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The head trainer at WindyRidge is Carol Jones, B.H.S.H.M.

  • Certified through the British Horse Society and receiving the certificate of HorseMastership as well as Instructor level certifications from England.
  • Qualified to teach physically and mentally impaired riders.
  • Professionally teaching for 16 years, professionally competing for over 26 years.
  • Trained in Germany for three years in the art of dressage with Juergen Bauch and Harald Reitbauer. Trained in the United States with Karen Reuter, Torrance Watkins-Fleischmann, Denny Emerson and Karen O'Connor for three day eventing. Competed professionally in Europe on the jumper circuit.
  • Has achieved year end Combined Training and Dressage awards with her (now retired) three day thoroughbred horse QuarterPoint, competed up to the Preliminary level and schooled to Intermediate level.
  • EAGALA Certified Level 1.

  • To produce advanced three day horses and our own stallions.
  • Have some of our upcoming riders show in National Young Riders Teams in three day eventing. Promote our PonyPower Club nationally.

Present Activities

We attend most local, State and national Horse Trials all over the U.S. with adult and Junior Riders. Our school horses also compete. You will find our WindyRidge booth at most Equine related trade shows in this area (e.g.. Horse Expo, Hands on Horses Festival, Youth leaders symposium, Horsemen's Rendezvous in Golden).

We run an active 6 day a week lesson program, private, semi private and group lessons' available. Equitation classes, dressage and jumping lessons are offered. We have two dressage arenas, a full stadium course and a cross country course. Stable management classes are also given. A large indoor arena is available for inside lessons.

Be sure to visit our Calendar for more information relating to our various activities and events.

Philanthropic Ventures

WindyRidge is home to beautiful thoroughbreds, happy ponies, and rescue unwanted and abused Dalmatians.

Sadly, our oldest dalmatian Scooby passed away 6th May 2001. He would have been 17 in August. Up until he left us, he still ran with the ponies. Patch is our official guard dog, he loves you but don't feed him those fingers. And of course, you all know our latest addition "Courage". We got him at 6 months, saving him from living most of his puppy days in a crate. Please report any abuse and neglect of any helpless animal to the correct authorities. (Link to list of rescue groups, et al)



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