon, may be exactly what we're looking for, for this coming season. He jumped the gymnastics like a champ. Next event for us is the Dressage Show at Desert Sky in Black Forest.

Updated: January 24th 2009, 10:29:36 PM EST, by Carol

Pendragon Schooling Show.

A good successful schooling out on 10th January. This is always the time of year we get the babies out there. Nicky rode Holly Bakkes' Drifter in a couple of classes tsking a blue, 3 reds and a yellow ribbon. Not bad for her first show ever. Jamie M. brought her young mare Aspen and Sarah brought Storm to school a few classes as well. It was a good learning day for everyone. Next event for us is the Jan Bynyy clinic where Nicky is riding Saigon in the Prelim class.

Updated: January 24th 2009, 10:22:54 PM EST, by Carol

2008 Wrap Up !!!!!!!!!!!

Well, since Las Cruces Horse Trials we have hosted here a very successfully attended Pair Pace (over 52 riders) and PonyPower had yet another dazzling entry in the Parker Christmas Parade. Our barn Christmas Party was very well attended (and ran past midnight) I would say with our upcoming Year End Awards banquets where Nicole has once again made USEA Young Rider and USEA Junior Rider of the year for Area 9 (3 times now)that we have once again, finished our year with a big bang ! I would like to thank all our friends for their support through the year, and really look forward to a wonderful 2009 season with everyone. Nicole will be showing her new horse Murphy (showing under the name Bay Wolf), and will continue to compete Top Secret for Krystie Bush. The Highlander is going to be put up for sale, he is a fantastic push button horse that will take any rider comfortably through Training level and is ready to school Preliminary. Details of all the Year End Awards will be put on Nicole's page on the web site. Happy New year everyone !

Updated: December 28th 2008, 10:33:11 AM EST, by Carol

Las Cruces Horse Trials, New Mexico.

Our second trip through New Mexico to the adorable town of Las Cruces....I love this horse trial, it is so well run, and the authentic mexican food is YUMMY. Nicky, Aidan and Rhiannon made the trip with us, Nicky bringing her new horse Just Murphy (who will be shown in the 2009 season under the name Bay Wolf, his actual registered name). Nicky was thrilled with Murphy's and Sai's performances bringing home 2nd place on both horses in BN and Training, Rhiannon and Toby finished third on BN and Aidan took 7th place at her first novice. Huge congrats to everyone. We had a safe trip there and back and we are so glad the season has finally come to a close. What a long but successful year we have had. Next event for us is our own WindyRidge Pair Pace to be held here on November 22nd.

Updated: November 19th 2008, 9:14:59 PM EST, by Lisa

U.S. Eventing Magazine.

For those of you that are members of the USEA, Nicole J-T is in the current Eventing magazine. She was part of the Mentorship program organized by the Area 9 Young Rider coordinater Vickie Feine. There is a photograph of her with Sue Stewart as well as pics of those other Young Riders that were involved in the program. Way to go Nix !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated: November 6th 2008, 11:35:05 PM EST, by Carol

Bird Haven Farm Clinic, Wray, Colorado.

What a fantastic weekend. Dana Sitzman hosted a WindyRidge Eventing clinic at her beautiful Bird Haven Farm in Wray. I took students Nicky J-T & Murphy, Aiden C. & Cassia and Sarah R. & Storm with me for the weekend. A total of 8 riders attended, we met some wonderful people and their equally wonderful horses. We had a fantastic opportunity to take the horses out on a long trail ride which consisted of alot of river work. We had some good water training. Poor Courage felt like he was on "Doggy Survivor"....between dodging an aggressive mule, swimming up river, and get all four paws covered with goatheads, I'd say he won "Doggy Survivor" of the Year. Many thanks to Dana for being a gracious host, we had alot of fun. We will be teaching more clinics up there in the future. We have a Jan Byyny clinic this coming weekend 8th November.....and then we have a trailer load of horses heading down to Las Cruces Horse Trials in new Mexico. Our last show of the year.

Updated: November 6th 2008, 11:31:14 PM EST, by Carol

Halloween with Horses 2008

What a FULL day PonyPower had at this years Halloween with Horses in Parker. Starting off with an AMAZING Wraith Ride with Nicky & Saigon and new riders Rhiannon with Marko and Sarah with Storm replacing Taylor & Shannon. The girls rode an awesome pattern, much to the crowds delight. Next was the costume class....and PonyPower looked fantastic going as The Corpse Bride Wedding party ! Nicky was a beautiful and gory Corpse Bride with Chris H. as her Gory Groom....I rode old Quarter Point dressed as the Gruesome Preacher....Rhiannon (Toby), Chelcie (Prince) and Sarah (Storm) were each Corpse Bridesmaids....taking up the rear were Charlotte J. & Rocky and Lisa B. with Indy as the Corpse mothers of the bride and groom. PonyPower came away with a 3rd Place....Following the costume class, later in the afternoon was the exciting Jumping Demo with Nicky & Saigon....the crowd cheered and encouraged the Jump to go higher and higher each time Nicky & Saigon cleared it. Van Halen's "Jump" played in the background to add to the excitement. Nicky finally stopped at just over Four and Half feet (WOW). Then We all went Trick or Treating and had a great time....the weather was awesome, we couldn't have asked for a better day. Next Event for us is a clinic up in Wray on November 1st & 2nd. We will be running a Dressage/Jumping clinic up at Dana Sitzmans Birdhaven Farm. Email us for details if you are interested in joining us.

Updated: October 20th 2008, 10:29:53 PM EDT, by Carol

Round Top Pair Pace, Castle Rock.

Brrrr....foggy and breezy, perfect weather for the hunt....however, a group of us headed up to Castle Rock to enjoy Libby Stokes' Pair Pace. I took old Quarter Point and rode with Lisa B. and Indy. We took our time out there and enjoyed the scenery....hehe ! But victorious winners of Division A were Nicky J-T & Just Murphy, Dana S. with Ari and Sarah R. with Storm.....Division B winners, and the winners of the Hilda Richie Perpetual Trophy for being only 10 seconds off optimum time, were Chelcie W. with Prince and Sarah R. with Nora. Libby put on a great Pace, and we all had alot of fun. Next fun event for us is the 2008 Annual Halloween for Horses at The Horse Park, Parker.

Updated: October 20th 2008, 10:12:14 PM EDT, by Carol

Area IX Championships.

The weather couldn't have been any better for the Area 9 Eventing Championships held at The Colorado Horse Park in Parker, CO. We had a wonderful weekend, with many friends and supporters there to cheer on the girls. Nicole J-T and Top Secret came away with a 2nd Place in Junior Training Champs, and an unfortunate TE for The Highlander...Rhiannon J. with TNT came away 7th in BN, Aidan C. and Flag had a victorious 5th in BN. SR. CH.....and Shannon D. and High Endeavor took 5th in Novice. So ribbons for everyone. What a great end to a successful season. Now the fun starts with Pair Paces, clinics and Winter goals !!!! In fact, next event for us is The Round Top pair pace in Castle Rock, 11th October.

Updated: October 20th 2008, 9:57:38 PM EDT, by Carol

Arapahoe Pair Pace at Plum Creek Hollow in Larkspur.

What a blast we had.....Saturday 27th September was the date set for the Annual Arapahoe Pair Pace, a fundraiser for the local hunt. 2 teams went from the 'B' Division was Krystie B. & Marko, Sarah R. & Storm and Aidan C. and Flag. They rode a good time in their division....then we made up a second team for the 'C' Division of myself and my old pal QuarterPoint (Star), Tracey H. & Prince, Jamie M. & Aspen and Lisa B. & Kieffer. The weather was beautiful, the company was perfect and it was so nice to take old Quarter point out there and ride like we did in the old days. I think I'll do a few more before the year is out. Next event for us is the Area IX Eventing Championships in Parker at The Colorado Horse Park. Several qualified students will be riding, Nicky with her 2 horses, Aidan, Rhiannon and Shannon. Come cheer for us !!!!!

Updated: October 2nd 2008, 11:22:07 PM EDT, by Carol

Our Second Trip to The American Eventing Championships in Illinois.

Our second trip out to St. Charles, Illinois with the horses....we had several students qualify but only Nicky and her 2 horses, Saigon and Mac made the trip this year. Aidan's horse Flag came down with some bug after Northern Horse Trials. Very uneventful drives there and back, the horses travelled like troopers. This year we stayed overnight there and back in Lincoln, Nebraska instead of driving straight through....We arrived in beautiful weather on Tuesday, with Wednesday to school. Thursday was dressage, the weather was beautiful and Sunny. Nicky's 2 tests weren't the best I've seen her ride, but the judge must have loved Mac as he earned a decent score of 33.0. Friday cross country, that was when the weather turned. rain, rain and more rain. Nicky rode 2 flawless XC rounds in the mud and the pouring rain....she was first out on Saigon around the course, earning 15 slow time penalties but no jump faults. The Ground Jury then stopped XC and re evaluated the course, continuing by taking out several jumps....she then rode the shortened course on Mac, coming in 2 seconds too fast....oops! Saturday was showjumping, and both horses jumped 2 of the cleanest rounds in the division. They didn't rub a fence...many of the horses that were placed ahead of us, really hit alot of the rails but with the rain and mud, those poles just weren't falling. Anyhow, to finish up Nicky & Mac were 8th in Junior Training and Saigon was 19th in the same division. We were thrilled. Looking forward to going again next year.

Updated: October 2nd 2008, 11:13:12 PM EDT, by Carol

Aspen Ridge Pair Pace

Talk about some light entertainment to calm our nerves before our adventure to the AEC's....Nicky and Sarah decided to take Storm and Cloud to the Aspen Ridge Pair Pace in Monument, Saturday 6th September. They were certainly the most mismatched pair, but definitely the cutest pair entered. Cloud was very brave over the fences, and he and Storm came away with a ribbon. Now we can get onto more serious business, as Monday we leave for St Charles, Illinois with Mac and Saigon.

Updated: September 11th 2008, 11:52:43 PM EDT, by Carol

Northern Colorado Horse Trials.

Labor Day weekend was taken up with a trip up to Greeley to compete at the Northern Colorado Horse Trials held at beautiful Tomora Stables. A fun weekend for the students....Nicky took The Highlander and finished 3rd on her 31.5 dressage score in Junior Training, Aidan & Flag finished in 5th in BN, and Rhianon and Toby finished in 9th. Shannon and Endeavor finished 2nd in Open Novice on their 31.5 dressage score as well. We were happy that Dana came to cheer the girls on on Saturday, so that was fun. The mosquitoes were terrible though, we all got eaten alive on the cross country course walk !!!!! Anyhow, our next event is the American Eventing Championships in Illinois. We are SO excited to make our 2nd trip to Chicago, and the horses all have their suitcases packed and are ready to go and kick some serious butt. We had an awesome AEC last year with Nicky finishing 11th & 13th in a HUGE novice division. This year we are going for Junior Training Championships. Keep an eye on us on the U.S Eventing web site, they will have live coverage of the whole week.

Updated: September 4th 2008, 10:45:08 PM EDT, by Carol

Penrose Horse Trials.

16th/17th August was the weekend date for this years Penrose Horse Trials held at Spring Gulch. Saturday was an incredibly soggy mess, with rain and lightning going on while riders were performing their dressage tests, it was quite the test of the Event Riders Toughness. Nicky & the Highlander completed their Training dressage Tests coming in 3rd with a 35.0 and 4th with Top Secret at 39.0....Laura and Belle in Sr. Training were in 7th with a 36.0, Aidan and Flag, Dana and Ari and Rhiannon with Toby all finished their BN dressage tests and were relieved to hear cross country was postponed to Sunday. Sunday was a totally different day weatherwise...sun and light breeze began drying out the footing. Double clears in both XC and showjumping finished Nicole with the Highlander in 1st Place and Top Secret in 3rd Place in Jr. Training, 5th place for Aidan and Flag in BNH and Dana in the same division in 6th. Rhiannon withdrew Toby due to a pulled muscle, and Belle and Laura parted company at the drop bank on XC, so were eliminated. So an up and down weekend for all the students. Next event for us is The Northern Colorado Horse trials in Greeley. And the trip to the AEC's is getting closer and closer....and the students are excited. Nicky will be showing both her horses in Junior Training at AEC's and Aidan is showing Flag at BNR.

Updated: August 19th 2008, 2:11:54 PM EDT, by Carol

Spring Gulch Benefit Two Phase.

Well, with all the big shows we've been attending lately, it was nice to have a nice low key schooling show to go and play at. Chelcie W. competed against big sister Nicky in the Elementary division, Chelcie came 3rd with Prince and Nicky came 6th with her new young horse Just Murphy...she gave him plenty of time to look at every jump, hence racking up time penalties that gave Chelcie the edge. Sarah R. and Storm came 2nd in Elementary, Aidan and Cassia came 1st in Green as Grass,Lisa B. and Strider were 5th in Green as Grass and Charlotte J. and Rocky were 7th in Green as Grass... and the Elementary pair Pace team of Aidan, Lisa and Aidan came 1st (woohoo). PonyPower did volunteer lunches and concessions, so it was a busy day all round. Next event for us is the Penrose Horse Trials at Spring Gulch...many students are it'll be a busy weekend.

Updated: August 14th 2008, 3:35:51 PM EDT, by Carol

North American Junior Young Riders Championships.

This was the opportunity of a lifetime. Vicki Feine the Area 9 Young Rider Coordinator set up an amazing opportunity for several Young Riders to mentor with some of the FEI officials at the Eventing Championships. Nicky was lucky enough to be paired with a wonderful FEI Judge from the United Kingdom, Sue Stewart. Nicky got to sit in with the judges and the vets at the Wednesday Jog out's and hear all the comments about every horse, Thursday and Friday she sat in the Dressage Box and listened to every dressage test ridden at the One and Two star levels....Saturday, she was at the vet box with Sue and learnt so much about the vet checks on XC. Sunday was the final day, watching the teams in the showjumping phase. It was an amazing opportunity, one she will never forget. She now knows what is in store for her in a year or two when she finally gets to the one and two star levels with her horses. I enjoyed volunteering at different positions over the four days....I learnt alot Too!!! Plus I enjoyed all the shopping. Anyhow, next event for us is a schooling 2 phase at Spring Gulch 9th August. We are taking the young horses and beginner riders, so it should be a day of fun !

Updated: August 14th 2008, 3:26:14 PM EDT, by Carol

Rocky Mountain Horse Trials, Longmont.

What a beautiful setting for the new Rocky Mountain Horse Trials. Beautiful rolling meadows and green tree's, great footing. A long wait list for this horse trial, many people were lucky to get in. Saturday's dressage and showjumping was full of up's and down's for many riders. Shannon D. decided to move back to Novice, with college and work, finding the time to ride is maybe right now isn't the time to move up to Training. She had a beautiful dressage and a steady stadium round....clean in cross country finished her in 2nd place. Aidan had a nice BN dressage, and was a little unorganized in showjumping, but she watched one terrible round from another Jr. BN rider, which we all watched in horror, and realized it was better than it felt as she was clean and at least under is very scarey to watch some of these Junior riders who are way over horsed !!!!!...Anyhow, a stop on cross country finished her in 6th place. Nicky had a nice Prelim dressage test, but those distances in the double oxers and combinations are a little long for a young horse right now, so she retired and is moving back to Training for the rest of the season. Our goals for prelim are for next year.....we'll get there. Mac has no problem with XC, only stadium we consider ourselves very lucky that we only have one thing to work on instead of a long list. Anyhow, we all had a wonderful time, the Saturday night competitors party was a blast...we took our camper up there and stayed the weekend on site....we were very cosy. Next Event for us is Nicky mentoring with FEI Judge Sue Stewart from U.K. at the NAJYRC in Parker. Colorado.

Updated: August 14th 2008, 3:17:58 PM EDT, by Carol

Aspen Ridge Horse Trials.

This is 2 horse trials in one....the first day Saturday is a one day, and 2nd day Sunday is another one day horse trial. So it's a great opportunity to show 2 horses at the same show with the same rider and not get worn out. Saturday Nicky showed Saigon in Training coming away with a 7th place after a couple of rails in stadium....Rhiannon came away 6th in BN after 1 rail in showjumping....Ari and Dana retired in XC in between fences....and Shannon had some XC problems with Endeavor and decided to smartly call it a day too....Sunday was awesome....Aidan and Flag won the BN division and Nicky and Mac took 3rd in the Training division. It was hot, but we managed to stay was a fun weekend with all the students who weren't competing volunteering as Jump there was a great cheering crowd on hand for our riders. Next event for us is The Rocky Mountain Horse Trials in Longmont.

Updated: July 29th 2008, 12:56:26 PM EDT, by Carol

Powder Basin Horse Trials, Gillette, Wyoming.

July 11th thru 13th was the weekend for the Powder Basin Horse Trials up in Gillette, Wyoming. The weather was not as hot as it was when we attended this trial last year. Nicole was up here with The Highlander trying her first Preliminary event. We rode up with Kathy C. and her beautiful horse Penticton, and Shannon D. and High Endeavor also made the trip with us to compete at Training. Dressage was awesome for all 3 riders....Nicky scored a 39 which put her in 6th place in a large division of 12 riders, Shannon scored a 30 to be in 3rd and Kathy had a 39...both in Training. Cross Country on Saturday was awesome. Nicole and The Highlander burnt around the prelim course to come in clean and clear and with no time penalites....this moved her up into 2nd place. Shannon and Endeavor had a beautiful clean round but incurred some time penalites, Kathy and Penti came in double clean as well. Sundays showjumping brought the dramatic change of events. Nicole and The Highlander started their showjumping round beautifully. Handling the larger fences with ease, Mac was going great until Nicky turned just a little tight into a huge oxer and Mac just couldn't pull it off and refused. Nicky lost her balance and tumbled over his shoulder landing on her feet, but chose to retire. For the first prelim she didn't want to push her talented little horse, he had given all the jumps everything he had....there are plenty more events for him to school at. Shannon and Endeavor had the same problem at a Liverpool in Training....but Kathy and Penti rode a clean and clear round to finish in 6th place. So, the students and I have a new training plan for this week to get us ready for our next event, Aspen Ridge Horse Trials....all the students are competing there. See you then !

Updated: July 18th 2008, 9:46:30 AM EDT, by Carol

Annual PonyPower Camp.

Oh my gosh, what a FANTASTIC weekend we had a our Annual PonyPower Camp. It feels like we have been doing these camps forever, I think this is our 10th year....We had a wonderful turn out of 15 riders divided between myself and Justinn as the instructors. Saturday was our dressage and showjumping day, with an interesting and challenging showjumping course designed by Nicky. The Saturday night BBQ and smores Fest was a blast, thats always my favorite part. Tents were pitched, and many of the students camped out under the stars. Sunday was wonderfully cool and overcast. Perfect for Cross country. The course walk was done in a pick up truck (2800 metres and 36 fences, yeah I think we'll drive)...we all had a wonderful cross country session with many of the students riding the course a second time as a pair pace with a partner or two. I want to give a big thank you to Duncan who came out to give Tai Chi warm ups to the students twice a day, those exercises were wonderful for our muscles. And a big thank you also goes to Aidan for working so hard the whole weekend to keep everything neat and spotless for me. Awards were given on Sunday before our goodbyes. Most improved dressage was Megan R. with Tarot, most improved showjumping was Lisa B. with Strider and most improved cross country was Devan P. with Hayden. Thanks to everyone who participated and also the volunteers who helped out. Next event for us is Powder basin Horse trials in Gillette, Wyoming were Mac and Nicky will try their first prelim.

Updated: July 9th 2008, 12:07:01 AM EDT, by Carol

Abbe Ranch Horse Trials.

Along 4 days (24th to 27th June)at Abbe Ranch is an annual tradition for us here at WindyRidge and for the PonyPower Group as well. This is one of their biggest fundraisers with a fully stocked concession stand feeding all the competitors, officials and volunteers for the duration of the show. We really appreciate the efforts of all the volunteers that help us out. We do have alot of fun, it is a great way to socialize with everyone. Anyhow, we had to withdraw a couple of horses, Marko Lantis was withdrawn with Krystie B. as she had a commitment in Chicago...Top Secret pulled a shoe and was footsore the day before the event, so Nicky competed Open Training with The Highlander, Laura K. competed Novice with Belle, Aidan C. competed BN with Flag and Dana S. competed BN with Ari. I was so pleased with everyone....Nicky finished 7th in OT on her dressage score. A fantastically strong XC round and a very precise stadium round makes her more than ready to try Preliminary at Powder Basin in 2 weeks. Laura was in a strong top 3 postion going into stadium with Belle when an unfortunate run out in stadium cost her dearly finishing her in 9th place. Big congrats to Aidan C. finishing in 4th place in BN, AND getting her 2nd qualifying ride for the AEC's, so she'll be joining Nicky and her 2 horses in Chicago this September. Dana and Ari had a refusal resulting in a fall for Dana in we're going to be working harder on that lower leg before their next trial. Well, next event for us is our big PonyPower Eventing Camp 5th/6th July. We have a full camp, and it is going to be fun fun fun with 2 instructors and 2 days of learning and riding. We also have a barn BBQ on Friday July 4th, so come join us.

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Aspen Ridge Schooling 2 Phase.

Now this was a fun day.....the young horses and the upcoming students got a chance to compete here. Laura showed Belle as a warm up for Novice at Abbe H.T next week and won Novice on a dressage score of 28.0. Chelcie showed her beloved little horse Prince in Elementary and took 7th out of 21...way to go Chelcie. Aidan C. brought her 4 yr old mare Cassia and completed the Elementary 2 phase along with Christy D. and her thoroughbred Russia. Aidan also took Flag, her gelding she is already showing, and tried Novice. They did awesome finishing with a 6th place. I was so proud of all the girls.....they got a big cheer back at the barn when we pulled in, everyone was excited to hear how well they did. Now we are set for Abbe Ranch Horse Trials next weekend.

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Round Top Horse Trials, Castle Rock.

Phew, another nice close Horse Trial...14th June was the date set for the One day Event of Round Top. Nicky had both her horses at this event in Training, along with Shannon D. riding her first Training level event with Endeavor. Aidan C. (Flag), Rhiannon J (Toby) and Dana C. (Ari) were all entered in Beginner Novice. Dressage was good for all the horses, Toby actually looked like he was settling down and rode a decent test. Cross Country was the test....poor Ari took a bad step into a coop jump causing Dana to lose balance and take a fall (the jump suffered injuries), both Mac and Saigon rode clear rounds for Nicky....Rhiannon and Aiden effectively completed their rounds. Showjumping was awesome, with Mac going clear, Sai took the third part of the triple comb. to get 4 penalties, which had Nicky finishing in 6th and 8th with Mac and Sai (in that order)...Shannon took the same rail in showjumping with Endeavor to finish in 14th. In BN, Aiden took the 8th place with a clear showjumping round and Rhiannon doing the same to finish 10th. I was so proud of everyone, they ride so well....and support each other wonderfully. Next event for us is the Aspen Ridge Combined Test...all the new riders and the baby horses are going to this one, so this should be FUN.

Updated: June 18th 2008, 10:05:41 AM EDT, by Carol

MoonRock Horse Trials, Worland, Wyoming.

You know, this is one of our favorite horse's a long drive but well worth it. 7th/8th June was the date for this simple, but very effective show set in the amazing setting of Moonrock State Park. It looks like you are on the surface of the moon. We all hauled up with Kathy Cummings and her beautiful horse Penti....Nicky took only Mac and Rhiannon took Toby. Dressage was a little tense for all the horses due to a large black tarp covering equipment just a few feet from the arena (aarrgghhh) Nickys division, showjumping was incredibly twisty with riders taking many rails, luckily Mac had a flawless Training round, but Kathy had an unfortunate run out, .... Rhiannon took another unlucky fall in showjumping and was eliminated. Cross Country was fantastic, the horses were unsure about the unusual footing, but pulled off clean and clear rounds for Kathy and Nicky....with Mac taking 5th in Open training and Kathy taking 10th. In between all the showing we managed to visit the Thermopolis Hot Springs again on Saturday night (ah, that was relaxing)...and I was thrilled to beable to purchase some original Terri Stardust Thurman all in all, a GREAT weekend. next event for us is Round Top Horse trials next weekend.

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Colorado Horse park Horse Trials.

Well, no sooner did we get back from Kansas, and we were unloading and reloading for the next horse trials at the Colorado Horse park. Luckily, that is only a 20 minute drive for us, so with the gas prices right now.....Phew ! This was quite the event, it is one of the largest horse trials in Colorado. Several WindyRidge students competed. Dressage judging was tough, you had to be on the ball.....Nicky took both horses to this event, finishing in 6th Place with The Highlander (Mac) on her dressage score, and 12th with Top Secret (Saigon), who gave her a very dirty run out on cross country.....but, it was his first event this year so I guess he had to test the waters. Shannon took 9th in Novice, Aidan with Flag and Krystie with Marko just missed the ribbons with unlucky stadium rails in BN and Rhiannon took an unexpected fall off Toby in BN stadium which eliminated her unfortunately. Anyhow, on to our next event.....MoonRock Horse Trials in Worland, Wyoming.

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Briar Fox Horse Trials, Kansas.

Well, Briar Fox Horse Trials were full of Good News/Bad News moments for us. Good News is, the students rode beautifully, the horses were awesome....Bad News was, major hail wiped out the possibility for cross country rides on Sunday so the Event was cancelled and turned into a 2 Phase. Finishing places for "Team Fat Rabbits" (it's a looooong story)....were Nicky and Mac 6th in Training, Aiden and Flag 2nd in BN with Dana and Ari in 3rd, Shannon and Endeavor were 6th in Novice and Rhiannon and Toby had a Technical Elimination in showjumping. Team Fat Rabbits took 2nd Place in the Team division. But on the up side, we all had a really fun event together....alot of laughs, except Saturday morning poor Chelcie and Dana weren't laughing with their soaked tents. But, they had luxury accomodations Saturday night, so that made it all better. We did get to see a long line of official 'tornado chasers' on the way home, that was quite the experience.....anyhow, we are certainly making the trip again next year. Next event for us is the Colorado Horse park Trials.

Updated: June 3rd 2008, 9:18:06 AM EDT, by Carol

Spring Gulch Horse Trials.

Wow, what a great weekend WindyRidge students had at the first recognized event of the season...Spring Gulch Horse Trials. Nicole J-T and The Highlander finished on their dressage score of 38.0 in Open Training to take 2nd place, Shannon D. with High Endeavor also finished 2nd on their 36.0 dressage score in Open Novice. Laura K. and Highway finished 5th in Beginner Novice with Dana S. & Ari in 6th, Aidan C. & Flag in 8th and Rhiannon J. & Toby in 11th in BN as well. We had so much fun, as well as partying back at the barn as everyone stayed the weekend with us, and having a great lasagne meal cooked by Dana. We have a really fun crowd here, and very dedicated to their horses and the sport. The camaraderie between the riders is wonderful, I am so proud of them all. Next event for us is Briar Fox in Kansas......can't wait !!

Updated: May 22nd 2008, 9:36:04 AM EDT, by Carol

Abbe Ranch Clinic.

Four beautiful days, with a little rain and thunder.....out in Larkspur at glorious Abbe Ranch. the scenery there is breathtaking. Several WindyRidge students enjoyed instruction at the annual Abbe Eventing clinic. This being the only opportunity to school their amazing cross country course. Nicky J-T took Saigon for Thursday/Friday riding with Laura Backus, and had immense instruction on galloping and setting up for downhill drops. Krystie B. with Marko and Rhiannon J. with Toby rode with Tom Ordway and learnt about balancing and lateral movements as well as pacing. Saturday/Sunday riders....Nicole was back with The Highlander riding with Francis O'Reilly who described him as "Better than Good....take this little guy Prelim, he's awesome !!!!!" Well, that made Nicky feel good. But I think we'll wait a bit.....Sarah R. rode Storm with Tom, and Lauren C. rode Highway with Lindy Weatherford. Krystie took most improved rider award and Storm and Toby both received most improved horse we were doing great. I love being at Abbe, it is so relaxing. We took our new 34ft Camper, and the girls were very cosy. It was a home away from home. Next event for us is Spring Gulch Horse Trials. Saigon strained his fetlock at Abbe, so he may be out for the next 2 weeks.

Updated: May 14th 2008, 4:34:42 PM EDT, by Carol

Colorado Horse Park Derby and Amy Barrington Clinic.

Well another big weekend for WindyRidge students. Saturday 3rd May was the Colorado Horse Park's unique Jumping Derby. A 2 phase consisting of dressage and then a combination of showjumping and cross country jumping. Sarah R. and Storm won a big elementary division, with Aidan C. and Flag taking 2nd in BN, Rhiannon J. and Toby completing the BN event, Laura K. and Highway taking 7th in Novice and Nicole J-T and The Highlander taking 2nd in Preliminary. Congrats to all of you. Sunday 4th, Nicky had a great opportunity to ride with Amy Barrington. She had a great time and learnt so much about drops into water, and jumping wide corner fences. Really getting ourselves ready for moving up to Prelim this year. Next event for us is a whole herd of us going to the 4 day Abbe Ranch clinic in Larkspur this weekend.

Updated: May 5th 2008, 10:16:35 PM EDT, by Carol

Craig Hamilton Horsemanship Clinic

Craig Hamilton is a truly gifted horseman. He is so in tune with the horses mind, that there's not much that gets past him. WindyRidge was honored to have him back here for a second clinic on April 26th/27th. We all (yet again) were in awe, and learnt SO much about ourselves and our relationship with our horses. It's NOT all about training in the saddle.....riding round and round with your trainer barking instructions...Craig has taught everyone here at WindyRidge about their relationship with their own horses.....maybe thats why they are so successful for us, because they want to do their best because they are secure. I do have to admit, every student here is progressing in their physical riding, but also in their intense mental understanding of how their horses think. It makes for happy relationships AND a very happy barn with a relaxed atmosphere. Thank you Craig ! Look for more upcoming clinics with Craig and check out his web site at The wind that weekend was made me realize how solid our barn is. When all the doors are closed it's nice and toasty and QUIET in there for us and our Equine partners. Next event for us is the Colorado Horse Park Derby and the Amy Barrington Clinic.

Updated: May 1st 2008, 1:10:56 PM EDT, by Carol

Clinics and Spring Gulch 2 Phase.

Busy couple of weekends....12th/13th April Nicky took a couple of horses to the Jan Byyny clinic. Sunday was the fun day as she got to school some of the Training Jumps at The Colorado Horse park. I love our enthusiastic students that come with us to watch Nicky ride and support her, we all learn alot by auditing. Last weekend 19th April a huge herd of WindyRidge horses entered the Pine Ridge Pony Club Event at Spring Gulch. Ribbons all around for everyone.... Laura R. riding my beloved horse Highway (Celtic Pride). She won Sr BN, with Dana S. in 2nd with Ari, Krystie in 4th with Marko, Aidan in 6th with Jr BN Rhiannon J. was 4th with Toby, Elementary Sarah R. was 6th with Storm, Green as Grass Chelcie W. taking 2nd with Prince in her first 2 Phase ever, Shannon D. was 2nd after dressage and 2 unlucky refusals dropped her to 7th...and Charlotte J. with Rocky took 2nd in Dressage only BN "B". Well, with that many students, you can imagine the party going on back at the circle of trailers. Next event for us is the Craig Hamilton clinic here at WindyRidge 26th/27th April.....see you there !!!

Updated: April 22nd 2008, 10:02:24 AM EDT, by Carol

PonyPower Pair Pace.

What a fun time we had Saturday 5th April. We put on a Spring Pair Pace, and had a huge turn out to enjoy our 2300m course with 36 challenging obstacles including water. We had many compliments on the new numbers (made for us by Robbie)......and the beautiful path through the trees to Jump 24....many thanks to all the volunteers, Sally who did Jump Safety on the course, the countless Jump Judges, JoEllen running the office, Justinn and Dave our starters and timers (and scorers) and Nancy and her beautiful Rock Horse Tack Collection, many of the competitors found some great deals. Thanks also for the prize donation and also thanks to Kiowa Feed for their generous donations. We hope to hold another Pair Pace this Fall.....don't forget about our frequent cross country schoolings.....and the WindyRidge course is open for schooling at $25.00 per horse.

Updated: April 9th 2008, 4:53:43 PM EDT, by Carol

Plenty of Schooling !!

Well, we've had some beautiful weather days lately so we have taken advantage of it by heading up to Spring Gulch for some really fun cross country schooling days lately. We've had at least 10 riders in each session, so everyone is getting well prepared for the upcoming Eventing season. We also had a chance to take several riders to a little Pony Club Fundraiser schooling show in Parker recently, it was interesting to see some of our new riders handle a showjumping course. The footing was a little too deep, but it was all an experience for us. Well, we've got a very fun schedule coming up over the next few stay tuned !!!!!

Updated: April 4th 2008, 9:51:34 PM EDT, by Carol

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

This years 2008 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo was the best ever for us here at WindyRidge. We had a wonderful booth displaying all our proud ribbons and trophies, and of course our fantastic photographs of WindyRidge students competing. On Friday Nicky, Taylor, Shannon, Rhiannon, Sarah, Krystie and Laura all put on an amazing "Jump" demonstration to Van Halen's music JUMP. The girls all rode beautifully and I was so proud of them. Nicky and Mac finished both of Fridays performances with the popular 'High Jump'...that always brings a cheer from the crowd. Then on Saturday, Nicky, Shannon and Taylor rode their famous Wraith Ride. This year Nicky and Taylor had trained their horses to rear on command, so after a dramatic and fast performance the girls finished with a simultaneous rear from both horses side by side, the audience LOVED that move. Sunday was our classical "Breeds in Motion" to the music of Yanni. Nicky & Taylor led the ride with Shannon & Krystie, Rhiannon & Sarah and coming up the rear Lisa and Alison on their Tennessee Walking Horses. We had a good laugh because the rodeo (from the night before) had hung banners all over the arena that were not there Friday & the horses were all side passing and spooking at the corners, but the girls all held the ride together beautifully. We took the horses to meet the camel outside afterwards as a punishment (hehe). What a fantastic weekend we had....each evening we all got together and sat in the hot tub at the hotel and discussed the days events....and the girls let off steam with their Pool Games (you don't want to know what those are !!!!) We made some wonderful new friends and met some amazing horses. By the way, congrats to Krystie and Eric Bush on the purchase of Coal at the RMHE....he's quite the horse. I want to thank my fantastic students for all their hard work which made the RMHE this year so special.....I am so proud of you all.

Updated: March 22nd 2008, 11:18:39 PM EDT, by Carol

MSEA-USEA Annual Year End Awards Banquet.

What a fantastic evening we had. A good group of us travelled up to Boulder Saturday 23rd Feb. to the annual MSEA-USEA Year end Awards banquet. It was held at the spiffy Millenium Hotel. The food was fantastic, the company was awesome and Nicky J-T came away with high honors, in the form of 2007 USEA Young Rider of the Year, 2007 MSEA Junior Rider of the Year, 2007 USEA Junior Rider of the Year and The Highlander came away with 2007 Reserve Champion Horse at 2 levels for Novice/Training. We all stayed overnight in Boulder at the Millenium and the gang got to swim and hot tub, and enjoy a very yummy breakfast the next morning before heading home. It was like being at the spa for a few hours. Next events for us are a Jan Byyny clinc and then the long awaited Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 14th thru 16th March.

Updated: March 1st 2008, 12:01:58 AM EST, by Proud mom & Trainer

Latest Happenings !!!!

Well, this cold weather hasn't slowed us down from having fun here at WindyRidge....our riders are all hard at work practicing for our exhibition rides at this years Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. It is going to be a blast this year, we have a great troup of new riders joining our already seasoned ones ! Nacho the baby donkey is growing and growing...we are excited to be at the MSEA-USEA Awards Banquet this coming Saturday in Boulder 23rd February, where Nicky and Shannon are to be highly honored.....we had a ton of fun at the Pendragon schooling show last weekend.....Nicky, Laura R. Krystie B. Mallory W and Emilie R. all came away with armfuls of ribbons and was a great schooling day.....hmm what else, oh yes...planning for this years very exciting 2008 Eventing season. We can't wait, we intend on competing at every Area 9 event as well as hitting many out of state trials again....we have awesome horses, we have awesome riders, we have an awesome rig (horses can travel in comfort again....but most of all, we have the enthusiasm and camaraderie that makes this sport so much fun.

Updated: February 15th 2008, 1:44:35 PM EST, by Carol

CCC Awards Banquet and "Nacho's" Arrival.

Well, we just had an exciting weekend here at WindyRidge. It began with an early wake up call Saturday morning, with the arrival of Nacho, our new baby donkey, yes Claire finally had her baby. He is SO adorable and we will post some pictures in the Gallery of the little fella. Then, Saturday evening 12th January we had our local Central Colorado Chapter Awards Banquet. Shannon D. came away with Reserve Champion Senior Novice Rider and her horse High Endeavor received third place Novice Horse. Nicole J-T received Reserve Champion Junior Training Rider, Reserve Champion Junior Novice Rider and The Highlander received Third Place Training Horse, Fourth place Novice Horse and Nicole received Fourth place Junior Novice with Top Secret. Not bad for showing half the season Novice and half the season Training with The Highlander. The BIG awards banquet, the USEA-MSEA banquet will be the third weekend in February. We are very excited for that one as Nicole J-T will receive top honors for Junior and Young Rider USEA and MSEA awards.

Updated: January 16th 2008, 12:01:48 AM EST, by Carol

Christmas Pair Pace and Party at WindyRidge.

What a perfect day we had, weatherwise it couldn't have been any better, We still had some snow on our cross country course, so a few of the riders went out there and schooled, while the rest of the group competed at "Gamblers Choice" in the indoor arena. We had so many laughs, as it got VERY competitive. Many thanks to Brian Hopkins for giving us all the belly laugh of the day when he decided to try his hand riding Holly the pony over our course....that didn't last long. Congrats to all the participants, you were all winners. Welcome to our new additions as well....Chollo and Claire our new miniature donkeys. Claire is going to be foaling in the next couple of months so that is going to be an adorable baby. They are destined to be part of our Therapy program. Well, Happy Christmas everyone and a wonderful and prosperous 2008 to all of you. We are very excited for the coming year here at WindyRidge, as we have many up and coming young horses and new riders who will be eventing with us next year. Next event for us will be the CCC Annual Awards banquet on 12th January. We have quite a group attending from here to cheer on our WindyRidge students who are receiving Year end awards. Details in our next the results right now are secret. The USEA-MSEA awards have been announced and are on line to view at

Updated: January 5th 2008, 9:52:58 PM EST, by Carol

Jan Byyny Clinic

Weekend of 15th/16th December was the date for the Jan Byyny Young Rider clinic held at beautiful Stellar Stables in Parker. Nicole J-T attended the clinic and learnt alot about 'opening her reins'....something we all need to learn. Alot of fun was had by all who attended and we look forward to the next one. Thanks so much to Mitch (who drove because I was freaked out by the icy roads) and to Jamie who came to audit and was a wonderful help handwalking Nicoles horse and helping out. Next event for us is our Christmas Pair Pace, 23rd December.

Updated: December 17th 2007, 9:48:21 AM EST, by Carol

USEA Convention & Parker Christmas Parade.

The USEA Convention came to Colorado Springs this Year, and there were many members from WindyRidge in attendance. WindyRidge was also one of the sponsors for the Area 9 Silent Auction which raised funds for our Area. We attended many seminars, and we all learnt alot. The Friday night Reception was a blast for all of was good to see our area eventing friends before we take a couple of months off. Saturday 8th December, we all braved the cold and the snow to ride in the Parker Christmas Parade. Despite the cold, we really did have alot of fun together. We had to miss the USEA Awards dinner Saturday night, because of icy roads......but our own Shannon D. took a Champion Award for 2007 USEA Leading Novice Young Adult Rider (Way to go Shannon). We are so proud of you. Next event for us is the Jan Byyny clinic 15th/16th December. Nicole J-T will take one of her many horses.......hmm, which one will she take, stay tuned !!!!!!!!!!

Updated: December 11th 2007, 8:52:46 PM EST, by Carol

Our California Trip.

Well, no sooner had we arrived back from our trip to New Mexico and we were heading down through New Mexico again, except this time to head to California to pick up Justinn's Friesian Filly, Uma. We welcome them to our large family here at WindyRidge. We are still working on our boarders page, so everyone can share their experiences with their beloved horses. We have a large family here at WindyRidge....last count was 30 boarders (WOW)! We are wondering if we should plan another pair pace right before Christmas. We had so much interest in the last one and many emails about holding another one....the only free weekend is Saturday 22nd December. please give us your input if you think ths is a good date. Well, next event for us is the USEA Convention 6th, 7th, 9th and the Parker Christmas Parade 8th December. Come cheer us on !!!!!!

Updated: November 28th 2007, 10:08:30 PM EST, by Carol & Justinn.

Las Cruces Horse Trials, New Mexico.

Well, our last Horse trial of the season (Phew), and what a FANTASTIC year it has been. We made the last long trip of the year to Las Cruces, New Mexico to compete at their horse trials. The scenery down there is beautiful, very different from up here in Colorado. Nicole J-T took both her horses (Top Secret & The Highlander) in the Training division...finishing 4th with Top Secret and 3rd with The Highlander. Taylor P. took her new mare Ali (2nd horse trial ever) to finish in 5th at BN, and Aidan C. and Flag really got it together and brought away a 4th place in BN. Due to lameness, Rhiannon J. had to withdraw her horse prior to the event.....too bad. Thanks also to Justinn for helping out with all the grooming again. Next FUN event for us is attending portions of the USEA Convention & we are participating as PonyPower in the Parker Christmas Parade on 8th December. Also....Shannon D. is going to be honored at the Saturday night dinner for her USEA Senior Amateur Rider of the Year.....we are soooooooo proud. We have some fantastic riders here at WindyRidge...Nicole J-T is also USEA Area 9 Junior Rider of the Year AND USEA Young Rider of the Year, as well as MSEA Junior Rider of the Year for the 2007 season. More details will follow about further awards for WindyRidge riders.

Updated: November 23rd 2007, 9:19:25 AM EST, by Proud Trainer.

WindyRidge Pair Pace.

What a PERFECT day. We were concerned by the weather reports, but it turned out to be picture perfect temperatures with no wind. Our first Pair Pace was VERY well attended with 48 rides heading out over our challenging cross country course. A LONG course of 2300 meters and over 29 obstacles only brought one Elimination out of 16 entered teams. The entire course was open to all divisions with only time being the deciding factor for each division placing. Everyone had so much fun, and there were smiles on every rider crossing the finish line. Right after the last rider went, placings and awards were given out in the indoor arena and then a fantastic display of Medieval games on horseback by a local Medieval group of horseman. Many riders brought out their horses and joined in the fun. After the games, everyone hung around for a BBQ and to chat about the fun day we just had. Stephanie Skutt brought her mobile tack store, Tack n' Stuff all the way down from Wyoming, we all had fun shopping and seeing the unique and fun items she brought down. I want to thank the MANY volunteers who worked so hard to help make this event a huge success. We hope to hold many more. Next event for us is Las Crucas Horse Trials in New Mexico.

Updated: November 13th 2007, 11:18:49 PM EST, by Carol

Craig Hamilton Clinic.

We were very honored to have a clinic with Craig Hamilton here at WindyRidge 25th thru 28th October. We were continuously in awe at his amazing communication with horses, and the amount of loop holes he filled and answered for us was amazing. Not all your communication and training is done in the saddle....we can school our horses to death sometimes, and never really get into their heads. Over and over we hear our trainers "Inside leg, outside rein, half halt, etc. etc.".....but how often do we ask "What is your horse trying to tell you??" And are we really listening to our horses. Well, I have always been a huge GaWaNi PonyBoy fan, having worked with him for many years, but what I learnt from Craig took me to another level. My old TB gelding Star, always had a bit of a spook in him when he was tied up. Craig taught him in 1 or 2 sessions to step forward to his fear and not pull back away from it. It was such a simple technique he used, and so effective. Now Star doesn't have the desire to pull back any more. Amazing, I fought with that for 25 years and Craig teaches me to teach the horse in 10 minutes. There were many other miracles he performed, all helping us to have better and happier relationships with our horses here at WindyRidge.....we never quit learning and horses are our greatest teachers. Well, next event for us is our pair Pace here on November 11th (Sunday).

Updated: October 29th 2007, 9:50:51 PM EST, by Carol

Halloween for Horses Wraith Ride.

In addition to the costume contest with PonyPower....Nicky, Shannon & Taylor were asked to perform their famous Wraith Ride for the crowd to open up this years Halloween for Horses at the Horse Park in Parker. The girls haven't done this ride since the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo last March. They were perfect....the ride went fantastic and the music was very dramatic. They finished their ride with Marko and Saigon doing their wonderful 'rears' on cue, the crowd loved that.

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Halloween with Horses.

What a fantastic time we all had at Halloween for Horses at The Horse Park in Parker, many of us came together and made a huge club entry. There were some pretty amazing entries in the class, and PonyPower went this year as a Masked Costume Party. We had 10 horses, 9 riders and 7 on foot. Riders were The Pirates, Nicky & Taylor with Marko & Saigon...Mermaid was Rhiannon & KeepHer....Ghost/Devil was Chris & Hayden with Wendy as a walker...Bailey was a rag doll & her horse Tulu.....Chelcie & her horse Prince were Harlequin clowns, Edward & Endeavor were the Black Knight with Shannon as walker, Charlotte and her mare Tarot were The Cat in the Hat, Mallory and her mare Tags were Tony the Tiger and Frosted Flakes, I (Carol) was Lady Guinevere and Pearl the pony was my lady in waiting....Katherine D. and Bob O. were amazing in their Dracula and Bride of Dracula costumes.....Scott P. made a great foot wraith rider and Erica and Tracy were a fantastic pair as a waiter & waitress handing cookies to the kids in the crowd. We had an honorable mention, which gave us time to go and enjoy the Halloween festivities as a group, and we had so much the past we have always won so we have had to stay for the Championship class at 3pm and don't always get to wander as we need to stay dressed and with the horses. We met several people there who commented "You guys, are in a Halloween contest with horses you took to AEC's....thats fantastic"....yup, we at PonyPower REALLY know how to have fun with our horses. Anyhow, Sunday was a wonderful snow day, so we had to postpone our Pair Pace to Saturday 27th (which is looking GREAT weatherwise)...the Craig Hamilton clinic will be going on in the indoor arena at the same time, but as we will be hosting the pace in the cross country field it shouldn't interfere. Boy, WindyRidge is going to be packed this coming weekend....and we are having a Pot Luck party after the come join us !!!!!

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Round Top Pair Pace.

What a blast we had !!!!!!!!!!!! Several riders from WindyRidge attended the Round Top Pair Pcae, Sat. 13th October. It was a beautiful day, and I rode out on The Highlander with Chelcie W, on Prince, Michael and Eryn S. on Mattie & Peppy rode with us too in the B division. The horses were awesome and we ended up 8th, going a little slow. Taylor P. with Ali and Nicole J-T on Beckham took 7th in the faster 'A' division. We finished the pace just in time as later in the day the weather turned ugly, with hail & rain. Anyhow, next fun event for us is a PonyPower group entry in Halloween with Horses at The Horse Park. Also Nicole, Taylor & Shannon will be performing their famous Wraith Ride at 11am for the crowds and then we'll be in the costume class at 1pm. See you there....then the next day 21st October is our fun pair pace and Halloween party here at WindyRidge.

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The Colorado Horse Park Horse Trials.

I tell you, I am so proud of these students of mine. They are so hardworking, and the friendship and support they give each other both at the shows and at the barn, makes all of this hard work worthwhile. A tough show at The Horse Park....Nicole J-T and The Highlander had one of the very FEW clear rounds in Cross Country, I was proud of them both....with a 30.4 in dressage and 2 unlucky rails in showjumping they still managed a 2nd place at Jr. Training. Top Secret was almost pulled at the last minute, shin splints were bothering him, but we decided to bring him and he did us proud, Nicole and Top Secret finished 5th after decent dressage, clean XC & 1 unlucky rail in showjumping. Krystie B. & Marko Lantis had an unlucky elimination in XC for missing a jump, but, hey....Krystie is still new to this. Shannon D. Had an awesome dressage & XC, but another unlucky rail cost her dearly from 4th to 9th place in Sr. Novice. Taylor P. had the best day with her new TB mare Ali Gator going for the first horse trial ever, and finishing on her dressage score with a 5th place, YAHOO. We are all having a break with pair paces & schooling shows, but we are planning on doing Las Crucas Horse Trials in New Mexico mid November. However, next fun event for us is the Round Top Horse Trials, Castle Rock.

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Arapahoe Pair Pace.

Oh what a BLAST we had....Saturday 29th September was the date set for the popular Arapahoe pair Pace at beautiful Plum Creek Hollow in Larkspur. The setting is so picturesque. We formed 3 teams.....myself and The Highlander partnered Tracy C. and Tuffy, Jamie M. & Aspen and Chelcie W. & Prince....The Spencers (Eryn/Peppy & Michael/Mattie) rode with Tracy H. and Missomalleytoyou. Nicky rode Beckham and partnered Taylor P. & Ali and Shannon D. with High Endeavor. Thanks to Justinn, we got Tuffy over the first water jump....and spent alot of time at each water crossing which finished our team in 43rd, the Spencers team in 41st and Nicole's team in 19th. We all had so much fun, and enjoyed being out on a beautiful Fall day enjoying our horses and our friends. Next event for us is The Colorado Horse park Horse Trials. Showing their horses are Nicky, Taylor, Shannon and Krystie.

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American Eventing Championships, St. Charles, Illinois.

Well, I have tried to condense an amazing week of highlights at the AEC's in Ill. into a few paragraphs, as my computer has rejected the books I kept trying to load up on the 'news page'. The decision between Nationals or Area Champs was an easy one....WE'RE GOING TO NATIONALS. In a nutshell, the horses did amazing on their looooong trailer ride, and everyone got there safe and sound. Our goal for the week was to make top 25....we did better than that. Nicole J-T rode Top Secret to 11th place in Jr/Yr Novice finishing on her dressage score of 31.6 and making the ribbons.... and 15th with The Highlander with a score of 32.6 and Shannon D. and High Endeavor finished in 38th with a 46 in Novice Horse. Watching Nicole make the Victory Gallop at Nationals cheered on by other competitors who have represented their country was quite the high. It was like a dream come true. It was an amazing week, never to be forgotten....I will be posting photo's of our fantastic week at Nationals on the Gallery within the next few weeks. The horses arrived back safely, no lumps, bumps or stress....Nicky & Shannon flew there and back, so they had the easy trip. I was so proud of the girls and their horses, it was like watching them compete at Rolex. They handled the pressure of the large show amazingly. Anyhow, the whole week was a whirlwind of one fun day after another.....and then there was the SHOPPING!!!! Well, back to earth now, but we'll be going back next year for sure.

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Windy Wyoming Horse Trials.

Windy Wyoming Horse trials held in Laramie, Wy. 25th August sure was WINDY ! But the performances from Nicole J-T with The Highlander in Training, Shannon D. with High Endeavor in Novice and Aidan C. with Flag in BN were far from being Windy. It felt like Penrose results revisited (from last weekend)....Nicole taking 2nd place again in Training after another unlucky rail costing her first place again, but her dressage score of 34 and her flawless XC round were fantastic......and Shannon D. taking 2nd place with her dressage score of 29.5, perfect XC and clean stadium. Aidan C. taking her newbie, Flag out on his first horse trials had alot of learning experiences that will get them ready for The Horse Park Trials in October. Well, our next event is HUGE. Nicole and Shannon are heading out to the American Eventing Championships in Illinois....Nicole taking both her qualified horses The Highlander (qualified at both Training & Novice but with the long trip and Mac only being a 5 yr old we decided to enter Novice)...Top Secret qualified at Novice and Shannon's Endeavor qualified at Novice. What a time we're in for, and seeing the BIG BOYS show as well in the Advanced's going to be quite the adventure. So our next newsletter will be FULL of news.

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Boarders Page Coming Soon !!!!!

Hey, WindyRidge has so many cool boarders and students, and they would all like to start up their own introduce themselves and their horses, give updates about what they are doing with their horses, post their own pictures and let everyone know how fun it is here at WindyRidge. Wendy Hopkins will be the "Page Leader" so keep you eye out for this page coming soon to the web site, with contact information to Wendy.

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Penrose Horse Trials.

Wow, what a weekend we had at Penrose Horse Trials in Colorado Springs, 18th & 19th August. After hauling horses (white knuckled) through major road works, I was so relieved to arrive at the show grounds to be met by a huge strike of lightning near the barns which sent the poor horses into a frenzy for a minute. Unloading them quickly and getting them in to their stalls, we were hoping that this run of stressful events was not going to be the pattern for the weekend. But luck was certainly on our side as we had a very successful weekend, with Nicole J-T. placing First with Top Secret at Junior Novice and receiving the High Point Novice Score trophy for the best finishing score in both Jr. & Sr. Divisions with a 31.0. The Highlander competing in his second event at Training level finished in 2nd place, just missing 1st place by tipping an unlucky rail at the last fence in stadium. He had a wonderful dressage score of 34 though, and made perfect time on Cross Country. Shannon D. did us all proud with High Endeavour coming in 2nd in Sr. Novice. Perfect XC and stadium rounds helped her clinch this position. First timers Rhiannon J. with her horse KeepHer and Krystie B. with Marko completed their first trials at BN by coming in 11th for Rhiannon and 14th for Krystie. They both rode beautiful performances and no one could believe it was their first time. We all pampered ourselves by staying at the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel (thanks for that Krystie)....their hot tub is to die for. Thanks also to Justinn who groomed for everyone, and kept all theses horses and riders spic and span and on time for their classes. It is the combined effort of wonderful students, supportive parents, a great groom, and uh hum.....a good trainer......that keeps all these shows together and successful. We are all having so much fun together, and I love the intense friendship between all these students and their support of each other, both at the shows and in the barn. You guys are great and make my job so easy. Next event for us is the Windy Wyoming Horse Trials in Laramie, Wyoming next weekend.

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Round Top Schooling.

We've had a couple of weeks off since our last horse trial, so to get ready for Penrose HT this weekend we decided to go school Libby Stokes' beautiful XC course in Castle Rock, home of the Round Top Horse Trials. Nicole J-T took The Highlander & Top Secret, Tracy C. took Miss Tuffy Tail and Aidan C. took her beautiful paint Flag & her 3 yr old Hanoverian mare. Many lessons were learnt, including Mac jumping a fence with a drip system going and giving himself a belly shower. The horses had a great time, and are ready for our next Event, Penrose Horse Trials in Colorado Springs 18th/19th August. That'll be a full show, with Nicole showing 2 horses, Shannon showing High Endeavour, Rhiannon J. showing KeepHer and Krystie B. showing Marko Lantis. I think we'll all be partying !!!!!!!!

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Colorado Horse Park Fox Hunt Clinic.

Sunday August 5th was the date set for the first of many hunt clinics being held at the Colorado Horse Park. The weather was beautiful, it became overcast once we started riding so it was perfect. The day began under the tent with extremely informative hunt lectures from Arapahoe Huntsman Dr. Marv Beeman, and Bijou Springs hunt master Nancy Mitchell. There were also hunts represented from Wyoming with huntsman Bob Knox, and it was interesting to hear the differences between hunting in Wyoming versus Colorado. After being served a delicious lunch, we all went and tacked up and met with our respective huntsmen that we were going to 'mock hunt' with. I took my old faithful TB gelding Quarterpoint....and Tracy C. joined us with Miss Tuffy Tail (see her on our For Sale page) and Sarah R. rode Kieffer. What a total blast we had.....wind in our hair, the sound of the hunt horn and galloping hooves on a beautiful day, who could ask for more. Keep an eye on the CHP web site for more of these wonderful clinics. Next event for us is schooling at Round Top 12th August, come join us.

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PonyPower Camp 2007

Oh, what a glorious weekend we had here at WindyRidge....the weather was perfect, not too hot....some moisture on the ground, and 20 eager campers here for our weekend of camp. Justinn Hawke was our 2nd instructor, who took the less experienced horses or riders. Saturday morning was full of dressage and dressage exercises. Saturday afternoon was devoted to showjumping a particular twisty course of jumps...designed by students Shannon & Taylor (good practice for those courses we've been meeting this year). Saturday night was 'Tent City' in the pasture....with a fun fun BBQ and great food in the evening....great company, lots of horse talk...... Mitch cooked an awesome breakfast for the campers early Sunday morning, and then off on the course walk of our new cross country course recently constructed. There are some fun jumps out there and some good challenges, like the water, the ditch and the drop banks. I think everyone learnt something. Congratulations to most improved dressage Jamie M. Most improved stadium Aidan C. and most improved cross country Sarah R. And well done to Chelcie W. for finally jumping the flower box jump on her horse Prince. Thanks to all the participants, you all did a great job. Next event for us is the Fox Hunting Clinic at the Horse Park Sunday August 5th.

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Aspen Ridge Horse Trials.

Aspen Ridge Horse Trials in Monument, Colorado is one of the most picturesque courses around. The competition is unique in the fact that it is one of the only shows that holds 2 one day trials....Nicole J-T competed in the Saturday trial with Top Secret (Saigon) at Novice level.....the dressage test started beautifully until Saigon spotted a pile of poles out of the corner of his eye and 'exploded' for about 10 seconds on his circle....oh well, there went that score. But he jumped a perfect XC and was one of the few with a clean stadium round and moved all the way from 18th to finish 8th. Sundays trial was attended by Nicole with The Highlander (doing their first Training level event together) and Shannon D. with High Endeavor in Novice. A slight error in dressage cost Nicole 2 points (all those half circles and circles get your head mixed up), plus an awkward line and lack of concentration from The Highlander had Nicole make a good executive decision and circle for a 2nd approach at Jump 5 on XC, but it cost them 20 penalties....a beautiful stadium round but an unlucky rail finished them in 6th place.....but hey, they finished, and Mac's performance and confidence level was 100%. Shannon D. and Endeavor had a beautiful dressage test with a 34, clean on XC and an unlucky rail in stadium finished the pair in 2nd place. There were not many clean stadium rounds from all competitors the whole weekend. Next Event for us is PonyPower Camp this coming weekend 28th/29th July with a record number of entries. We are looking forward to a FUN FUN time for all.

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Powder Basin Horse Trials.

What a FANTASTIC weekend we had up in Gillette, Wyoming at the Powder Basin Horse Trials. The weather was HOT HOT HOT, but a nice wind kept the days heat from really getting to us. Nicky competed Junior Novice with The Highlander, and Shannon D. competed Senior Novice with High Endeavor. Arriving at the barns in the evening on Thursday, we felt like we were home, as there were many Colorado riders already there to greet us. Friday was dressage day, and both girls had beautiful rides with Nicky ending up 2nd with a 33.0 and Shannon in 3rd in her division with a 36.0. Friday, we were done by off we all went playing 'tourists' and a truck load of us visited Mount Rushmore, that was fun. Saturday was Cross Country day, and after an early morning course walk in the cool air....the girls got tacked up and rode 2 beautiful clear rounds which moved Nicky up into 1st and Shannon up into 2nd. The rest of the day was spent at the pool cooling off, and a fun competitors party Saturday night. Sunday dawned alot cooler, and the horses were nice and fresh. Showjumping was the final phase....with Shannon jumping a beautiful clear round and the 1st place rider in her division taking a rail....that clinched a win for Shannon and Endeavor ( should have heard the cheers). The pressure was on Nicky and The Highlander, but when the 2nd & 3rd placed riders in her division took rails, it eased the nerves a little....but no fears, as The Highlander jumped a smooth and perfect round to win for him and Nicky. Driving home with 2 blue ribbons felt VERY good. It was a fun time all around, we are looking forward to returning there for the Area Championships in September (although we are pondering on the thought of going to Nationals as we have 2 qualified horses). Well, next event for us is Aspen Ridge Horse Trials were The Highlander is moving up to Training level.

Updated: July 10th 2007, 4:01:31 PM EST, by Carol

Abbe Ranch Horse Trials.

Well, this heat wave is STILL with us. And after competing in the heat at Utah, the girls had to come back to Colorado for the following weekend Horse Trials at Abbe Ranch in beautiful Larkspur, Colorado and compete in more heat. What a difference a few days of schooling at home with your trainer makes !! Dressage scores were much improved for Nicole and the Highlander taking a 28.5, Top Secret taking 36 and High Endeavour with Shannon taking a 34. Perfect XC rides for all 3 horses had them all move up to 2nd for The Highlander, 6th for Endeavour and Top Secret. Sundays showjumping was the deciding factor. The Highlander going clean and WINNING Open Novice for Nicole, and a clean round for Top Secret helped him clinch his 6th place for sure. An unlucky rail dropped High Endeavour from 6th to 9th place. Next event for us is Powder Basin Horse Trials in Gillette, Wyoming.

Updated: July 2nd 2007, 10:43:50 PM EST, by Carol

Golden Spike Horse Trials, Utah.

June 22nd thru 24th was the date set for the Golden Spike Horse Trials in Ogden, Utah. Both Nicole J-T and Shannon D. competed with their horses.....not their most successful show of the season. The HOT temperatures, and construction going on next to the dressage arena's affected their concentration....and it showed in their dressage scores. Stadium was a little better with a clear round for Shannon but a rail for Nicole....Sundays cross country was picture perfect for both riders, so they at least finished on a higher note than they started. Rhiannon J. got to go along and groom, and see what this horse trial business is all about. Next event for everyone is Abbe Ranch Horse Trials.

Updated: July 2nd 2007, 10:36:05 PM EST, by Carol

RoundTop Horse Trials.

Round Top Horse trials is a nice local event to take young horses to. The fair but challenging course is pretty easy at all levels. We had 3 horses competing (unfortunately having to withdraw The Highlander before dressage due to a swelling above the knee)...High Endeavor competed with Shannon D. taking 10th at Open Novice....and Taylor P. competing Wendy Hopkins' Future Wager at Beginner Novice and finishing 11th. We had a small birthday party at the horse trailer afterwards for Future Wager (Hayden)....he wouldn't share much of the birthday cake that Wendy made for him. The get together afterwards with a bunch of the students at the Steak House to celebrate Hayden completing the horse trials (his first one this year) was a bunch of fun....we love to party here at WindyRidge. Anyhow, next event for us is Golden Spike Horse Trials in Utah.

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Colorado Horse Park Eventing Derby.

Sunday 10th June was the date for the Derby at the Horse Park. This was quite the experience, as the jumping test is a combination of showjumping fences and cross country fences. Nicky competed with The Highlander (Mac) and we entered him at Training level to give him some experience before next Weekends horse trials at the same level. A nice dressage test, on some rough ground with a few trips...had Mac at a 39 in 4th place....but slippery conditions in the jumping phase caused 2 rails so he finished in 5th place. We purchased a 2nd schooling round for him and took him around at a steadier pace and the little guy jumped flawlessly. He is still learning, and at 5 yrs old, has a fantastic mind, so we're looking forward to the rest of the season. Next event for us is Round Top Horse Trials in Castle Rock, where Nicky is showing The Highlander at training level, and Shannon is showing High Endeavor at Novice along with Nicky showing Saigon at Jr. novice.

Updated: June 12th 2007, 8:59:22 PM EST, by Carol

Colorado Horse park Horse Trials.

Friday June 1st thru Sunday June 3rd was the date for the Colorado Horse Park Horse Trials in Parker. Nicole J-T competed at Jr. Novice with both The Highlander (Mac) and Top Secret (Saigon) and Shannon showed Sr Novice with her trakhener cross gelding High Endeavor. All 3 horses showed beautifully in dressage....scores were a little tough in Mac's division with Dolly Hannon as the judge, but a much more lenient judge Robert Stevenson gave Saigons division higher scores.....Endeavor had Mercedes Campdera as his judge. Cross country was flawless for Mac and Saigon but High Endeavor received some time penalties. Sunday was showjumping day....and Mac in 10th place in Novice had a beautiful clear round which moved him up to 6th place and Nicky received 3rd place Young Rider. Saigon went into stadium in 4th place and an unlucky last rail put him in 6th place. Alot of people took that last fence all day. Shannon moved from 14th place up to 9th place after riding a beautiful clear round. Saturday evening they held a fun competitors party, we had quite a lively table so it was an evening of fun, food, good friends and relaxation. Nicky is part of the Area IX Young Riders and she and many other Young Riders auctioned themselves off to local stables to clean stalls, ride whatever it order to raise funds for the YR organization. They raised quite a bit of money the whole weekend.....way to go Young Riders !!!!! We also welcomed some Pony Club visitors from New Mexico who were interested in seeing our WindyRidge facility. We had a wonderful time showing them around. Well, next event for us is back at the Horse Park for the Jumping Derby next weekend...Nicky is competing Training level with Mac.

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1st Annual JumpCross Event at WindyRidge.

Saturday 26th May was the date for the first Annual JumpCross event at WindyRidge. JumpCross is a popular event in the U.K and we decided to try one of our own. The event was VERY well attended with riders coming from all over to compete, and we had 28 starters. The weather was perfect, and everyone had such a good time they wanted to know when we were going to hold another one. Thanks so much to all the wonderful volunteers who came out to help with this event. Next event for us is the Colorado Horse Park Horse Trials, June 1st thru 3rd.

Updated: June 3rd 2007, 7:50:16 PM EST, by Carol

Spring Gulch Horse Trials.

May 19th & 20th were the dates for the Spring Gulch Horse Trials.....our first horse trial of the season. Due to birthdays and Graduations, Nicole J-T was the only student able to compete...and she took both her rides, The Highlander and Top Secret were entered in Novice. It was Top Secrets (aka Saigon) very first horse trial and he did an awesome job for a youngster. An unlucky stadium rail and a run out on XC just put him out of the ribbons. The Highlander (Mac) did awesome....finishing on his dressage score of 37.4 (not his best) and take 3rd place. Next event is JumpCross here at WindyRidge on Saturday 26th. And we have quite a few entries for this unique competition. Check out details on our events page.

Updated: May 24th 2007, 9:49:37 PM EST, by Carol

Abbe Ranch Clinic

May 10th thru 13th was the date set for the annual Abbe Ranch clinic. What a blast we had....Nicole J-T took 2 horses for 4 days , Saigon (aka Top Secret) was there for the Thursday/Friday sessions at Novice level with Karen Paul as the instructor. Nicole learnt alot about balancing and lower leg...with Saigon receiving the most improved horse award for those 2 days. Mac (aka The Highlander) attended the Saturday/Sunday sessions in the Training Level class with Karen as our instructor again. We couldn't beleive some of the jumps that little horse took....making HUGE complexes like the Paul Bunions Toothpicks cordwoods in the tree's look easy....and some of the spreads look narrow. "He's got quite the heart....what an amazing little horse" were comments we heard throughout the 2 days. We had many of the areas Young Riders in the classes with us over the 4 days, so it was fun get together as well. Sooooo, our first horse trial is next weekend....Spring Gulch.

Updated: May 14th 2007, 10:39:25 AM EST, by Carol

Another fun BBQ..........!!!!!!

Well, what another fun weekend here at WindyRidge. The weather is beautiful and all the students are having fun riding and getting ready for the first upcoming horse trials. Congrats to Rhiannon J. on her purchase of the beautiful mare KeepHer. Rhiannon will be boarding here with all the other students. Thank you so much to everyone who attended another barn BBQ. We sure have a great crowd here. We will all be at the upcoming Abbe Ranch clinic this coming weekend.

Updated: May 10th 2007, 9:59:11 PM EST, by Carol

Pine Ridge Fundraiser Show.

What a looooong weekend. Firstly, I want to thank all the students who went to Rolex and gave us hourly updates.....that was fun!! Yes, year we'll probably find the time to come with you....but with all the new boarders, students, training horses and the upcoming season for our Event Team....things are VERY busy around WindyRidge. Congrats. to Wendy & Brian Hopkins (formerly from Texas) on their purchase of Future Wager (Hayden). They will have Taylor P. continue to show him for them this year, and then maybe Wendy will begin showing him at events next year. The Hopkins Family join our boarding barn too. Well, Saturday 28th was the date for the PRPC Fundraiser 2 phase. Interesting day, Nicole J-T was in first place in Novice with The Highlander after dressage, and in 3rd place with Top Secret....XC changed that in the form of time penalties for The Highlander, where Nicole had to stop behind a rider having problems on course...which gave him 4th place at the end of the day and a WIN for her other horse, Top Secret. Krystie B. and Marko took 4th in Elementary....Krysties first 2 phase, and I have high hopes for their continuing eventing career. Thanks so much to Justinn for grooming and helping the students for me.....Sunday we all trailered back to Spring Gulch for our third (and final) schooling day. 4th May is cut off for Horse Trial riders, so we will be doing schooling days at Penrose, The Horse Park and on our own course (which is being built). Check out our JumpCross event scheduled for the 26th May. Next Event for us is 4 days at Abbe Clinic in Larkspur.

Updated: April 30th 2007, 5:41:27 PM EST, by Carol

Schooling H/J show and Spring Gulch.

We were so lucky with the weather this weekend....we had an awesome show on Saturday (hosted by Horsein' Around Events). Most of the students from PonyPower competed, as well as several newcomers who came and rode with us for the day. Thanks so much to the judge Gretchen Moran and Vivien for all your hard work. Betsy, you were the best gate keeper, and Justinn was an awesome paddock master. Blue ribbon winners in beginner classes were walk/trot Hunter Chelcie W. & Prince, walk/trot Equitation winner Amanda A. and Buddy. Intermediate riders were Charlotte J. & Rocky, Rhiannon J. & Marko and Kiley R. & Prince. Nicole J-T took several ribbons on a multiple of rides with The Highlander, Top Secret & Tulu. Look for more photo's from this fun day in our Gallery. Sunday we all headed to Spring Gulch again with 9 riders to school cross country for the day. The weather was beautiful, and we got some great pictures....these will also be posted on the Gallery. Next event for us is the Pine Ridge 2 phase at Spring Gulch Saturday 28th April.

Updated: April 23rd 2007, 9:23:12 PM EST, by Carol

Show Update....Rescheduled to 21st April.

Well, the latest snow storm made me nervous to allow Horsein' Around Events to hold their show here on the 14th April. The day was sunny and warm, but the snow from the previous day melted and made the parking area and the outdoor practice arena very muddy. We had many riders show up though for our Jumping Clinic (which we held in place of the show) and everyone had a great time. Our jumps have been freshly painted, and looked very inviting all set up in the indoor arena. On Sunday 15th, we took a handful of 5 riders to enjoy a day out at Spring Gulch Cross Country Course. Everyone did great....and we are holding our 2nd schooling at Spring Gulch on 22nd April, with about 9 riders entered. The Hunter/Jumper schooling show is rescheduled for Saturday 21st April (weather permitting). Although all this wonderful moisture is making our pasture green, and the horses are loving it !!!!!

Updated: April 15th 2007, 9:39:58 PM EST, by Carol

Annual EAGALA conference, Ogden, Utah.

Jo Ellen C. and I attended the Annual E.A.G.A.L.A. conference held again in Ogden, Utah. The conference began Wednesday evening (14th March) with networking and socializing. An interesting twist this year was having all the representatives from each state get together, so we could see who else is in Colorado that is involved in EAP. Thursday was spent at the Golden Spike Arena all day, learning and watching as other EAP professionals demonstrated some of the new exercises we will use this year. Highlight for me was watching Karen Sholl at the end of the day doing some 'Parelli' moves with her horses. She has an awesome personality, and is a ton of fun to watch as well as talk with. Thursday night was the gala dinner, with Templeton Thompson singing into the early hours....we were so tired we headed back to the hotel for some zzzz's to get ready for workshops which took place all day Friday. Good job they gave plenty of handouts, I had a hard time taking it all in. Friday night we all went to an Italian restaurant with our new found Italian friend 'Pino' from Italy, he is a veterinarian in Italy and was here for the conference. It was interesting to see his face as he ate 'Italian' food cooked in America. I think he was trying to be polite through the whole ordeal. Saturday morning, we attended more workshops until noon...and then headed back to Colorado, tired but full of new ideas for our EAP program at WindyRidge this year.

Updated: March 19th 2007, 9:42:31 PM EST, by Carol

2007 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.

What an amazing Horse Expo we had this year. It was very relaxing, and unstressful....unlike some previous Expo's we've had in the past. The weather was amazing, we drove up in sunshine and drove home in sunshine (and dry roads). The girls had a great time together (as always). Friday's Jump demo to Van Halen's "Jump" was very well received by the crowd. Saturday's Wraith Ride was a riot and Sunday the girls rode a new ride to music from the Pirates of the Carribean. The evenings were taken up with good food and the hot tub (which is my favorite part). I want to thank all the people who came up and helped us with the booth, the horses, the hauling etc. etc. We couldn't have done it without you. The booth was always busy, and there was alot of interest in our DVD. We met some old friends, and made some new ones as well. All in all, we had a great time. I am heading out to the EAGALA conference in Utah this week, so will try and get the photo's up on the Gallery by next week for you all to see.

Updated: March 13th 2007, 10:32:29 PM EST, by Carol

Hunter/Jumper Schooling Show at Double T Stables.

Well, we decided to give a couple of the Expo horses one more day out before Expo next week, and took Hayden, Saigon and Lingo to a local schooling show in Parker. The weather was gorgeous, so it was a good day out for the horses. Well done to Taylor P. and her 2 blue ribbons on Hayden (in HUGE classes)....Nicole J-T and Saigon on her 2nd place ribbon. And Debi S. did a great job with Lingo at her first jumping show. Well, next event is the Horse Expo....come hunt us down as we have the same booth location as we did last year.

Updated: March 3rd 2007, 8:55:32 PM EST, by Carol

MSEA Awards Banquet and Janet Foy Clinic.

Well, the wind and the snow couldn't stop us from making the trip up to Golden to the Annual MSEA/Area IX awards Banquet. Held at the beautiful Table Mountain Inn Saturday 24th February, it was a room full of people who love horses and the sport of eventing. We had a lively table of fellow event riders and it was a great time to catch up on all the local horse news. Nicole J-T came away with several awards....USEA Reserve Champion in Young Rider, Junior Rider, BN Horse (Highlander) and Reserve Champion BN Horse for MSEA. Champion USEA Horse at 2 levels with LF Luka. For this award Nicole received a beautiful engraved trophy, a ribbon and a blanket for her horse to wear. What a fun evening had by all who attended. Sunday 25th Feb., Nicole was invited to participate in the Janet Foy dressage clinic, as a demonstration rider for Training Level Test 4. The new USDF tests are challenging so Janet held this clinic to demonstrate what the judges are looking for out of horse and rider. Nicole rode her youngster The Highlander, and put him through his paces to Janet's commentary. We had a great time, and learnt alot. Every rider would have benefited from auditing this dressage is the first phase of the event, so we need those great scores. Photo's from the clinic can be found in our Gallery page. Next Event for us is The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver, March 9th thru 11th....see you there.

Updated: February 26th 2007, 9:05:29 PM EST, by Carol

Lots of things to report.

Well, the snow and mud is certainly not slowing us down here at WindyRidge. We have been hooking up trailers, and loading up horses and driving to various oversized arenas to practice our drill rides for the upcoming Horse Expo. I think the horses (as well as their riders) have been happy to get out and about. Nicky (and several other Area IX Young Riders) have organized a fun dinner this Saturday night, 10th get the junior and young event riders of the area together again before show season. That will be a very fun (and noisy) get together. The friendship of the Young Riders in this area is unsurpassed. Two events coming up for us are the Area IX Awards banquet 24th Feb. (where Nicky has many MSEA and USEA awards coming to her and her horses)and the Janet Foy clinic the next day 25th Feb. March will be a very busy month for us here at WindyRidge.....keep checking the Events and news page for updates.

Updated: February 9th 2007, 8:24:53 PM EST, by Carol

Welcome to Betsy !!!!

Everyone here at WindyRidge would love to give Betsy a HUGE welcome. Betsy is joining our ever growing staff out here at WindyRidge and will be helping to take care of our growing herd of horses and boarders out here. Many of you will remember Betsy when we were all at Running Brook. She cares so much about the horses and the boarders, I think she is a very valuable addition to our team.

Updated: February 1st 2007, 8:32:08 PM EST, by Carol

S-S-S stnads for Stock Show & SNOW !!!!!

Well, we certainly had a white Christmas here at WindyRidge. Tons and tons of the stuff. We have all fared well, as well as the horses. Between tractors, snow blowers and shovels, we have managed to stay open and accessible to the boarders and students. Nicky commented on how glad she is she can still see her horses every day, even in a blizzard !!! It does bring peace of mind to beable to walk out the back door and into a cosy barn to check on your equine friends. The Pony Power students all had a few days up at the National Western Stock Show in Denver....Monday to watch the Grand prix and Wednesday to see Dancers with Hooves. We had alot of fun (and ate too much junk food). We will soon be welcoming a British student (Helen R) from Manchester who is going to be here with us for several months. I know all the students are looking forward to Helen's arrival, and will make her stay here as comfortable as possible. Next event for us is the Janet Foy dressage clinic on February 25th, where Nicky has been invited to ride as one of the demo riders for Janet to demonstrate the new USDF tests. I'll keep you posted if there are any date changes. In the meantime, stay warm everyone !!!!

Updated: January 21st 2007, 7:54:15 PM EST, by Carol

Happy 2007.....and wow, what a 2006 we had !!!!

Happy New Year everyone, from all of us here at WindyRidge. We are sooooo looking forward to an exciting 2007. There are so many great things happening here at WindyRidge....and we have so many plans for the barn and our students for 2007. We had an incredible 2006 season, with students taking many ribbons and Year End Awards. We have welcomed many new riders and boarders to our facility that are helping make it a fun and friendly barn to be at. We will be planning many shows and clinics at WindyRidge this 2007, so keep an eye on our Events page of the web site. This year will prove to be another amazing and successful year for our hard working students, we have some fun new horses to compete with, and plan on making all Colorado Horse Trials as well as several out of state trials. The girls are hard at work right now getting themselves and their horses ready for the 2007 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo to be held in Denver 9th through 11th March. If you are there, come visit our booth. The girls will be showing their fun Jump demo (to Van Halen's song JUMP)....their famous Wraith Ride......and a new ride this year will be the Pirates of the Carribean drill ride. This will be so much fun. Anyhow, Happy Happy New Year everyone.....come see us anytime, the door is always open.

Updated: January 5th 2007, 4:10:31 PM EST, by Carol

PonyPower Students are "SuperStars!".

The continuing success of the WindyRidge/PonyPower students and their horses has drawn some national attention. What is this 'secret' training method that makes them and their horses so successful. We have produced Champion after Champion of all different breeds and types of horses as well as riders. So "SuperStars of Horse Training" contacted us to become part of their video library on sale to subscribers. 4 of my Star riders, Nicole, Taylor, Shannon & Nandi, will appear with Carol (their trainer), showing their training techniques and exercises that have helped make our regular students as successful as they are. We will be shooting the 2nd part of the video serious around March. Copies of the tapes will be available for regular students....outside riders can purchase the tapes directly from

Updated: December 31st 2006, 12:51:02 PM EST, by Carol

WindyRidge Christmas Show

Wow, we were lucky with the weather. A storm was predicted for the 16th December and we were afraid we were going to have to cancel....but we didn't, and had a fantastic turn out for our Christmas show. Division winners were for Novice Nicole J-T on The Highlander and 2nd Shannon D. on Endeavor. Beginner Novice winner was Andrea F. on Trevor and 2nd Taylor P. on Hayden, and tied 1st (in a HUGE Elementary class)were Jamie M. on Aspen and Brandon G. on Kisses with Heidi W. on Sir Secret in 2nd. The rail classes were well attended, with some adorable leadliners. Well done to Sally D. on Mac for winning the walk trot....and Chelcie W. on Black Pearl winning the W/T/C. The party that followed afterwards was ALOT of fun. Everyone stuck around with more people (and food) piling in by the minute. The food was great, the company was awesome.....and the Christmas music playing in the back ground added to the spirit. If you missed this event, you missed a good one !!!!

Updated: December 20th 2006, 9:54:19 AM EST, by Carol

Parker Christmas Parade.

Well, a huge change from last year....the weather was fantastic for this years Christmas parade in Parker. The PonyPower girls all dressed up in their matching snowflake sweatshirts, quarter sheets, and sparkly helmet covers. The crowd applauded them as they rode by as they were so striking. Thanks so much to walkers, Sharon, Eryn, Morgan, Kathryn, Bob, Brandon, Amy, Jeff, Susan and Carolyn (with Einstein in the back pack)and my wonderful riders Nicky & Mac, Chelcie & Pearl, Taylor & Hayden, Shannon & Endeavor, Charlotte & Tarot, Audrey & Rascal and Jamie & Aspen. That night we all attended a beautiful Christmas concert where Carolyn was singing with the local choir. It really put you in the Christmas spirit. Next event is our Christmas show and potluck Christmas party Saturday 16th December.

Updated: December 13th 2006, 10:52:46 PM EST, by Carol

Karen O'Connor Clinic.

Nicole J-T was lucky enough to get a spot in the Karen O'Connor weekend of 2nd/3rd December. She took her youngster, The Highlander and came away with a wealth of knowledge. Karen was a fantastic teacher, showing patience and firmness over the 2 days with large groups. Saturday was dressage with some good suppleing ground exercises in relation to jumping. Sunday, Karen really put the group through their paces with some twisty jumping exercises and discipline in striding and counting strides. Karen really stressed the importance for control after the jump. The clinic was well worth it, I learnt alot from auditing and I know Nicole can't wait for Karen to come back. Next event for PonyPower is the Parker Christmas Parade 9th December.

Updated: December 6th 2006, 10:50:15 PM EST, by Carol

2006 Young Rider Sportsmanship Award.

We are all proud and honored here at WindyRidge, for Nicole J-T being nominated for the 2006 Young Rider Sportsmanship Award. Nicole was a runner up, and Dick Farmer...Area IX Chair, sent Nicole this letter dated 1st December 2006. "Dear Nicole, I congratulate you in giving so much competition to Matt Fine for the Young Rider Sportsmanship Trophy. He has several years on you, but you gave him a run for the money. There is no formal recognition for you as runner-up, so I decided myself to recognize your fine showing. Those who nominated you did a nice job of describing the virtues which qualify you for this award. You have a fine future ahead, especially in the YR program. I hope you will stick with it. And I hope that you will be amongst the first to congratulate Matt when he gets the trophy. Dick Farmer, USEA Area IX Chair."

Updated: December 3rd 2006, 10:29:43 PM EST, by Carol

Hunting Season

Well, the other big deal that happens for WindyRidge and PonyPower once show season ends, is that hunt season begins. We have PonyPower memberships with the Arapahoe Hunt, but recently PonyPower was invited for a day out with the Bijou Springs Hunt. Even I got to go along on Vivien V-B's old gelding, who packed me along (thanks old friend)....what a fun day we had. PonyPower has memberships with the Bijou Hunt now as contact us if you are interested in coming along with us to try out a day of hunting with either of these fine hunt groups. We can take each guest 3 times before they have to become a member. Next event is this coming weekend (2nd/3rd Dec)...The Karen O'Connor clinic....Nicole J-T is entered in that.

Updated: November 29th 2006, 11:43:41 AM EST, by Carol

CCC Year End Awards Banquet & Meg Lodes dressage clinic.

What a busy weekend for PonyPower girls. Saturday evening brought the MSEA/CCC Year end awards banquet. Several of us went along to cheer on Nicole J-T who brought home many honors. As she never showed a full year of Training or Novice, she still managed to clinch CCC Reserve Champion Beginner Novice Jr. Rider on The Highlander, Training Horse and Training Jr. Rider Reserve Champion with LF Luka. Well done Nicky !!! Sunday, WindyRidge was host to a Meg Lodes dressage clinic. Several PonyPower members had a fantastic time with Meg's practical approach to dressage training. We had such a good time, we are going to hold more of these. Thanks to everyone who participated and to all the auditors who attended and supported this educational clinic.

Updated: November 19th 2006, 8:01:22 PM EST, by Carol

WindyRidge Open House.

What a great day....warm sunny weather. loads of food & Halloween candy .... but best of all, the company of some great friends. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to help us celebrate our new barn. It was festively decorated for Halloween, and the indoor arena was the site of some pretty hilarious Halloween games. We had alot of fun, that left you afterwards with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Thanks again everyone. Next event is the Karen O'Connor clinic December 2nd and 3rd (unless we hit a pair pace beforehand).

Updated: November 2nd 2006, 11:43:56 PM EST, by Carol

Halloween For Horses 2006

Well, to change the scenery from our Eventing successes.....the girls from PonyPower attended the 2006 Halloween with Horses at the Colorado Horse Park 21st October. Nicole J-T with LF Luka, Shannon D. with High Endeavor and Taylor P. with Marko Lantis wowed the crowd with their famous "Wraith Ride".....splashing through the sloppy footing, they had a hard time getting up the speed because of the slush after an overnight snowstorm, but it was still very impressive. Then the costume competition was next. Shannon, & Taylor rode their same horses but Nicole J-T traded horses and rode my old thoroughbred, QuarterPoint (aka Star). They were the Wraith Riders, Chelcie W. & Edward D. rode Pearl the pony dressed as the 2 hobbits Frodo & Sam...led by Scott W. dressed as Aragorn, and finally Rhiannon J. was Arwen riding her grey mare Tarot. This was The Lord of The Rings entry from PonyPower.....and they won their age division and then won the Grand Champion class as well. We were all thrilled. There was alot of partying afterwards. Next Event is our Open House this coming Sunday 29th October. Hope you can make it !!!!

Updated: October 23rd 2006, 7:58:19 PM EST, by Carol

Arapahoe Pair Pace.

It was so nice to be back at Plum Creek Hollow in Larkspur for the Arapahoe Pair is many years since it was last held here. The course was fantastic and 3 miles it was one of the longest courses the girls rode all year. Nicole J-T & The Highlander, Shannon D. & High Endeavor, and Taylor P. & Hayden (Future Wager) competed in the B division coming in 15th at 2 minutes slow (now thats unheard of.....!!) But, what a fun time we all had. Next event, the girls are at Halloween for Horses at Colorado Horse Park in Parker. Nicky, Shannon & Taylor will perform their Wraith ride at 11:15am and then several members of PonyPower will participate in the costume contest......come support them !!!!!

Updated: October 14th 2006, 8:19:57 PM EST, by Carol

1st Round Top Pair Pace.

I hope this Round Top pair pace becomes a regular is a wonderful course. Libby Stokes, the organizer, cleverly used both fields on either side of the make the course 2 miles long with 20 jumps. A challenging distance if you weren't in shape. There were many fellow event riders present who took the opportunity to school the course with new and young horses...Nicole J-T being one of them with the 5 yr old Saigon, and her partner Krystie B. on Marko took away a 3rd place ribbon in a huge class. Well done guys. Next event is the Arapahoe pair pace at Plum Creek Hollow, where several PonyPower riders will compete.

Updated: October 7th 2006, 8:56:11 PM EST, by Carol

Colorado Horse Park Horse Trials.

Well, much warmer temperatures than we had at Abbe last weekend....Nicole J-T was our only rider competing with The Highlander in his first novice event and LF Luka in his last horse trial with Nicole in the Training division. An amazing score of 25 for The Highlander in dressage, a perfect clear cross county run, and a beautiful stadium round with one unlucky rail had them finishing with a 29 in 7th place and 2nd place Young Rider. Luka had a 37 in dressage, an amazing clean and clear cross country run over the newly built training course, and the ONLY clear round in stadium to win the open training division. What a way to end their partnership together. So that's it for the horse trials in Area IX, it's been an amazing season with the girls, and their camaraderie together is amazing. So now, we look forward to the awards banquets and the year end awards. Watch for the girls doing their wraith rider performance at the Halloween for Horses at the Colorado Horse Park 21st October. Next event is for Nicole and her partner Krystie B. at the Round Top pair pace 7th October.

Updated: October 3rd 2006, 9:11:12 PM EST, by Carol

Area IX Championships.

This year's Area IX Eventing Championships were held at beautiful Abbe Ranch in Larkspur 22nd to 24th September. Nicole J-T competed Novice Champs with LF Luka and BNH Champs with The Highlander, Taylor P. competed BNR Champs with Future Wager and Shannon D. competed Novice Champs with High Endeavor. Dressage on Friday was very uncomfortable for horses & riders....steady rain all day and sloppy footing made it difficult for some of the tests. Better weather on Saturday improved the footing for cross country, all 3 riders had clear rounds....and sun and warm temperatures on Sunday helped stadium to run smoothly with all 3 girls going clean and clear with each of their rides. Final results were Nicole J-T 2nd with LF Luka and 6th with the Highlander, Shannon D. 11th with High Endeavour and Taylor P. 18th with Future Wager. Next event is Colorado Horse park Horse Trials. Last event of the season !!!!

Updated: September 27th 2006, 10:23:04 PM EST, by Carol

Spring Gulch 2 Phase 16th September

Spring Gulch Benefit 2 Phase (consisting of Dressage and Cross Country)was ALOT of fun. Shannon D. won Novice with High Endeavor and made the time with 10 seconds to spare (Yay, Shannon). Nicole J-T showed Saigon (owned by Eric & Krystie Bush), a newcomer to the world of eventing at 5 yrs old....and had a nice dressage test, but some problems at the water complex. Nicole rode the Pair pace with Debbie S. on Le Lingo and the pair came in 3rd. Debbie S. also showed Le Lingo in the Green as Grass 2 phase taking the blue ribbon. So, a great day was had by all. Next event is the Area 9 Eventing Championships next weekend at Abbe Ranch.....see you there.

Updated: September 17th 2006, 10:19:00 PM EST, by Carol

OUR BIG MOVE !!!!!!!!!!!

Well, as most of you know, we have moved our location to Kiowa....a small town half an hour east of Castle Rock. It's been a great move for us, and I would like to thank all our boarders and students who stuck with us through the move....I really appreciate each and every one of you. We offer an indoor arena, outdoor arena, outside pens with shelters, inside stalls, tack rooms, viewing lounge for the indoor, miles of trails, 45 acre pasture for turnout, 24 hr on site care, future cross country course, showjumping course and more......note the address change on our web site, but we still have the same phone number and email address. Come by and visit us anytime.......!!!!!!!!!!

Updated: September 9th 2006, 10:08:13 PM EST, by Carol

Tomora Horse Trials.

Nicole J-T and Shannon D. loaded up their horses late Friday evening for the drive to Greeley. Arriving in the dark, it was a good job we had enough flashlights so we could find our stalls...but we got the horses settled in and then headed to our hotel. The weather was pretty cool on Saturday which resulted in the horses being a little frisky....Shannon had a great score of 30, but Nicole struggled a little with both her horses. The Training XC course looked huge to me, as we walked it. There were some challenging obstacles for Nicole & LF Luka, but they jumped it beautifully and came around clean and clear. Shannon D. jumped one of the biggest Novice courses she has ever jumped, and came off the course with some time penalties, but NO problems any more at the water jump. Final placings for Nicole was 4th in Training with LF Luka and 3rd in BNH with The Highlander. Our next event should have been Golden Spike Horse trials in Utah, but it was cancelled due to an EVA outbreak. So our next event will be Spring Gulch schooling 2 phase, where Nicole will break in her new Youngster, "Saigon"....a 5 yr old TB gelding owned by Krystie Bush of Greenwood Village. So watch out for this new partnership !!!!

Updated: September 9th 2006, 9:58:59 PM EST, by Carol

Penrose Horse Trials.

You know, we always dread Penrose Horse Trials....not because of the show, that is fantastic....but the darned thunderstorms that always seem to come around the BN cross country rounds. They got us last year, and they got us this year as well.....drat!!!!!! Poor Nicole J-T and The Highlander were all ready to head out on cross country when a zap of lightning (very very close) put a halt to XC and it was postponed to early the next morning. When I was worrying about how wet the footing was going to be. But Nicole got around on both horses...Training level for LF Luka, and BNH for The Highlander...finishing with a 2nd in Training and a 5th in BNH. Shannon D. also competed High Endeavor coming away with a 5th place ribbon in Novice.Next event is Tomora Horse Trials in Greeley.

Updated: September 9th 2006, 9:51:25 PM EST, by Carol

Rocky Mountain Horse Trials.

The First ever Rocky Mountain Horse Trials were held at Stellar Stables in Parker, August 19th & 20th. The cross country course was beautiful and the girls had a great time. Nicole J-T competed at her first Training level event aboard LF Luka, finishing in 3rd place, and finished in 2nd place on board The Highlander in BNH. This score put both Nicole and The Highlander at #1 on the USEA National BN leaderboard (Yay). Also competing, Shannon D. on High Endeavor in Novice, they would have placed 2nd but were awarded penalty points after an unfortunate spook (not caused by the jump) which resulted in a fall in the water for Shannon. It was terrible at the time, but we are all laughing about it now. Oh well, there's always the next show.....which is Penrose Horse Trials.

Updated: September 9th 2006, 9:46:41 PM EST, by Carol

PonyPower Camp #2.

The second and final Camp of the Year took place the weekend of 29th & 30th July. We had a great turnout....and the weather was fantastic. The students learned all the fundamentals of competing in all 3 phases of horse trials, some very green horses had a rough time keeping their adrenalin under control on the cross country course, and we had a couple of spills. Many thanks to riders, Shannon, Taylor, Nicole, Krystie, Alex, Debi, Jennifer, Jenna, Charlotte, Brooke, Lori, Audrey, and Bridget. Many thanks also to the numerous volunteers and parents that helped out on both camps.

Updated: September 9th 2006, 9:40:51 PM EST, by Carol

Aspen Ridge Horse Trials

Two seperate horse trials run over 2 days at the same location, gives the girls a chance to show multiple horses at one day events without having to show 2 horses in one day. Nicole J-T and The Highlander competed on Saturday 22nd July in BN....taking 1st place with their dressage score of 28.5. Shannon D. also competed the same day in Novice with High Endeavor finishing in 3rd place. Sunday Nicole J-T competed Novice with LF Luka, winning yet again...on her dressage score and Taylor P. competed with my thoroughbred Future Wager taking 6th place and qualifying for the Area Championships. Well done guys.....a very successful weekend. Next event is PonyPower Camp #2.

Updated: September 9th 2006, 9:33:58 PM EST, by Carol

Pendragon Combined Test

"It's like riding in Porridge"...was the comment made by a soggy rider at the 8th July Pendragon 2 phase in Larkspur. It rained and it rained....but we still loaded up The Highlander and drove down to compete in the Open Novice 2 phase with Nicole J-T riding. An awesome dressage test bringing a 30. and a clear round clinched another win for The Highlander & Nicole. Tori R. & Madorra also competed, but withdrew after dressage due to the footing. Next event is Aspen Ridge Horse Trials 22nd & 23rd July.

Updated: July 10th 2006, 8:59:38 AM EST, by Carol

PonyPower Camp #1.

A wonderful weekend for the first PonyPower Camp held July 1st & 2nd. Alot of new faces joined us for the camp, which made it more interesting. Saturday dressage and showjumping lessons went smoothly, a slight interruption in showjumping for a 20 minute rain shower, and then we continued. The BBQ and camp over Saturday night went into the late hours.....the food was delicious and the company was awesome. Mitch Mitchell cooked a beautiful early morning breakfast for the campers on Sunday....and the cross country phase went without a hitch. The weather cooperated until after camp was done and awards were we were lucky!! Award winners were..Most Improved Dressage...Carson Z-B, Most improved showjumping...Tori R. Most improved Cross Country....Brandon G. Most improved overall....Nandi S. Most organized student....Mari B. Honorary mentions for Kevin G. Devon P. Mary M. & Dawn H. Thanks to everyone who attended and helped out....we are looking forward to our next camp 29th & 30th July.

Updated: July 10th 2006, 8:52:30 AM EST, by Carol

Abbe Ranch Horse Trials.

For 3 days we dodged violent thunderstorms, that seemed to circle around Abbe Ranch....finally opening up on us on the final day, while The Highlander did a superb clear stadium round. That clear stadium round was the icing on the cake, that helped Nicole J-T, his rider, clinch yet another second place with him, finishing on their dressage score of 34.5 in OBN. What a great season they are having. Nicole also rode LF Luka in ON, but it was a rough weekend for the pair finishing in 9th place with a 45.0 after taking a rail in stadium. Shannon D. and High Endeavor finally made it through the water without penalty points....but time penalties cost them on XC finishing the pair in 10th in ON. The PonyPower concession stand was open for business all 3 days.....we had a great time running that. Next event is the first of the PonyPower Camps to be held this coming weekend, July 1st & 2nd.

Updated: June 26th 2006, 10:54:53 PM EST, by Carol

Aspen Ridge 2 Phase

Despite all the 90 degree weather lately, Aspen Ridge had a nice cooling breeze which was the perfect temperature for the 17th June 2 phase consisting of dressage & cross country. Nicole J-T rode her baby The Highlander to a win in the Jr. Novice division finishing on her dressage score of 28.5. Shannon D. also competed on High Endeavor and had an unlucky stop at fence 16 on course, but the water complex was easier this time. Tori R. was 4th in Jr. BN. Next event is the Abbe Ranch Horse Trials where Nicole J-T will compete The Highlander in BN and LF Luka in Novice...Shannon D. will be cometing Novice with High Endeavor........see you there !

Updated: June 18th 2006, 8:26:53 AM EST, by Carol

RoundTop Horse Trials

Saturday June 10th, Round Top Horse Trials. We barely had time to recover from MoonRock and we were getting ready for yet another horse trial that weekend. Nicole J-T showed LF Luka in Novice and The Highlander in BN. A great day finishing on both horses with her dressage scores of 31.5 on The Highlander, in 3rd place......and 36 on LF Luka also finishing in 3rd place. Shannon D. also showed High Endeavor in his first Novice event, he finished just out of the ribbons after 2 stops on the water complex (we're going to fix this). Next event is the Aspen Ridge 2 phase 17th June.

Updated: June 16th 2006, 9:09:29 AM EST, by Carol

MoonRock Horse Trials.

June 2nd through 4th were the dates for this years MoonRock Horse Trials, Worland, Wyoming. This was our first trip to these horse trials, and we had a great time. Dressage was set at the fairgrounds in Worland, where Nicole J-T rode The Highlander in BN to a score of 31 and LF Luka in Novice to a score of 25....Shannon D. also competed on High Endeavor and received a Novice dressage score of 34. Saturdays cross country course was amazing.....the setting was beautiful, almost like the surface of the moon. Nicole had 2 beautiful clear rounds with The Highlander and Luka remaining on her dressage scores, while Shannon D. had 2 unfortunate stops at the water complex. Sundays stadium course was twisty and challenging, but both Nicole's rounds were clean and clear as was Shannon's. Final results were Nicole taking 2nd on The Highlander in BN and 2nd place on LF Luka in Novice, finishing with her dressage scores on both horses. Shannon just missed the ribbons.

Updated: June 16th 2006, 9:01:09 AM EST, by Carol

Spring Gulch Horse Trials.

Hot and dusty are the 2 words I can use to describe the setting at the Spring Gulch Horse trials held May 20th & 21st. But oh boy, what a show it was. Nicole J-T showed her baby The Highlander, finishing with a 2nd place in OBN on her dressage score of 29. Tori R. finished in 6th place OBN on her dressage score of 37 and Taylor P. finished in 9th OBN place riding my horse Hayden (Future Wager) after a dressage score of 37...and accumulating 1 time penalty in stadium, a hesitation at the water and time penalties in XC. Not bad Taylor considering this was his first event ever. Poor Shannon D. didn't get to compete after taking a fall during a training ride prior to the event and suffering a mild concussion. Next event is MoonRock Horse Trials in Worland, Wyoming where Nicole J-T will compete with LF Luka (who didn't make Spring Gulch because of a strained fetlock joint) and The Highlander will also compete with Nicole. Shannon D. will also be taking her horse High Endeavor....see you there.

Updated: May 24th 2006, 10:50:17 AM EST, by Carol

Abbe Ranch Clinic

Abbe Ranch is a beautiful facility located west of I25 in Larkspur. This picturesque setting hosted the Spring Abbe clinic. Nicole J-T and The Highlander along with Shannon D. and Endeavor rode in the Novice class taught by East coast native Janet Briggs. The girls learnt alot about correct turns into fences and balance. Shannon took the most improved rider award. The final day all the girls rode together in the Fun Pair Pace. Tori R. also rode the beginner novice class with Deeda Randle. Now the girls are ready for the next event, Spring Gulch recognized horse trials....the season is upon us !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated: May 24th 2006, 10:43:19 AM EST, by Carol

Rocky Mountain Combined Test.

Rocky Mountain 2 phase held at Prestige Training in Parker Sunday 7th May, consisted of dressage and an interesting twisty cross country course through the trees. It is a beautiful facility. Winning the Beginner Novice division was Nicole J-T riding The Highlander, the only competitor in the division to finish with her dressage score. Tori R. with Madorra finished 4th and Taylor P. took Hayden (Future Wager) to his first show ever, and came away with the 6th place ribbon. Great job guys. Next weekend we are at the Abbe Ranch clinic.

Updated: May 9th 2006, 7:46:32 AM EST, by Carol

Spring Gulch Two Phase.

The Pine Ridge Spring Gulch 2 phase was held Saturday 29th April in cold and wet weather. I was just leaving warm & Sunny Florida to drive back with Nicole J-T from a wonderful 2 week vacation....but was THRILLED to hear of Shannon D's win with her horse High Endeavor in BN. Tori R came in 5th with Madorra. Great job guys.

Updated: May 4th 2006, 8:54:49 AM EST, by Carol

NightStar's new home.

Many of you who have been with us for almost 20 years, know that NightStar Arising has been with us since he was a foal. Now at 20 years old, he has earned a nice semi retirement. Cathy Bowman (who purchased Whippy from us) of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is NightStars new owner...purchasing NightStar for her daughter Edyn to learn to ride with. NightStar spent most of his life as a stallion, not that you would ever know it....he was so quiet and gentle. I competed on him at Horse trials for almost 6 years before retiring him as a lesson horse and breeding stallion. Nicole J-T then started competing on him at horse trials when she was 8 yrs old, and took Nightstar to 2 years of Year End Awards....the 2nd year taking Reserve Beginner Novice Champions for Area 9. He taught her the ropes, and helped make her the amazing rider she is today. NightStar has taught hundreds of children to ride (including my own kids), and has given us many hours of fun. He was always the horse everyone wanted to ride in the parades because he was so reliable. Thanks was an honor and a pleasure working with you, old friend.

Updated: April 4th 2006, 12:03:23 AM EST, by Carol

2006 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

What an amazing 3 days (4 if you count Thursday's set up) we had at this year's Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. The Booth looked amazing (need to get the web master to put a photo of the booth on the site)...and we had many visitors, and enquiries about PonyPower. The girls rode an amazing jumping demo on Friday, with Nicole J-T jumping almost 4 feet with Luka to Van Halen's song 'JUMP'. Oh, the crowd loved that and cheered them on. Saturday was the amazing Wraith Ride.....the costumes were unbeleivable ! Thanks so much to Carolyn and Laura L. for helping put those together. Expo inisists on that Wraith Ride every year, it has become a crowd favorite. Sunday was the gracious and elegant Breeds in Motion (hey, after the wild Wraith Ride on Saturday, we do have to show our other side). Nicole's baby The Highlander made his debut appearance in the arena, and at 4 yrs old....he handled it BEAUTIFULLY. Thanks so much to you guys....Shannon, Nicole, Taylor & Tori for making a great Expo for PonyPower. And BIG thanks to all the parents who chipped in to help, especially Laura A., Laura L. and Bob for helping with set up on Thursday....and the hoards of people helping with take down on Sunday.

Updated: March 23rd 2006, 9:36:43 AM EST, by Carol

Prestige Dressage Show & USEA Awards Banquet

What a busy day. The girls competed in the Prestige Dressage Show in the morning....Nicole J-T was thrilled....she got her first 9 ever (great center line). Taylor P. rode Alessi, the mare she is taking to Expo. Poor Shannon D. decided to ride both tests at once (turn left and right at C at the same time), then had the 8 second ride courtesy of her over happy horse, Endeavor. But still kept that great smile on her face through the whole ordeal. Tori R. brought Madorra. Once the show was over, it was a wild run up to Boulder for the USEA Awards Banquet. What a great evening. Jo Whitehouse gave an interesting talk about new ventures the USEA is embarking on that will benefit us all. Then the awards were handed out to many riders. Nicole J-T received the USEA Young Rider of the Year award and the USEA Junior Rider of the Year award. We were so proud. Well done Nicky. Next big event for us is the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver (10th thru 12th March). The girls are exhibiting all 3 days so come and watch and cheer them on.

Updated: March 6th 2006, 8:35:35 AM EST, by Carol

Pendragon Schooling Jumper Show.

Some good schooling was enjoyed by PonyPower students at the recent 11th February Pendragon jumper schooling show. Nicole J-T and LF Luka, and Tori R. & Madorra both took reserve championships in 2ft 6ins and 2ft 9ins divisions. Taylor P. & Marko Lantis won a couple of classes and then had to withdraw from the show with a pulled tendon. Hope he gets better soon Taylor......

Updated: February 13th 2006, 11:32:03 PM EST, by Carol

Mile Hi Pony Club Dressage Show.

The dressage show held by Mile Hi Pony Club at the Event Center in Castle Rock 5th February, was very well attended. Many fellow eventers were there, most of whom were riding new mounts for 2006 season. Nicole J-T rode LF Luka in 3 tests....winning the Novice 'B' with a 30 and taking 2nd in the Novice 'A' with a 33. The event center has a beautiful indoor facility....which we were thankful for as the February wind was bitter cold.

Updated: February 6th 2006, 9:55:07 PM EST, by Carol

Colorado Springs Dressage Association Awards Banquet.

Nicole J-T and LF Luka were highly honored at the recent CSDA banquet....earning 2005 New to Dressage Champion, Training level Jr/Yr 2005 Champions, and taking Reserve Champions for All Breed Horse of the Year. Congratulations !

Updated: January 26th 2006, 11:52:22 PM EST, by Carol

Prestige Dressage and Jumping Show 14th & 15th January.

Beautiful weather set the scene for 2 days of fun schooling/showing at Prestige Training's beautiful new facility in Parker. Nicole J-T took her baby, The Highlander, out and showed him and Luka in Saturdays dressage and Sundays jumper show. Taylor P. & Tori R. also showed both days. Good schooling opportunities for all riders....Jim put on a great show. Next event Mile Hi Dressage Show in Castle Rock on 5th February.

Updated: January 19th 2006, 7:10:54 PM EST, by Carol

Awards Update

Well, we caught the mistake just in time....Nicole J-T was also named Champion Junior Young Rider for Area IX as well as Champion Junior Novice rider for Area IX. The USEA awards banquet is February 25th in Longmont. Also, in dressage Nicole and Luka are Nationally in 1st place for the USDF All Breeds Award for the Lusitano at Training Level. And Nicole also received her USDF Rider Performance Award at Training Level. Great Job Nicky !!!!

Updated: January 4th 2006, 9:06:49 AM EST, by Carol

Parker Christmas Parade & 2005 Wrap Up.

Brrr....cold weather, icy roads and snow caused the cancellation of the Parade this year. Bummer, because PonyPower members had gone all out this year on their costumes. However, on the upside.....we had some great get togethers doing the outfits, and what a FUN party we had after the 'Cancelled Parade' over at Kelly's place. So all in all it wasn't a great loss. AND, we have our outfits ready for next years parade. So, that closes out our PonyPower 2005 Year. It has been an amazing year at the Horse trials...some up's, & some downs'. But in the end Nicole J-T and LF Luka emerged victorious taking 2005 CCC Junior Rider of the Year...2005 CCC Novice Horse of the Year....2005 USEA Area IX Junior Rider of the Year....USEA 3rd Place Hi Point Novice Horse for Area IX....and Taylor P. taking CCC 5th Place Junior Rider of the Year. We had some great Camps, have met some incredible people on our travels this year....and the comaraderie of the riders in PonyPower has made me proud. 2006 will undoubtedly bring more adventures for all of Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy and Healthy 2006 to all of you from all of us here at PonyPower !!!!!

Updated: December 4th 2005, 9:15:39 AM CST, by Carol

Central Colorado Chapter of MSEA Year End Awards Banquet 2005.

What a wonderful evening....a room full of Eventing people, all talking horses. Talk about Heaven !!!! Many great Eventers were honored with Year End Awards from their local organization, and we were so proud to have Nicole J-T. named as 2005 CCC leading Junior Novice Rider of 2005 and LF Luka named as leading Novice Horse for 2005. What a thrill. Nicole also received a Rocky Mountain Dressage Society Plaque for Year End Hi Score of 12 tests at 60% or better....fantastic ! Taylor P. took 5th place for Junior Novice Rider of the Year. Way to go did all PonyPower proud. The MSEA/USEA Awards banquet will be in February, so so you there.

Updated: November 20th 2005, 8:54:22 AM CST, by Carol

Pendragon Jumper Schooling Show 12th November.

Thank goodness for indoor arena's, otherwise Pendragon's Show would have been unbelievably miserable in the wind. A successful day for all PonyPower students that attended...Taylor P. taking 2 division Championships with Marko Lantis, Nicole J-T and The Highlander taking a Reserve Championship for the 2ft 9in division, and placing 4th in a HUGE equitation class, along with Shannon Danahey & Endeavor in 5th place in the same class. Tori R. jumping her first 2ft 9in class and placing and Lisa R. taking her baby Rio to his first show ever, and taking 2nd in Equitation and placing in other classes....well done everyone. Next Event is the Parker Christmas Parade...this event is in the planning stage, and we have a meeting in Elizabeth on Saturday 19th November to get the costumes made for all participants. Also that night (19th November) is the CCC Awards Banquet, and we have PonyPower members being honored for 2005 Year End Eventing Awards...

Updated: November 13th 2005, 8:24:52 AM CST, by Carol

Running Brook Open Show

Cold temperatures, and a surprise snow storm didn't prevent a good turn out for the Running Brook Show. Todd Just sang a beautiful National Anthem, with Nicole J-T and Ashley J. making an impressive color guard. Old Nightstar came away with a win in 11- showmanship with Emily McC. Tori R. had some wins in the English division and Nicole J-T. took wins in English and Western classes to take High Point in 12-14 age group. Emily McC. took 11 under high point and Nolana L. took 35 and over high Point. The hit of the day was the Barrels...something many of the girls hadn't done before. Katie M. took 1st with 15.09 secs...and Nicole J-T took 2nd place, with an impressive 16 secs. on Black Beauty (the event pony she won Swift creek HT on)...talented little pony. Even Chelcie W. (Nicole's little sister) showed her 11.2hh pony Black Pearl and won some ribbons. A fun day for all. Next event is Pendragon Stud Hunter/Jumper Schooling show November 12th.

Updated: November 10th 2005, 10:23:35 PM CST, by carol

Pair Pace Update !!!

Yay, congrats to the Halloween Daredevils at Arapahoe Pair Pace Nicole, Taylor, Shannon and Lisa)....they took 8th place in 'C' Division. Good job.

Updated: November 4th 2005, 8:11:36 PM CST, by carol

Annual Arapahoe Pair Pace at High Prairie.

What a Blast ! That was the way everyone described (myself included) their rides at the Hunt Pace held (postponed date) Sunday 23rd October. The Flying Fossils, made up of myself on Hayden (my new guy....7 yr old, 17.1hh bay TB gelding & For Sale) Kurt Kissmann on Shadow, Ingrid Scott on Big Ben and Mary McCluskey on Nightstar...rode around a looooong course in chilly weather. The horses behaved great, and we all made it through the finish line together and in one piece. The Halloween DareDevils, made up of Nicole Jones-Taylor on The Highlander, Taylor Parkinson on Sundance, Shannon Danahey on Endeavor and Lisa Ross on Rio....certainly made better time than we did. They were all out on young horses with some crow hops and water spooks in they were pretty funny to watch....but great riding skills kept them all together. Mary & Kurt went and rode with the hounds afterwards, which was great all in all, we had a wonderful time. And that has kinda finished our season for the year. Next function will be the Running Brook Open Show on 5th November, PonyPower is running the come join us for a day of food and fun.

Updated: October 27th 2005, 7:58:38 AM CDT, by Carol

Abbe Ranch 2 Day Clinic & Pair Pace.

October 6th thru 8th hosted the Fall Abbe Ranch clinic followed on Saturday 8th by the famous Abbe Ranch Pair Pace. The 32nd (and sadly the last ever) Pace was run for the final time. Nicole J-T. rode her youngster, The Highlander (aka Mac) in the 2 day clinic, getting Karen Paul as her instructor. They had a great time, and both horse & rider learnt ALOT. *Joke of the day: We're all waiting for Nicky to run into a tree as she watches (or admires) her shadow while galloping. Several PonyPower riders competed in the Pace on Saturday....Nicky and Taylor (with LF Luka and Marko Lantis) took 4th in the 'A' division, they went a little faster than optimum allowed....Nicky and Shannon (Mac and Endeavor) took 4th in the 'C' division, 32 seconds too fast....but I guess you are so used to hitting 350 mpm that 325 mpm was too hard to come 'down' to !!! And Tori R. and Madorra rode as a single and won the 'C' division with 1 second under optimum...Yay ! So what a great day everyone had...the food served after the pace was delicious, and we got to sit and chat with old friends and catch up on the horsey gossip. We'll miss attending the Abbe Pace, I had my first pair pace ever there with Quarter Point way back in was quite the ride. Next event is Arapahoe Pace at High Prairie 15th October.

Updated: October 12th 2005, 7:38:06 AM CDT, by Carol

Colorado Horse Park 3 Day Event

Well, the Eventing season here in Area IX finished on a high for Nicole J-T and LF Luka. The Colorado Horse Park 3 Day Event was held 30th Sept. thru 2nd Oct. And Nicole, entered in Jr. Open Novice, was determined to ride her best and recover from the downs of Tomora in Sept. A 38.0 in dressage had her in 9th place on Friday....moving up to 8th after a BEAUTIFUL cross country ride on Saturday. Sunday was the amazing day....a picture perfect clean and clear round for Nicole, and the higher placed riders struggling with the course, moved her up to finish in 3rd place overall....and 1st place for Young Riders. What a great weekend, and a qualifying ride for next years Championships. Next event is Abbe Ranch 2 day clinic and Pair Pace.

Updated: October 4th 2005, 7:43:04 AM CDT, by carol

USDF/RMDS Dressage Championships.

The USDF/RMDS Dressage Championships were held from 21st to 25th September....and what great weather we had. Held at the beautiful Colorado Horse Park, in Parker, Nicole J-T. and LF Luka competed for honors in the Training division. Nicole rode Luka to a 4th place with a 62.5% in T4 and 57.30% in the Training YR Championships. A nice cheering crew of PonyPower members showed up bright and early to cheer her on, and I know she appreciated that. What great camaraderie we have in the group. Next event is the Colorado Horse Park 3 day event beginning next week....29th Sept. to 2nd October. Nicole J-T. will be competing with LF Luka in Jr. Novice.

Updated: September 28th 2005, 10:56:13 PM CDT, by carol

Sad news about Whippy

I'm sure there are a few of you out there that remember Whippy (Whip Slammer)....she was one of our original brood mares who was eventually sold to Cathy Bowman of Littleton. She had quite the personality, and was the love of Star's (Quarter Point) life. We heard today (24th Sept.) that Cathy lost Whippy to colic. She was in recovery after colic surgery, and was most likely due to a blood clot. Our heart's go out to Cathy, as some of us know what it's like to lose an equine partner & friend. Many of you went through the heart breaking loss with us, of Black Beauty in April 2004. She and Nicky (who was age 6 way back then) were the original inspiration of starting up PONYPOWER ! Whippy was one of the inspiration TB's that started up WindyRidge in the last 2 years, we have lost 2 of our great foundation friends. But, we have to remember the great horses and ponies that are with us at WindyRidge and PonyPower today....keeping the legacy rolling on.

Updated: September 24th 2005, 10:11:30 PM CDT, by Carol

Spring Gulch Benefit 2 Phase & Pair Pace

What a fun day we had at the Spring Gulch Benefit, held Saturday 17th Sept. Taylor P. with Marko Lantis and Nicole J-T with LF Luka rode their first Training level XC course together in the Pair Pace, taking 1st place and coming in 3 seconds under optimum guys did GREAT ! Taylor P. then took 2nd place with Linda Ames pony, Monty in Elementary division, and Nicole J-T also took 2nd place in Beginner Novice Horse division with her youngster The Highlander. Tori R. showed Madorra in Beginner Novice Rider division finishing in 7th place. PonyPower also ran the concession stand, and a big thankyou to the volunteers who ran that for us.

Updated: September 19th 2005, 7:59:39 AM CDT, by Carol

Schooling at Spring Gulch

What a great day we had....and a good turn out. The weather was beautiful....Shannon and Endeavor, Nicole and The Highlander, Taylor and Monty, Lisa and Cheyenne, Tori and Madorra, Charlotte and Rocky, Robin and Della, Linda and Luke, Khris and her mare, Jenny and Apollo....all had a fun and educational day. Schooling all the fences to get ready for next weekends 2 phase. We were thrilled to see the water jump was open, as some of the young horses really needed to school it. Thanks to everyone who attended.....we should be ready for next weekend now.

Updated: September 10th 2005, 10:19:26 PM CDT, by Carol

Area IX Championships.

Weekend of September 3rd thru 5th hosted the area 9 eventing Championships held at Tomora Eq. Ctr. in Greeley. The high's and low's of the weekend exhausted PonyPower students who attended...Shannon D. with High Endeavor in Open Beginner Novice, Taylor P. with Marko Lantis in Open Novice Champs. and Nicole J-T. with LF Luka in Open Novice Champs. Final results were Taylor P. 4th, Shannon D. 5th and Nicole J-T had an unlucky Elimination at the finish line in cross country, due to 'outside assistance' from a volunteer who hadn't paid attention to THE RULES !!!!!! But, what a wonderful weekend all around. All 3 girls rode beautifully, and we were all proud of them. It was like a mini vacation, but boy, were we tired when we finally got home. Next event is Spring Gulch 2 Phase on 17th September.

Updated: September 8th 2005, 8:14:56 AM CDT, by Carol

Aspen Ridge RMDS Dressage Show

Sunday 28th August was the date for the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society Show at Aspen Ridge in Monument. Nicole J-T showed LF Luka in both T2 (6th) and T4 (2nd)getting 60's in both tests. The other highlight of her day was being presented with High Point Training Level Young Rider for the RMDS Show Series (as this was the last show). Nicole won a beautiful saddle pad and a saddle cover.....well done ! Next show is the Area IX Eventing Championships at Tomora Eq. Ctr. in Greeley September 3rd thru 5th. Nicole J-T and Taylor P. have qualified for Novice. Tori R. qualified for Beginner Novice but won't be competing. Shannon D. will compete BN in the Open division.

Updated: August 29th 2005, 8:37:12 AM CDT, by Carol

Penrose Horse Trials

Weekend of 20th/21st August hosted the Penrose Horse Trials down in Colorado Springs. Nicole J-T with LF Luka, Taylor P. with Marko Lantis showed in the Junior Novice Division....and Shannon D with High Endeavor in the Jr. BN Rider Division. Nicole J-T started in dressage with a 31.5 putting her in 3rd place, Taylor P. with a 34.5 in 9th place and Shannon D. with a 36 in 12th place. Cross Country ended up being postponed until Sunday morning, due to lightning and torrential rains.....the footing was terrible. But beautiful weather on Sunday morning allowed XC to proceed. The girls had to ride carefully, due to slick footing....but everyone came through safely...but Shannon D. received some time penalties. Showjumping was clean and clear for all 3 girls...and the final standings were Nicole J-T 3rd and Taylor P. 5th in Jr. Novice, and Shannon D. finished just outside of the ribbons in 11th place. Next event is Aspen Ridge Dressage Show for Nicole, 28th August.

Updated: August 22nd 2005, 8:09:08 AM CDT, by Carol

Mountain & Plains Welsh Pony & Cob Show

Sunday August 14th, we had a change of scenery from our usual Horse Trials and Dressage Shows. Our little Welsh yearling stud colt Cloud (Reg. name M.E. Lord Aragorn) made his 2nd appearance at the Mountain and Plains Welsh Show and took 1st Place for Yearling Section 'A' colts, and Champion for the Junior Section 'A' division. Last year he won his class and took Reserve Champion for the 'A' Division. Nicole J-T was showing him for us. Our next event is the Penrose Horse Trials in Colorado Springs 20th and 21st August.

Updated: August 16th 2005, 12:12:35 AM CDT, by Carol

High Prairie USDF Dressage Show.

Sunday, August 7th, Nicole J-T and LF Luka competed at High Prairie Dressage Show in Parker. Taking 2nd place in T3 with a 59% and 4th in T4 qualifying with a 57%. Not quite the scores she was looking for, but Nicole and Luka's performance was wonderful I thought. Nicole and Luka will be competing in the RMDS Championships in September, as well as the MSEA Eventing Championships the same month.

Updated: August 10th 2005, 9:28:48 AM CDT, by Carol

Swift Creek Schooling Horse Trials

Saturday August 6th was the date for the first Swift Creek Horse Trials (next year recognized). PonyPower students Lisa R, Heather J. and Nicole J-T competed. Jim Moore designed a beautiful Cross Country did a great job Jim ! PonyPower concessions were there and sold out of everything by 1pm (WOW).....but the Karen O'Connor clinic being held the same day, brought out quite a crowd too. Congrats to Nicole J-T. on winning the Beginner Novice division with her young horse, The Highlander....and winning the Elementary division on Kurt Kissmann's pony Black Beauty. Heather J. took 3rd and Lisa R. in 10th, both for BN. A fun day had by all...looking forward to next year at Swift Creek.

Updated: August 10th 2005, 9:25:49 AM CDT, by Carol

USDF Dressage Show at PSEC.

Saturday 30th July, Nicole J-T and LF Luka competed at the USDF recognized Dressage Show at Pendragon Stud Equestrian Center in Larkspur. A hot, hot day....but Nicole and Luka gave 2 amazing performances in T4 and T3. A 68.4% in T3 earned the blue ribbon for the pair and a 58% in T4 earned the second place red ribbon. Next event is 6th August Swift Creek Schooling Horse Trials in Elizabeth where we have a couple of PonyPower riders competing.

Updated: July 31st 2005, 8:21:15 AM CDT, by Carol

PonyPower Camp #2

Beautiful weather blessed us for our second PonyPower Camp of 2005. This 2nd Camp was held 23rd/24th July. 13 riders consisting of a mixed group joined us at Running Brook for a fun packed weekend. Charlotte J. & Rocky, Dawn H. and Smoky, Nicole J-T & LF Luka, Taylor P. and Marko Lantis, Tori R. & Madorra, Elise S. & Nightstar, Chelcie W. & Black Pearl, Alaska P. (from New Mexico) & Cricket, Jessica D. & Tarot, Mary Mc. & Seanna, Jamie M. (her 2nd camp with us this month) & Aspen, Emily M. (who won her spot on the camp as a prize at the last Abbe Ranch Horse Trials) and Shannon D. & High Endeavor....all joined us for an educational weekend. Saturday was dressage and stadium, with most improved awards going to Shannon D. for Dressage, and Tori R. for showjumping.....Sunday brought a full day of cross country with most improved award going to Emily Miller. The Saturday night BBQ and camp out was alot of fun, with many fun stories being shared from previous camps. This is quite a tradition for us.....we will be holding 2 camps again next July. Look for details around March 2006. Next event for us is Nicole J-T & LF Luka competing in T3 & T4 at USDF Dressage at Pendragon 30th July.

Updated: July 25th 2005, 10:05:29 PM CDT, by Carol

Aspen Ridge Horse Trials

Overcast skies made Aspen Ridge Horse Trials weather nice and cool when Nicole J-T and Taylor P. competed on 17th July in the Open Novice Division. A 35 for Taylor and a 38.5 for Nicole made it close going into cross country for the girls. Flawless cross county rides and balanced and clean stadium rounds (except for 1 time penalty for Taylor)finished the girls in 6th place for Taylor P. and Marko Lantis and 10th place for Nicole J-T. and LF Luka, who was finishing with her dressage score. Next event is PonyPower Camp #2 23rd/24th July.

Updated: July 18th 2005, 9:56:11 AM CDT, by Carol

Pendragon Combined Test

Saturday 9th July brought Pendragon Stud Combined test in Larkspur. This 2 Phase offered both dressage & Showjumping Phases. Several PonyPower members competed....Nicole J-T. and LF Luka in Open Training & The Highlander in Jr. Beginner Novice, Taylor P. and Marko Lantis in Open Training, Shannon D. and High Endeavor in Jr. Beginner Novice and Tori R. with Madorra in Jr. Beginner Novice. Everybody did great....the final results were Nicole J-T. 1st in Open Training and 4th in Beginner Novice, Shannon D. took 5th in Beginner Novice, Tori R. also took 5th in Beginner Novice and Taylor P. had to retire in Open Training due to a nasty fall. A very educational day for all. Next event is Aspen Ridge Horse Trials, 17th July.

Updated: July 10th 2005, 8:01:40 PM CDT, by Carol

PonyPower Camp #1

July 2nd/3rd brought our first PonyPower Camp this Summer. This is the 7th year we have run these camps and they have always been a huge success and alot of fun. Taylor, Nicky, Kathryn, Chelcie, Audrey, Jayde, Jamie, Lisa and Charlotte all made up our Novice horse or rider camp. Winners of the most improved divisions were, Jamie M. for dressage, Charlotte J. for Showjumping and Lisa W. for Cross Country. Well done. Our next camp 23rd/24th July will be geared more towards intermediate to advanced riders, and is almost full right now. Next event for PonyPower is the Pendragon Combined test 9th July.

Updated: July 6th 2005, 12:10:49 AM CDT, by Carol

Abbe Ranch Horse Trials

Abbe Ranch Horse Trials, held 24th thru 26th June, was 3 long days for all of us. PonyPower ran the concession stand and helped with the Saturday night competitors party, as well as having Taylor P. and Nicole J-T competing their horses at Open Novice. Both riders had beautiful dressage tests, and rode in seperate divisions with different judges. Nicole ended up with a 38.0 and Taylor received a 35.5. Cross Country was tough on Saturday but both girls jumped beautifully, including clearing the dreaded 'ditch' jump, that caused some eliminations that day. Taylor went clean, but Nicole 'miss set' her eventing watch by adding a minute, and gave herself 18 time penalties. Oh well, an honest mistake !. That put Nicole in 11th in her division and Taylor tied for 2nd in the other division. The very twisty and technical stadium course proved costly for Taylor and Marko Lantis, taking 2 unlucky rails and finishing in 8th. Nicole and LF Luka dragged themselves back up the placings with a beautiful steady and clean round, and moved up to 6th. If she had not had her time problem on XC she would have finished in 3rd....but a lesson well learnt. What a fun weekend it was. Next on our Agenda is the PonyPower Camp #1, July 2nd & 3rd. We have a full weekend schedule... Come by and share in our BBQ Saturday evening. Next event is Pendragon Combined Test 9th July.

Updated: July 1st 2005, 9:52:54 PM CDT, by Carol

Aspen Ridge Pair Pace & 2 Phase

Phew...what a scorcher day it was. With temperatures in the 90's....but that didn't stop PonyPower competing on 18th June at Aspen Ridge in Monument. Taylor P. and Nicole J-T. won the Novice pair pace with Marko Lantis and LF Luka. And what a great day for Nicole, getting the chance to compete her 'baby' horse The Highlander (aka Mac) in the Elementary 2 phase. A beautiful and flowing dressage test, with a unlucky stop on XC, but the pair finished and completed the phases with honor. This was Mac's first 'real' show ever. Thanks soooooo much to Carolyn P. and The Mitchells who did a wonderful job running the PonyPower concession stand....and to Laura L. for the wonderful brownies. Look for us at Abbe Ranch Horse Trials next....also with our concession stand.

Updated: June 19th 2005, 11:17:56 AM CDT, by carol

Round Top Horse Trials

Saturday 11th June brought beautiful weather for Round Top Horse trials in Castle Rock. This course has been running for many years...I even remember taking Quarter Point around at Novice and he took 2nd, at his second horse trial ever. That was of course WAY BACK in 1989. Showing at 2005 Round Top was Nicole J-T. with LF Luka in Open Novice, and Tori R. with Madorra in the Jr. Beginner Novice. A little different (division wise) from Spring Gulch and High Prairie, as this was an Open division and not a Junior Division for Nicole....but good practise for Abbe. Nicole had a nice dressage test, earning a 37.5. Overshot her final center line, and a little sluggish in the free walk....a picture perfect Cross Country ride and Clean Stadium round finished Nicole in 9th Place in the Open and 2nd Placed Young Rider. Tori had a steady dressage test with a score of 41.5...a clean XC with minor time penalties....but the incredibly twisty stadium course got the better of them and resulted in an unfortunate elimination. Next show for us is Aspen Ridge 2-Phase and Pair Pace (18th June), where PonyPower is hosting the concessions....come see us!!!!!!!!!!

Updated: June 17th 2005, 9:32:37 AM CDT, by Carol

Horse Trial Updates

The USDF Dressage Show at Penrose Stadium in Colorado Springs 21st May, brought a 1st place for Nicole J-T. and LF Luka in T4 and a 2nd place in T2. Laura Ackerman rode Luka the day before at the warm up show, and won both AA Intro tests. Well done guys ! The following day, 22nd, Nicole made the trip to Greeley with Luka to the schooling Horse Trials at Tomora. A tough day, with an error in dressage and a run out on XC, but a nice clean stadium round... brought in a 7th place. I think 3 full days of showing was getting to us. But, Tomora was only a schooling show, and got Nicole ready for her next big event which was High Prairie Horse Trials...27th through 29th May. This event offered BN thru Advanced, so it was a huge show. 2 other students, Taylor P. (Novice) and Tori R.(BN) were also showing. After 3 full days the final results were Nicole J-T. took 2nd place in JN, Taylor P. took 4th place and Tori R. was unfortunately Eliminated. Next Horse Trial is Round Top in Castle Rock on 12th June. Taylor P., Nicole J-T. and Shannon D. will all be showing at the Bijou Pair Pace at High Prairie on 4th June.

Updated: June 2nd 2005, 9:02:09 AM CDT, by Carol

Results : Spring Gulch Recognized Horse Trials.

The first Horse Trial of the season has come and gone, and PonyPower students competed and did us PROUD ! Spring Gulch Horse Trials held May 14th & 15th 2005 at Spring Gulch Equestrian Park in Littleton, Colorado. 4 students competed, Shannon D. and High Endeavor in Beginner Novice, Tori R. and Madorra in Beginner Novice. Nicole J-T. and LF Luka and Taylor P. with Marko Lantis in Junior Novice Division. Shannon led the field in BN with 1st place after dressage and stadium, but Cross Country cost her dearly and she finished 9th. Great job on a difficult young horse Shannon. Tori R. finished in 3rd place (her first ever recognized horse trial). Great Job. In Novice, Taylor P. was in 5th place and Nicole J-T. was in 1st place. Yay ! Great Job Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next schooling event is Tomora Schooling Trials on May 22nd. Next recognized event is High Prairie Horse Trials, May 26th-29th.

Updated: May 16th 2005, 9:57:22 PM CDT, by Carol

2004 Year End Awards

Just to catch every one up on last seasons Year End Awards....Nicole J-T. took 2004 CCC BN Horse of the Year Award with LF Luka. She also took USEA Reserve BN Horse of the Year, 4th place for Novice Horse/Rider and 5th place for BN with NightStar Arising. Well Done!!!!!!!!!

Updated: May 1st 2005, 9:48:25 PM CDT, by Carol

Latest Happenings

The Spring Gulch 2 Phase was a great success for PonyPower students. Well done to Nicole J-T. on her 1st place in Novice with LF LUKA. Congrats to Taylor P. on Marko Lantis for her 3rd place, Shannon D. on High Endeavor for 9th Place and Ryan Woltering on Flash for 5th place in Green as Grass. Nice tries go to Tori Rosenblatt and Mallory Woltering. Taylor P. and Nicole J-T. are getting ready next for the Abbe Ranch clinic May 5th through 8th....come watch !!!!!

Updated: May 1st 2005, 9:43:43 PM CDT, by Carol

Problems fixed

As you all have noticed, the website was down for a few days. The server that the website was on, decieded to fail. There was so much data corruption, that the entire website was lost. I have been working diligently to get everything back up and running. (Always back everything you do up!). The website should be just about fully restored now, so look around. If you find any problems, please Contact Us and let u know! Thanks.

Updated: April 24th 2005, 1:44:07 PM CDT, by Ryan


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